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Have you ever wondered what makes an anime great? Is it the animation? Is it a storyline? Is it a voice actor?

Nope, the thing that makes an anime great is the antagonist or a protagonist with a strong character is like a treat for the soul.

People often call an antagonist someone who opposes the hero, but it’s vice versa. In any story, the villain is the one who has an objective, and the hero tries to stop the villain.

Let’s take a look at Harry Potter. In the story of harry potter, Voldemort was trying to rule the world, and everyone was stopping him.

From Joker to Ultron to Thanos are few examples.

Shogo Makishima is the antagonist of Psycho-Pass Season One and the character who brought the series to the limelight. Shogo Makishima Quotes are worth a read because they have a deeper meaning.

I’m not saying that others are unimportant, but Shogo Makishima Quotes stands out for me. What I’m saying is the way Shogo Makishima Quotes have been delivered is just mind-blowing. He continuously reads novels of wars, and that has made him clever and philosophical.

He has made various amazing quotes in the shows, which holds value and life-changing for a person.

I still remember using some of Shogo Makishima Quotes in debates too.

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Best Shogo Makishima Quotes

So, I’ve picked some Shogo Makishima Quotes that have influenced me, and I hope they do the same for you.

 1. “The opposite of boredom is not pleasure, but excitement. People will gladly seek out any excitement, even pain.”

Shogo Makishima Quotes

Here he tries to state a more practical opposite form of boredom instead of literature. And we have experienced it during the pandemic people were trying all sorts of things to kill their boredom.

2. “A Perfect Plan Doesn’t Mean Having Everything Go Within Expectations. A Perfect Plan Is Achieved When It Has The Plasticity Needed To Deal With Troubles Flexibly.”

Shogo Makishima Quotes

Beautifully stated by the mastermind of Psycho-Pass, people often get disappointed because what they planned got ruined, but a plan should consider external factors and deal with them.

3. “A beautiful flower too will eventually wither and fall. That’s the fate of all living beings.”

Shogo Makishima Quotes

This quote is straightforward as Shogo is a minimalist guy. He is saying that people should focus more on things that actually matter. Live your life to the fullest.

4. “To measure a person’s worth, you must do more than push them. The real way to test their worth is to give them power. When they gain the freedom to act outside the boundaries of law and ethics, you can sometimes see their souls.”

Shogo Makishima Quotes

A genius way indeed. The theme which most reincarnation anime is based on. Where the mc is given power and freedom, that’s when they show their true potential. It holds in real life too.

5. “When a man faces fear, his soul is tested. What he was born to seek… what he was born to achieve… his true nature will become clear.”

Shogo Makishima Quotes

This statement was made when he was testing the protagonist. What is real nature can only be seen when someone is pushed to a corner. Will the person fight or try to run away determine how strong he is.

6. “Books are not something that you just read words in. They’re also a tool to adjust your senses.”

Shogo Makishima Quotes

The quote is more significant nowadays where people rely too much on virtual books and forget the real sense of holding a book.

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FAQs on Shogo Makishima

How old is Shogo makishima?

27 years old

Shogo Makishima is approximately 27 years old evident by the speculations and information provided by Wikifandom.

Is Psycho pass complete?

No, it’s not complete, yet the LN is still ongoing but don’t worry, you can watch the movie, season 2, OVA, Season 3, etc. if you’ve already finished season 1.

Do Kogami and Akane get together?

Although fans do hope that Kogami and Akane get together, throughout the season, we see no romantic involvement between the characters or development in the relationship, which means that they do not end up together.

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