The Super Mario Bros movie: will it enter the 1 billion Club?

Who doesn’t remember the Nintendo game, Mario? A small guy in red jumping around in an
adventurous world. Well, the movie is based on the same video game and is slaying in
the theatres. Read to know more about the Super Mario Bros movie!

super mario bros movie

Current milestones of the Super Mario Bros movie

The movie is being loved by the people and no doubt it’s breaking records rapidly
which is quite surprising for an animated movie. The movie is making big in the
industry and has also achieved a global milestone – the $700 million crossover in just
13 days.
The movie is becoming more popular day by day and has become the highest-grossing
movie of 2023. Not only all this but reports say that the movie is now the most
searched title according to IMDb reports.

Cast of the Super Mario Bros movie

The Super Mario Bros movie had an amazing voiceover cast which includes:
Jack Black as Bowser, Anna Taylor Joy as Princess Peach, Chris Pratt as Mario,
Charles Martinet as Giuseppe, Charlie Day as Luigi, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong,
Keegan Michael Key as Toad, Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong, Sebastian Maniscalco as
Spike, Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek, Jessica DiCicco, Khary Payton as Penguin
King and Eric Bauza as Toad General.

What’s the storyline of the movie – The Super Mario Bros movie?

The film revolves around Mario and Luigi who face challenges from the Mushroom
Kingdom. Mario was a plumber in Brooklyn, NY. His brother Luigi when captured by
Bowser’s army needed help, Mario left everything and went to the Mushroom
Kingdom to save his twin brother. Mario finds a love interest there who’s none other
than princess peach also the head of the Mushroom Kingdom. She helps Mario with
mentorship. Bowser, who is the antagonist, wanted to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom.
The movie captures all the details and makes it worth a watch. No doubt people are
loving the Nintendo adaptation.

Running time of the Super Mario Bros Movie

The running time of the Movie is 92 minutes.

Will it enter the 1 billion club?

People are loving the Nintendo adaptation of Mario with a vibrant vibe and the film is
doing amazingly well at the box office. It also broke the record of Frozen 2. The movie
had a budget of $ 100 million and has currently collected $724.7 million.
People are wondering if the movie will enter the 1 billion club and so are we!
According to some reports, it’s highly possible for the Mario Bros movie to enter the