8 Breathtaking Reverse Isekai Anime (Dive in for a whole new experience)

Isekai isekai isekai, the new trend which has affected the latest anime almost every season. I see more than three isekai anime genres popular these days, among which Reverse Isekai surely takes the second position right off the bat.

It’s not wrong to get teleported to a different world or dimension, but it surely makes a new and unique impression on the viewer, unlike the cliche Isekai.

The isekai anime like Shield Hero, Arifureta, and jobless reincarnation the mc has some struggle in it, which we like.

Still, in Slime and spider ones, they keep getting tons of skill, and later it becomes hard to keep track of it.

So instead of doing isekai this time I’m going to do Reverse Isekai.

Yes, this time our earth will get invaded instead of us going somewhere else.

Many people don’t realize that reverse isekai exists because you can’t even find the genre in MAL.

But I’ll give you some of the best Reverse Isekai anime.

Reverse Isekai Anime List

  • Gabriel Dropout
  • Bleach
  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  • Beelzebub
  • Gate
  • Fate
  • Re: Creators
  • Devil is a part-timer

Where to Watch?

You can try watching Reverse Isekai Anime recommendations here:-

1. Gabriel dropout

Reverse Isekai

Here we have an angel accompanying us.

Gabriel is an angel who was the ace in heaven, but she dropped out of school and came to earth intending to make humans happy.

She got so engrossed in the human customs that she forgot her real identity and started living as a human who likes to skip school to play games.

It is a loli anime, and she soon finds that there are other girls like her, along with demons who like to do mischievous things.

This anime is filled with comedy.

2. Bleach

Reverse Isekai

Yes, an old anime is coming to this Reverse Isekai Anime list, but now that you’ve heard the name, you came to realize that it’s reverse isekai.

From hollows to soul reapers to what is not coming to the living world. Bleach revolves around a high schooler who one day meets a girl who is a soul reaper.

In exchange to save his family, he borrows the power of soul reaper from her, and then his life changes.

The story of bleach has many characters, and each one is unique in its own accord.

From breathtaking fights to surprise elements, the bleach has got it all covered.

3. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Reverse Isekai

It’s a fact that people do strange things when they are drunk, but what happens if it becomes a reality the next morning.

Kobayashi is a 25-year-old working as a software programmer, and one day while drunk, she promised to live with dragons, and the next day she saw Tohru, a human girl, and dragon in a maid dress.

It doesn’t stop here.

To search for Tohru, another dragon comes called Kanna, and soon, her house is filled with dragons. With this, the non-stop comedy of dragon started.


4. Beelzebub

Reverse Isekai

One of the craziest anime I’ve ever watched.

From the start, every event makes no sense and is still funny at the same time.

Beelzebub is about a high schooler Oga who becomes the father of a demon child by mistake one day.

While chilling on the riverside, he sees a man floating and suddenly splits in half to reveal a baby named Beelzebub.

From a person who kept running away from the child to someone willing to fight for the child.

5. Gate

Reverse Isekai

It has a very similar plot to Solo Leveling, but other than that, it’s very different. This is the reason I’ve included it in the Reverse Isekai Anime List.

One day a Gate appears in the Ginza region of Tokyo.

From that gate, monsters, knights, and every fantasy creature comes.

A special force is sent to the Japanese Self Defence Forces gate to defeat such creatures.

While exploring the MC world rescues an elf, and in return, the elf joins the adventure.

Gate has a harem and reverses isekai though later the humans went to the other side, they did it before us.

It has two seasons with the sequel which has a bit of politics in it.

6. Fate

Reverse Isekai

Fate is among the most successful anime franchises, which has everything in terms of anime.

Fate has anime, games, movies, ova, one, and spin-offs. It’s a great Reverse Isekai series, and you can check the how-to watch fate series here.

Now back to reverse isekai.

In fate, a war happens every few years where seven masters are chosen, and seven historical figures appear in the modern era.

Along with their masters, they join a battle royale, and the winner takes Holy Grail, an omnipotent object which can fulfill your wishes.

But it’s not that simple, it has a lot of twists and turns, which makes the story amazing, and with the visuals, it’s just breathtaking.

7. Re: Creators

Reverse Isekai

‘Well, I want to go into a game world or anime world or a novel, but I don’t wanna die by getting hit by a truck, so why not bring them in my world’ if you’ve thought like that, then Re: Creators have that.

It’s an underrated anime, and I don’t know why in Re: Creators, Souta is a high schooler who suddenly gets pulled into an anime where he meets Selesia, who was forced to protect him from Altair.

Later Selesia gets pulled to the real world and Souta explains that she is a fictional character and together they go to find the other creation like Selesia to stop Altair

8. Devil is a part-timer

Reverse Isekai

Devil is a part-timer is a comedy and slice of life anime with the reverse isekai plot.

Sadao, who was close to becoming a devil lord, was defeated by Hero Emilia and was forced to come to earth.

Being a Devil who spends his life fighting has no particular skill, so he decided to do odd jobs to survive in this world.

I want to say that all the recommended anime are the best of the best. Try watching all the recommended ones, and let me know whether you liked these Reverse Isekai Anime or ended up on another list. Feel free to express yourself through the comment sections below!

FAQs on Reverse Isekai Anime

Is the dragon maid an Isekai?

No dragon maid is not particularly an Isekai, but Reverse Isekai Anime as the other world’s characters come to our world.

Why was Beelzebub Cancelled?

Manga and DVD sales were going down even if it was prevalent because the fans watched by streaming in pirated sites instead of paying for it, which unfortunately created international problems. Hence, the author dropped it incomplete in the end.

Who is the most powerful in bleach?

Ichigo Kurosaki is the strongest character in Bleach. He is the strongest Soul Reaper having a unique ancestral bloodline, which makes him more powerful.

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