Headphones not working in Windows – 4 Ways [Solved]

Solved] Headphones not Working in Windows
Solved] Headphones not Working in Windows

You put on headphones for a quick urgent meeting or to enjoy a movie only to find out that your headphones not working in Windows. What can be the possible reasons? There are a couple of solutions possible for this kind of issue.

Solved: Headphones not working in Windows

1. Restart Computer

Headphones are Not Working on Windows - Restart computer

Restarting your Windows device may not seem to be an appropriate method, but it is worth a try. Try to plug-in your microphone and then restart your PC. Then test whether it is working or not. In several cases, it might start to work.

2. Disable and Enable Device from Device Manager

Headphones are Not Working on Windows - device manager

Follow these steps and then try if your headphones are now working on your device.

  1. In the search bar, type for Device Manager
  2. Open Audio Inputs and Outputs
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow
  4. Right-click on the headphones
  5. Click on Disable device
  6. Then again right-click and click on Enable Device
  7. Right Click on Audio Inputs and Outputs
  8. Scan for Hardware changes

This may solve your problem if Headphones are Not Working on Windows devices.

3. Set Headphones as Default Device and Change Settings

If your headphones are not working on Windows device, you can try to check if they are set as the default device for your PC. Follow the steps given below.

set headphones as default
  1. Right-click on volume in the taskbar
  2. Open Sound settings
  3. Select the required device as the default device
  4. Right-click on properties
  5. Select Advanced properties
  6. Open the drop-down menu
  7. Select the appropriate channel
  8. Click apply
  9. Right-click on headphones
  10. Test your headphones

By doing this you will set your headphones as the default device. Another thing that is done is that you will change the configuration of the headphones. By doing this you can test your headphones will start working.

4. Update your Driver Software

To update the driver software follow these steps.

update driver software to solved headphone not working issue in windows
  1. Right-click on Start menu
  2. Go to system
  3. Go to about your PC
  4. Scroll down and select Related settings
  5. Select system info
  6. Left-click on advanced system settings
  7. Go to the hardware tab
  8. Left-click on device and solution settings

After clicking on device and solution settings, it asks do you want to automatically download manufacturers apps and custom icons available for your device? Click on No.

Save all changes and close the tabs.

Now follow these next steps to complete the procedure.

  1. Go to start
  2. Open device manager
  3. Double click on Sound video and game controllers
  4. Right-click on Audio/Audio inputs
  5. Left-click on update driver software

After doing this you can now use your device driver software from the website and download it. After downloading you will manually have to update the settings with the above procedure as explained above.

These are the ways where you can configure if your headphones are not working on Windows devices. Follow these ways to check out the problem and continue with the daily work. This will not take more than 10 minutes to complete.

This video on “Windows 10 Headphones Not Detected by TechFixIT” might help too:

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