Why is Asia known as ‘the cradle of civilization’?

Civilization began in Asia. The Sumerians developed the world’s first civilization in the Tigris-Euphrates valley, around 3500 B.C. They were great traders and warriors, and they invented a method of writing too. Another great civilization in Asia was the Indus Valley Civilization, which lasted from 2500 B.C to 1700 B.C.

The civilization flourished in the valley of the Indus River, and the foundation of the Hindu religion as we know it today was laid during this period. The Huang Ho and Yangtze Valleys of China were also centers of early civilization.

The Chinese also developed a form of writing and built magnificent palaces and cities. In short, three of the four major ancient civilizations flourished in Asia. So, is it any wonder that Asia is considered ‘the cradle of civilization’?

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