The 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World – 2022

A cult has grown around football, which is not surprising considering that it’s the most-watched sport in all of the world. For obvious reasons, football players are now viewed as though they were celebrities. The Football Money League rankings were released by Deloitte this year as they were in previous years. Here’s a look at the richest football clubs in the world as of 2022.

Richest Football Club Owners – Net Worth

List of Richest Football Clubs

10. Tottenham Hotspur 

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $ 493.5 million

In 2021, Tottenham Hotspur is ranked tenth, thanks to a stunning income gain of €69 million from last year’s fantastic season. This isn’t anything compared to what they earned this year: a grand figure of 428.3 million euros, which is roughly $500 million.

Business agreements and merchandise brought in 116,5 million euros for the Spurs. These funds are mostly provided by their brand partnerships with AIA and Nike, who sponsor their jerseys and their technical-kist respectively. This season, the broadcasting rights have brought in 226,6 million euros.

Tickets sold last season brought in an additional 85,2 million euros. Club revenue may rise overall in the future, according to a recent Deloitte analysis. Due to their excellent performance in the UEFA Champions League and not just in the Premier League, they have shown they are capable of racking up a larger fortune.

9. Arsenal

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $495.8 million

Arsenal FC is the ninth-richest football club in the world, earning a total of 439.2 million euros in revenue so far this season in the Premier League. This is about $500 million. In comparison to the previous season, he saw a loss of almost 48 million euros in revenue.

From their broadcast rights and ticket sales, the Gunners made about 206,9 million euros. However, their transfer transactions for € 120,7 million this season provided the majority of their total profits. As a result of Emirates and Puma’s increased income, the club’s overall brand worth has grown as well.

However, Deloitte has remarked that the club’s underperformance in UEFA might lead to a decline in ticket sales and, thereby, a decline in total revenue.

8. Chelsea Football Club

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $570.9 million 

Chelsea, the English Premier League’s richest team, is now ranked eighth on the current list of the world’s wealthiest football teams. For the Blues, as well as many other major sports franchises, this year has witnessed a huge boost in revenue. They raked in 191.8 million euros through joint ventures, including a new one with beverage maker Carabao.

In addition, Adidas, the team’s official equipment provider, and Yokohama Tires, the official jersey sponsor, both contributed significantly to the club’s overall earnings. Chelsea has made 83.4 million euros in revenue from match-day ticket sales. Also, the broadcasting rights sold for about a quarter-billion dollars.

The recently acquired player, Alvaro Morata, also accounts for the club’s growing wealth. In 2019, their net worth was a staggering 1.5 billion euros.

7. Liverpool F.C.

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $579.9 million 

After Mohamed Salah’s sensational 2021 season, Liverpool became one of the most adored teams in the EPL. The Reds are the seventh-richest football club in the world today, earning $579 million in revenue. Notably, Liverpool’s revenue is up over $130 million from the previous year, compared to numerous other teams on the list.

Because of the changes in their new broadcast rights agreement, they received $300 million. The club has also managed to make about $200 million in revenue using their Standard Chartered and New Balance sponsorships. Ticket sales on match days brought in an additional € 91.6 million for the team.

Football experts expect Liverpool’s overall worth to rise in the future, thanks to the presence of numerous promising young players. We hope to see Liverpool in the top 5 richest football clubs very soon.

6. Paris Saint-Germain 

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $611.5 million 

PSG, the French Ligue 1 team, is presently ranked sixth on our ranking of the wealthiest football clubs in the world as of 2021. In the previous season, the club’s revenue increased dramatically, going from $565 million to $626 million in the current season.

However, owing to their primary sponsor Emirates, and equipment supplier Nike, the French club has acquired an incredible $364.4 million. Aside from the fact that broadcast rights alone generated $150 million in revenue, PSG also raked in $116 million as income from the sale of match tickets in the last season alone.

Adding Neymar to Paris Saint-roster Germain’s for 230 million euros raised the club’s market worth substantially this season. With so many high-profile additions this season, it’s clear the club has aspirations of dominating the international arena soon.

5. Manchester City

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $641.6 million 

Manchester City and Manchester United, both from the Premier League, have risen to the top 5 richest football clubs in the world as of 2022. In the current rankings, Man F.C. is deserving of the fifth position after grossing $641.6 million in revenue this season.

The club made about $300 million in revenue through sponsorships and commercial agreements. Most of this money comes from Etihad Airways, the airline’s primary sponsor, and Nike, the equipment manufacturer. Additionally, the team raked in another $110 million through the sale of game tickets.

Manchester City has also made an extra $280 million this year as a result of its television rights. Man F.C. would need to outperform a number of players to increase revenue in the seasons to follow, as the competition is quite fierce this year.

4. Bayern Munich

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $ 710.3 million

Bayern Munich, a football club belonging to the German Bundesliga, is the fourth-richest football club in the world this season. Total sales were up 42 million euros, to 629.2 million euros, over the previous year.

To assist boost ticket sales this season, Bayern Munich has won the German title seven times in a row. However, according to the Deloitte Football Money League, their dismal showing in the UEFA Champions League also impacted their overall income.

Through sponsorship deals with Deutsche Telekom and Adidas alone, this club has earned a massive $400 million. It also fetched $204 million from the sale of its broadcast rights and $119 million from the sale of match tickets.

3. Manchester United

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $ 751.8 million

Manchester United brought an end to one of the greatest years of football by raking in $750 million, enough for the third position on the list of the world’s wealthiest football teams. This third-place finish came at a cost to the Red Devils of about 10 million euros less than they earned the previous year.

The commercial income they collected from sponsorship contracts and merchandise totaled $367 million. With Chevrolet as their shirt sponsor and Adidas as their technical gear sponsor, Manchester United raked in a tidy profit. This year, broadcast rights brought in an additional $268 million.

United also made $140 million in matchday income from ticket sales so far this year for Manchester United. The UEFA Europa League triumph last year had a major impact on the sales of match tickets this year, Deloitte Football Money League speculates.

2. FC Barcelona

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $779.4 million 

Barcelona comes in second on the list of the world’s wealthiest football teams this year with a revenue of $779 million. Even though they generated about $100 million more in income than the previous year, they came in second place to rival club Real Madrid.

Sponsorship contracts with Nike, the club’s kit supplier, and Qatar Airways, the team’s jersey sponsor, have produced $377 million in commercial revenue for the Catalan club. This season, television rights have brought in approximately 

$260 million for the club. Because of the huge rise in ticket sales, match income came to $167 million. The $232 million Neymar sale in 2019 had a negative effect on the club’s earnings, but this was negligible considering that the club had a net worth of $3.5 billion.

1. Real Madrid

richest football clubs

Net Worth: $872.9 million 

First on the list of the richest football clubs, Real Madrid earned a total of $872.9 million in revenue last year. This is why it sits atop the list of the world’s wealthiest football teams. Real Madrid rose to the top of La Liga after nearly six seasons as runners-up.

Even FC Barcelona, the team it most closely resembles, improved on its previous year’s rating. The Whites have risen from second to first position this season. Because of their sponsorship arrangements with Emirates and Adidas, they made 315.5 million euros in total profit from their team.

Ticket revenues and broadcast rights combined to produce 251.3 million euros for Real Madrid. However, their overall value has remained virtually unchanged even with the departure of high-profile footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo.

For football fans, the most startling development is that Manchester United’s illustrious 10-year rule as the richest football club has come to a close. Real Madrid’s earnings have increased significantly during the 2012-13 season, and this year they set a new record.

It came in second to Manchester United in terms of earnings last year. FC Barcelona, their arch-rival, finished second in the standings this year, raking in over $700 million in revenue.

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