Relive the 70s with an undying love for Retro Fashion

70s Retro Fashion
Credit: RetailMeNot

Where are your needles, they’ve rested enough. Time to make crochet breathe into your most stylish wardrobes and wishlist and relive the 70s baby!

Shows impacting one’s fashion taste

The impact the entertainment industry has on people and their fashion taste is strong enough to make trends alive again and this has happened recently. Crochet fashion, dresses, tops, etc. Are in trend again with the show Daisy Jones and the Six.

A book adaptation?

Yes, the show is about a fictional band based on the novel adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling novel. The show is set in the 70s and no doubt people are going gaga over the costumes worn by characters in the show and especially those of Daisy Jones and Camila Dunne.

What’s in the vibe

The retro vibe can never die and the show is the perfect example of it. All thanks to the dress designer Denise Wingate for making those dreamy outfits come to life, matching the characters perfectly like their skin.

Fans love recreating the outfits or getting the same fits as their favorite characters. May it be the crochet crop tops, maxi dresses, groovy kaftans, or corduroy pants, you can easily nail the look of these characters.

70s Fashion

Characters and their outfits

May it be Camila Dunne’s Boho peasant dresses, loose lacy tops and Daisy Jones fringe jackets, crochet crops, or sweater Vests one can recreate each and everything easily.

Free people have dropped a collection wholly inspired by the Daisy Jones aesthetic and one can buy the fits from there as well.

Some of the looks can be obtained from the name of the specific costumes:

  • Forgotten Grace Novelty Crochet Lace Top
  • Show me your Mumu Penny Lane Coat Oversized shirts
  • Embroidered Tote
  • Corduroy flared pants Kimono
  • Maxi Kaftan
  • Knit turtleneck
  • Velvet flare pants Maxi tee
  • See it through the dress Bianca dress
  • Tall boots
  • Crochet dress

The show or the fashion of the show both have got all of us hooked. Nostalgia hitting in music as well as the flurry chic fashion has all made us feel at home. Change of aesthetics and big retro sunglasses, it’s time for boho-ness to come out and groove with all the style and incredible music from none other than Daisy Jones and the Six.