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6 Top Sites like Fingerhut in 2021

Sites like Fingerhut

Do you want to buy products online on credit but don’t have a credit card. Don’t worry? Check out our list of sites like Fingerhut which will provide you with buy now pay later service without any credit card. Here is the list of

1. Stoneberry

Sites like Fingerhut

The first name on our list is Stoneberry. Stoneberry is a very similar site to Fingerhut with its special credit. You have to apply for the special credits with proper credentials and then you can purchase products on the site. After purchasing products, you can pay for them in monthly instalments.

The site has a vast product category that includes furniture, beddings, household products, electronics, jewellery and almost everything that a household needs. Here the minimum monthly payment amount is 5.99 USD.

Visit the site Stoneberry.com

2. Ginny’s

Sites like Fingerhut

The second site on our list is Ginny’s. Ginny’s is a credit-based shopping site headquartered in the USA and its service is available only in the USA.

Ginny’s work on the same methodology ” Buy now pay later” like Fingerhut and it gives you a special credit account for your purchases. The minimum instalment amount here is 10 USD. Its products list includes Kitchen essentials, furniture, home appliances, bedding and bathing needs, health and wellness products etc. The credit system is quite simple here to make your shopping easy and comfortable.

Check out Ginnys.com

3. Gettington

Sites like Fingerhut

The third name on our list is Gettington. Gettington is also a buy now pay later based shopping site like Fingerhut. Gettington is in partnership with WebBank which is the national issuer of the Gettington Credit Account, which you can use to purchase in Gettington.

Here in Gettington, the credit system is a bit different from others. Here the monthly instalment amount depends on the product price. If the product price is high, the instalment amount would also be high and if the product price is low, the instalment amount would also below. Here you will get all kinds of household products, furniture, clothing, Jewellery, toys, tools etc.

Check out Gettington.com

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4. Country Door

Sites like Fingerhut

Country Door is very popular in the USA for its home decoration products and you can purchase them with credit. Here you will get a vast variety of furniture, curtains, rugs, clothing and other household decoration items.

Here the credit system is quite similar to Ginny’s but the instalment amount in a bit higher. All you have to do is add items into the cart and during the checkout, you can open a credit account and once the credit account is approved, you can proceed.

The services of Country Door is only available in the USA.

Visit Countrydoor.com

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5. FlexShopper

Sites like Fingerhut

FlexShopper is a web store that provides you with a variation of buy now pay later service with a vast variety of products. FlexShopper is founded in 2006 and the current CEO is Richard House Jr (2019- present).

First, you have to apply on the website for the credit and once you get approved, you will get a limited spending amount and you can use that amount to shop on the site. You have to pay the amount on weekly basis and you have to pay the amount within one year. Once you have paid the full amount on weekly basis, you can own the item. The item catalogue includes almost everything that a household needs like types of furniture, cameras, electronics, mobile phones, health and fitness products etc.

Download FlexShopper for apps.apple.com play.google.com

6. Midnight Velvet

Sites like Fingerhut

6th name on our list is Midnight Velvet. Midnight Velvet is a credit-based shopping sites deals in fashion accessories like clothing, shoes, jewellery, accessories and various household accessories like furniture, home decorations. kitchen and dining essentials etc.

The credit system here is similar to Jinny’s. You can open a credit account while checking out your cart. Here monthly instalment amount starts from 20 USD. The website provides fast approval of your credit account to make your shopping experience easy and satisfying. The midnight credit makes your shopping more affordable.

Midnight Velvet’s service is only available in the USA.

Visit the site Midnightvelvet.com

FAQs on sites like Fingerhut

Is there any data privacy issues with these sites?

Every site on the list is very concerned about the data privacy of its customers. Every site is very strict about the data privacy policy. But if you have any doubts, you can go to the site and check their privacy policy.

Which is the best “Buy now Pay later” site?

All the sites on the list are good and you can select any of them. Just check which site gives you the best deals.

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