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Refersion Review- Features, Alternatives, and Use

The year 2021 has changed the marketing industry and the way they look at certain things. To sustain and create a spot in the market, every company is trying to quickly paddle their boat. For many companies, the spectrum of possibilities has increased.

Refersion in Brief

To sustain and create a spot in the market, every company is trying to quickly paddle their boat. For many companies, the spectrum of possibilities has increased.

Refersion Review

There has been an enormous shift in efforts to boost digital marketing like promotions of conferences to online webinars, conducting workshops to online industry events, and other virtual seminars and summits.

To step up your marketing game, there are many marketing software available in the market. It might bewilder to see so many of them provide so many features. The question here is, ā€˜do they provide all the features which are mentioned?ā€™

Let us take a look at the Refersion review & its features.

What Is Refersion?

Refersion is an affiliate marketing platform designed to provide detailed apprehensive insight for its users and affiliates.

Easy-to-use affiliate manager software that lifts the burden of tracking each customer from the userā€™s shoulder and which helps them focus on building their business relationships with customers and partnering with affiliates.

It assists the user in easily tracking its loyal customers and influencers, helps recruit affiliates, and paying them becomes an effortless task. All these services are on just one platform.

How Does Refersion Work?

Refersion is an affiliate marketing platform designed to provide detailed apprehensive insight for its users and affiliates.

In simple terms and to explain the above picture, Refersion acts as a mediator between you and your affiliates and customers.

What it does is track all the customer data and the affiliateā€™s performances and hence making it easily available for you in just one place.

Post this, it also calculates the sales made by each affiliate or the influencers or bloggers and then you can pay them either through PayPal or through a gift card.

1. Tracking Digital Sales

Refersion lets you easily track any digital sales made by your affiliate

With Refersion you can easily track any digital sales made by your affiliate

You can integrate your e-commerce platform and track sales from sitting anywhere in any corner of the world.

You can see all the clicks made by the customers and the conversions made on your e-commerce in real-time.

2. Automating Commissions

With Refersion you get unlimited access to the commission structures. Now, what are the commission structures?

Refersion gives you unlimited access to the commission structures

It aligns the commission structures with sales; it outlines how much you will, as an organization, have to pay your affiliates/salesperson for every individual sale that they make.

Three distinct types of commission structures by Refersion:

  • Depending upon the percentage of sales made.
  • Flat rate, you decide which
  • Tiered

Once you have an affiliate appointed by your organization, Refersion gives you the option to set up days to automate the amount of commission that the affiliate has earned after each referred customer makes a purchase or by using the special code.

However, payday could be anything from 3 days to 3 years.

3. Personalised Affiliate Portal

Refersion accords the users with a personalized affiliate portal.

One of the many things that Refersion offers to its users is features that help them improve their relationships with the affiliates. It accords the users with a personalized affiliate portal.

In this affiliate portal, you can track down the performance of each affiliate with ease. The analytics performance dashboard will help you with the same. The commission incurred by them and incomplete payments are visible here with no hassle.

4. Hiring Affiliates

Refersion gives you space to create multiple offers and you can easily sign up marketers to do that for you.

If there is honey, the bees will come flying from nine mountains away. To attract affiliates and customers, you need to give them offers. What Refersion does here is that it gives you space to create multiple offers and you can easily sign up marketers to do that for you.

We can put together affiliates that have the same commission structure as a group that has the same offers.

It accords you with two unique methods to link your registration page and they are:

  1. Sharing the unique URL link via email or any other channel
  2. Embedding the form directly on your website

Once the affiliate has filled in the required details and you approve their application; it gives them a personalized dashboard. This enables the affiliate to track his/her progress, commissions, etc.

5. Conversion Of Customers To Affiliates

Converting your loyal customers into affiliates is all about how you perceive it. High-end tracking leads to high-end business. All you need to do is look for your best product promoters because they are the ones who already love your brand and wouldnā€™t mind earning a few bucks on doing so.

You can easily transmute your customers into micro-influencers for your brand. The Post Purchase Channel assists you for the same, after the customer has placed an order you can display a pop-up window on their screen.

Once they click on the activate button, they become a micro-affiliate. Refersion makes it easy for you to provide their information, like their name and email address, so they can start promoting your brand without leaving the page.

6. Conversion Trigger

They make tracking more detailed and easy. It facilitates its users with in-depth tracking features for the sales made by the affiliates either by codes, emails, or SKUā€™s.

Prefersion makes tracking more detailed and easy

Using these coupon codes by social affiliates can make your work super easy, such that every order placed with their referral code leads to the commission being credited to their dashboard in real-time.

If your affiliates have a network of customers that make regular purchases, emails act effectively here. The affiliate can send an email to the customer and with every purchase made, the commission gets credited automatically.

Speaking of SKUā€™s, they work on specific products to trigger a commission; it credits the social affiliate with the commission each time someone buys a specific item.

7. Payment Made Easy

Refersion makes payment easier than you think

Making payments is easier than you think. Here are the three options they accord you with:

  1. PayPal integration feature makes it super quick for you to transfer cash to affiliates
  2. If not PayPal, you can send gift cards for the required amount.
  3. You can mark ā€˜paidā€™ if you want to pay by any other means.

8. Pricing

Letā€™s have a look at original plans that Refersion has to cater to its users.

1. The Professional Plan

This costs $89 per month. This fee includes all the pricing, and there are no overhead charges or hidden fees here.

The features of this plan are:

  • Developer APIs
  • Free Refersion Marketplace Listing
  • Email Support
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Unlimited Affiliates and Visits
  • Up to 130 Affiliate Orders Tracked Monthly
  • Developer APIs
  • Integration helpĀ 
  • Commission Settings with Product or SKU
  • Custom Reports
  • Sales Tracking
  • Commission Settings with Product or SKU

2. The Enterprise Plan

The Refersion pricing plan provides all professional services and accords multi-shop support.

The features of this plan are:

  • Support for Integration
  • Training
  • All Professional features
  • Content Migration
  • Custom PricingĀ Ā 
  • Unlimited Affiliate Orders per Month
  • Custom Development
  • Multi-Shop Support
  • White labelĀ 

$89 per month Custom PricingĀ 
track 130 affiliate orders unlimited tracking
Developer APIs All Professional features
Free Refersion Marketplace Listing Multi-Shop Support
Email Support Content Migration
Flat Rate Pricing Training
Unlimited Affiliates and Visits White label
Integration help Support for Integration
Commission Settings with Product or SKU Custom Development
Custom Reports ā€“
Sales Tracking ā€“

Platform Integrations

Refersion, the affiliate tracking software coherently connects directly with several e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, ChargeBee, and Stripe.

Apart from this, you can also use Refersionā€™s API to connect with nearly any platform.

Refersion works wonders amongst many marketing tools like:

How To Get Started?

Refersion- Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

To start your membership on Refersion, you will need to visit Refersion.com Refersion allows its users to try a 14-day free trial, link your eCommerce platform to it and get going.

Once youā€™re happy with the service, you can switch to a Professional Plan or an Enterprise Plan.

Refersion Review

Pros and Cons Of Using Refersion

Pros Of Using Refersion:

  1. You can easily convert customers to affiliates with the assistance of the conversion trigger feature.
  2. Refersion is now providing a 14-day trial plan to its new users. This will help you explore the software and help you decide whether you want to continue.
  3. You can easily track and keep a count of each sale made, personalized affiliate tracking is another great deal to opt for Refersion.
  4. You can easily automate the payments to your affiliates, even every alternate day.
  5. The software is user friendly and might take a few days to get your hands on, but once you know all the features, you can make the most of it.
  6. You get quick access to all the affiliate links, this helps you in saving time and instead focus on building relationships with your customers and affiliates.

Drawbacks Of Using Refersion:

Like every coin has two sides, Refersion also has certain drawbacks that the users have reported.

  1. Every time you upload a CSV file, it sends a copy to the customer service for them to send it to the developers. This also consumes a lot of time.
  2. To create an affiliate link for a specific product, you need to go to the website for the product and then add the link. This process is tedious when you have to create multiple affiliate links for specific products.
  3. The cookie tracking method canā€™t handle domain changes, thus results are not tracking the conversions. To avoid this, you need to purchase a dedicated SSL.
  4. The returns and refunds from customers arenā€™t listed
  5. You cannot prevent multiple logins from the same person with different email ids.
  6. No access to gift card numbers once sent to the affiliates
  7. A glitch in the payment dates displayed
  8. High prices for someone just starting out

Refersion Alternatives:

If you feel that Refersion affiliate manager doesnā€™t cater to your needs or is out of your budget here are a few alternatives that you can opt for, if not Refersion.

1. Post Affiliate Pro

  • User Interface Option
  • Affiliate FeaturesĀ 
  • Campaign OptionĀ 
  • Promotional Materials OptionĀ 
  • Tracking FacilitiesĀ 
  • Report FeaturesĀ 
  • Sales Integration OptionĀ 
  • Plug-ins to install
  • Multilingual Support for usersĀ 
  • Multiple Merchants / Affiliate Program Administrators Feature
  • Mass Payout for AffiliatesĀ 

2. PeerFly

  • Tracking AffiliatesĀ 
  • Live Offer FeatureĀ 
  • Multiple Payment Feature
  • Rewards Program & Contest Options
  • Training & Tools FeatureĀ 
  • Lead Generation OptionĀ 

3. Igneous Partner Management Platform

  • First-Party Tracking Feature
  • Multi-Channel Approach OptionĀ 
  • GPDR Compliant FeatureĀ 
  • Comprehensive Report Feature
  • In-House Partner Management OptionĀ 
  • Configurable Attribution Rules OptionĀ 
  • Commission and Fees FeatureĀ 
  • Financial Management OptionĀ 

Refersion Review And Rating:

If you want to step-up your game, Refersion is all that you need. It works like a package that caters to all your needs, itā€™s an effective tool if you want to maximize your efficiency.

It has some brilliant tools and features that are user friendly. All splendid things come at a price, from referral management systems to analytical tools, and Refersion provides it all.

With just a few clicks here and there you can customize and automate your e-commerce platform. With Refersion you get a step closer to building a solid relationship with your customers and affiliates.

The only major drawback is that it is costly for new marketers.

User ratings on popular software review platforms:

Refersion Rating on G2: 3.5/5

Refersion Rating on Capterra: 4.4/5

Refersion Rating on GetApp: 4.43/5

ByteVarsity Rating: 4.5/5

A complete affiliate marketing solution that is worth checking out.

Conclusion: Here was our Refersion Review one of the most used platforms that have helped users to build a brand image and as a result, establish a well-known brand or an online store for their clients.

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