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Roku TV Review- Everything You Need to Know

roku tv review

Roku TV is a smart TV that was launched by Roku in 2014, manufactured by big companies like TLC, Hisense and Philips. Here is our Roku TV review uncovering everything including features, streaming quality, pricing  and set up guide.

roku tv review

Roku was just a streaming device launched back in 2008, just like any other streaming devices like amazon fire stick. Roku then stepped up its game by launching a Smart TV named Roku TV manufactured by TLC, Hisense, Philips,etc. The sizes of the TV ranges from 24″ to 75″ .

Roku TV is a smart TV with an ultra HDR, 4K Video Quality.

It has built-in streaming services and thousands of free and paid applications to choose from. It requires no separate streaming device. You can easily access your traditional Cable Box, HDTV antenna and Internet connection Port.

What are the Channels and Apps available?

Roku TV channels gives you seamless access to 50,000+ movies and TV shows. 
Roku TV App has 1000+ paid as well as free apps available for you to choose from. 
You get great options to choose from like:

Netflix, Roku Channels, Hulu , Spotify, YouTube, Sling, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Apple TV, Bravo, Cartoon Network, Disney Plus, Abc News, ESPN, Globoplay and a lot more. 

Few among them are free while few are paid that require a monthly subscription. You can easily download the required app from the app store via connected Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

Easy access to the traditional cable box is available so as to watch the local and regional channels as per your locality.

How much will the Roku TV Cost you?

roku tv review

Roku TV is the best selling TV on amazon so far and has become one of the fastest-growing TV brands available at a very affordable price in comparison of that available in the market.

The cost of the Smart TV depends varying on its size available. The sizes go from 24″ to 75″ and its priced accordingly.

The prices range from $127 to $300 for the TV’s Manufactured by TLC. The 32″ LED smart TV starts from $127 while 43″ LED smart TV costs around $199. The 50-55″ Smart Tv is likely to cost between $250-$300. ( The price is in terms of the US Dollars) 

Video and Streaming Quality:

roku tv review

The one feature that sets Roku TV apart from its other competitors is its Video Quality.

Owing to its Ultra HD picture quality that gives the viewer four times of that of the resolution of Full HD. 

It comes with 4K HDR feature also called as ‘4K Creative Upscaling Pro Engine’ which basically performs a better job at upscaling 720p and 1080p resolution images and video.

What makes Roku TV stand out & what are the other Features? 

Roku TV is now the best selling TV on Amazon and is one of the fastest-growing TV brands, owing to its great features available at an affordable price.

Roku TV does not require any separate streaming device as it already has a built-in streaming device.

It just has One remote to operate the TV. The old traditional TV  required two, one for the TV and the other for the streaming device.

The Roku channel gives you the access to stream over 50,000+ movies and TV shows, along with access to over 1000+ free and paid streaming apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Sling, etc.

It consists of ports through which you can add inputs like HDTV antenna and Gaming devices like Xbox and PS4.

It is compatible with Voice-Enabled Devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant. They are easy to setup.

The interface has a built-in Wifi and ethernet cable post. Wi-Fi is 802 11 Ac so it does the work pretty well with just the Wi-Fi, no problem streaming 4K consistently over the Wi-Fi.

When we talk about the Audio quality, it is just fine as well, consisting of an 8-watt speaker, built-in standard TV speaker. It does not have a theatrical sound system. You may need an extra set of speakers for a theatrical sound experience.

Roku TV has an Android and iOS application called the Roku App, which turns your mobile device into a fully functioning remote for your Roku TV. Along with it, lets you display photo on TV.

It comes with a very affordable price at which we get a great quality which is very comparable to the higher end TV you can buy in the market.

Buy your first Roku TV here.

Roku TV Setup: Step by Step Guide

What will you find in the box?

  • Remote
  • Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wall Mount or Base Table
  • Power Chord and Roku TV.

What will you need?
Wireless network to connect.
Computer, Tablet or Smartphone to complete set up of the Roku TV.

Steps to follow as per the instructions given in the quick guide book:

  1. Wall mount or base table down follow instructions by the manufacturer. Attach it.
  2. Now connect the power chord to the TV. Put batteries in the remote. Turn on the TV, you will see a Roku Logo appear on the TV.
  3. Follow the instructions for the guided setup. Keep following the prompts. Select your preferred language, country and setup environment.
  4. Now Connect networks by setting up the wireless network. Once you have an internet connection Roku TV will show you latest features and channel updates. 
  5. Final step: To Activate Roku TV.
    Use Computer or a Tablet and log onto its official website My Roku TV , after that type in the activation code shown on your TV. Submit it and sign in to your existing Roku account or create a new one. 
  6. Set up a security pin. Save payment methods to rent to purchase content in the future.  
  7. Complete activation, scroll down and click the continue button. Once you do that channels start populating on your TV immediately.

Here is the video guide for the same:


Roku TV has a lot of competitors in the market, as it is one of the best selling TV on Amazon. Its closest competition is smart TV by Apple, Apple TV.

A comparison between the Two is tabled below.

[table id=6 /]

Roku TV: Worth all the hype and the money?

Roku TV is a Smart TV available at a very affordable price. It comes with great picture quality. Works extremely well and gives you access to unlimited movies and TV shows. 

Roku stick features probably crosschecks all your requirements for a flawless viewing experience of a streaming device. 

If you are short on budget and want all the features like the high-end TVs available in the market, then Roku TV is a good option for you.

Buy RokuTV on Amazon

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