15 Best TED Talks for Teachers To Be More Visionary

Teachers are an important part of society as they work on imparting values and instilling righteousness onto the minds of future generations. Besides parents, teachers also play a major role in the attitude and outlook of a kid.

TED Talks encourages instructors throughout the world to think independently and motivate their students to do it as well. These videos show the teacher’s perspective in a feasible manner and impart some important things to inspire the teachers to be better in their respective fields. Get ready to be pumped up with the best TED Talks for teachers that will surely have an impact on you.

15 Best TED Talks for Teachers

1. Every Kid Needs A Champion

This video advises the teachers to believe in their pupils and to connect with them on a genuine, human, and intimate basis. Rita Pierson, a 40-year educator, conveys some of the mind-blowing aspects of being a teacher and how to make that wholesome bond with the students. This bond helps mutually to grow and connect in a better way.

2. Learn to Shine Bright – The Importance of Self-Care for Teachers

Kelly put all she had learned on her yoga journey to good use as a mother, a friend, a daughter, a teacher, a redeeming quality in someone’s day, and a true inspiration for others. We must prioritize our own well-being as humans, and as educators, we can begin to place the same focus on staff well-being in our classrooms as we do on the mental health of the students we instruct.

3. Students Need to Lead The Classroom, Not Teachers 

Not simply for better learning but also for the health of our democracy, a classroom revolution is desperately awaited. Katherine Cadwell explains how, despite being 30 years in education, she totally flipped her classroom and teaching approach in her motivational lecture.

The Harkness approach refocuses learning on the students, teaching them how to ask critical questions and civic conversation skills.

4. Tough Teacher Truths: How to improve online learning

  • Speaker: Mark Russo.

An international teacher explains why children miss school, what instructors can do to improve online learning, and how parents may assist. Mark is from the Philadelphia region, but since leaving the United States in 2006, he has lived and worked in four other countries.

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5. Why Teachers Teach but Kids Don’t Learn

  • Speaker: Ben Richards.

Ben Richards is an award-winning writer as well as an accomplished drama, philosophy, and mathematics instructor. He has spent the last 10 years perfecting his unique approach to education by bringing together his several areas of expertise at several top UK schools.

It is one of the best videos that describe how to grab the attention of the kids and make them learn in a more meaningful and fun way.

6. What makes a good teacher great?

Azul Terronez is the author of “The Art of Apprenticeship,” a best-selling book. He has been pondering the topic, “What makes a great teacher?” for the past 24 years. He has gathered 26,000 replies from 8 different schools and has discovered trends.

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7. The One Thing All Great Teachers Do

Dr. Nick Fuhrman challenges us to understand the significant personal influence we may have on others, both within and beyond the classroom, in this presentation. Teaching is his life’s work, and he frequently incorporates live creatures (such as snakes, turtles, and owls) into the classroom and on his monthly television show.

8. The 5 principles of highly effective teachers

Pierre Pirard chose to change careers after a high-profile job as a CEO and became a teacher. He observed that these youngsters, who are frequently depicted as troublemakers, may rise above their unfavorable image. He thinks that these children are the future of our society and that we should invest in their education regardless of their socio-cultural or economic circumstances.

9. The Teachers we Remember

Dr. Julie Hasson discusses her study on the influence of “The Teachers We Remember” in her TEDxEustis lecture in January 2019. Her enthralling presentation recounts students’ encounters with instructors who positively influence their lives and offers strategies that teachers may use to make a better impact on current students.

10. Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students of the Future

10th on the list of best TED talks for teachers, Joe Ruhl talks about teaching methods that can make an impact. All classrooms should have cooperation, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Joe Ruhl was selected Outstanding Biology Teacher of Indiana by the National Association of Biology Teachers in 1987. For the last 37 years, he has started discussing the wonders of biology with children and currently teaches Biology, Genetics, and Science Research at Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana.

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11. ‘Engaging’ and ‘Inspiring’ Teachers

This presentation discusses whether or not it is required to be engaging in the classroom. Amjad deconstructs the concepts of gimmick and fad, demonstrating how his teaching has evolved through time, inspiring generations of people. The main theme is to be yourself, to give it your all, and to keep improving.

12. Teach teachers how to create magic

Rap shows, barbershop banter, and Sunday services all have something similar. They all have the hidden ability to captivate and instruct at the same time, as Christopher Emdin puts it, and it’s a talent we don’t frequently teach educators. The science fanatic has a passion for bringing science into the classroom.

13. How can we support the emotional well-being of teachers?

Teachers provide help and support to the children, but who encourages o the teachers? Sydney Jensen discusses how teachers are in danger of “secondary trauma,” or accepting the emotional weight of their kids’ experiences, and how schools may be creative in supporting everyone’s mental health and wellness in this eye-opening lecture.

14. Role of a Teacher 

In order to find those little moments of pure delight, John Calhoun believes it is the responsibility of the existing “oldies” to teach children to think and perceive the world more critically. At Taipei Fuhsing Private School Bilingual Department, John Calhoun presently teaches high school literature.

He has been teaching for over 20 years and has always placed a strong emphasis on building relationships with his pupils.

15. Do schools kill creativity? 

Sir Ken Robinson makes a compelling case for developing an educational system that encourages (rather than discourages) innovation. Schools have made a point of being direct and not going outside the curriculum to complete their respective portions or syllabuses, but that is the very reason that kills the creativity and interest of the students.

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