Why is the Tet Festival so Important in Vietnam?

Tet is the New Year festival of Vietnam and is its most important one. The celebrations last from three days to three months. But in general, Tet Festival is celebrated for about a week.

As with most celebrations everywhere, especially in Asia preparations being months ahead with houses begin cleaned and the streets begin lined with shops selling cloth candles, food, and flowers.

tet festival
Tet or Vietnamese Lunar New Year

On the day before Tet, the Gods are believed to go back to heaven to report on the family. They are sent off with special ceremonies as they are the good spirits that protect them. A bamboo pole is erected in front of the house to keep away the bad spirits from entering while the gods are away.

When is Tet 2022?

The Tet festival will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. As the celebration is week-long, it will last from Jan 31 to Feb 4, 2022.

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