10 Secret Personality Traits That Everyone Admires

Not everyone is a people person. Such individuals ooze charisma whenever you are with them. Everybody wants to be friends with them. Everybody loves being around them. Everybody wants to be like them. Charismatic individuals have a cool attitude.

They are kind and caring if you get to know them. They have a calm demeanor. The same demeanor Morgan Freeman showed when he appeared alongside Michael Cain at the Graham Norton Show. I was watching the show the other day on my Charter cable connection and couldn’t contain my laughter. Mr. Freeman is a legend.

So, charisma, kindness, and good behavior are among a dozen personality traits common with most crowd pullers. While charisma may be considered a God-given talent, decency and politeness can be developed over time. That said, here are 10 personality traits you should develop to capture the hearts and minds of others.  

Good Behavior  

Good behavior can win hearts and minds. Good behavior is a trait common with most psychologically healthy and well-adjusted people. Individuals with easy-going and polite demeanor can win even the fiercest critics over. Good behavior isn’t something too difficult to achieve. Having respect for others’ opinions, adopting a calm tone during conversations, and showcasing the ability to calm the nerves during tense situations are all signs of good behavior.  

Unfortunately, good behavior is one of the many qualities that is missing in the world today. There’s no denying that social media has provided a safe space for us. However, many use it to spew hate and bully others instead of observing decency. The replies and conversations are anything but polite. There’s a great saying by Tennis superstar Roger Federer that emphasizes the importance of being nice. The saying is: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”


When was the last time you heard someone speaking with convincing honesty? I for one don’t even remember that something like this ever happened. Even the appearances of today look deceiving. Most believe they can hide behind a fake persona to fool the world into thinking what they want it to think. This world lacks genuine people. If you seek validation through lies then you aren’t being honest. You aren’t being honest with yourself and the other individual. Lies, deceits, fake promises are of no good.  

Self Confidence  

Being confident in your abilities is one thing. Being cocky is another. Hold your head high while you walk but do not look down upon others (unless you are extraordinarily tall). Everybody goes through pains and difficult experiences in life. Use your confidence to lift the spirits of those around you. Encourage them to be the best version of themselves. Do not boast about your strengths and achievements. Remember, records are made to be broken.  


Consider yourself blessed if you are in a privileged position. There are 600 million others that can’t even afford a day’s meal. Be thankful for what you have and show compassion to others. Care for animals and nature. This piercing blue planet we are living on is irreplicable. Cherish it and everything that’s in this beautiful world.  


The human mind has a tremendous ability to feel and relate to different emotions. By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes you can empathize with them. We all experience different situations daily. Some cope with grief without putting in much effort. Others struggle to fight off their demons. Each individual is unique. We all different from each other yet can feel the happiness and struggles of each other.  


You’re mistaken if you think generosity only involves doing philanthropic activities on a large scale. Generosity can be as little as holding the door for others or helping a passerby cross a road. Generosity can also refer to an overall spirit of kindness    


Creative people get tons of appreciation. They approach everything with an open mind. Exploring new destinations, meeting new cultures are the major characteristics of a creative person. You should be flexible to take on new challenges.  


Calm people do not make the life of others miserable through pressure tactics. They know the importance of being patient and poised.  


Determination is crucial for a successful life. Determined individuals inspire others to pursue their goals and objectives.  


No matter how brilliant of an individual you are, you cannot expect people to like you if you aren’t consistent in how you deal with them. Consistency is crucial to developing a stronger bond.

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