8 Incredible TikTok Alternatives: For Short Videos

Alternatives To TikTok
Alternatives To TikTok

If you are looking for TikTok alternatives or you want to explore apps that can offer better features than TikTok than you have landed in the right place. TikTok is a famous Chinese app with 800 million users all around the globe. 

But some countries like India have banned TikTok and its Indian users are forced to switch on to its alternative. Some users of other countries get bored and want to explore more for short video creating and editing social media platforms. 

There are many old and new but relatively better apps available to engage and entertain its users.

Why switch over to TikTok alternatives?

tiktok alternatives

The reason which forces you to switch to its alternative is that TikTok is a popular app that is more quantity bound than quality appreciator.

People are creating trash videos to attract followers on TikTok whereas there are some short video apps like Firework that focus on the quality and creativity of content rather than the number of followers. 

Another reason is its manual editing process. The editing procedure is quite time-consuming while some apps like triller offer auto-editing algorithms that edit wonderful videos within seconds.

10 Alternatives of tiktok

Here is a list of some short video creating and editing apps available in your app stores with some similar as well as some distinctive features. But they can serve as great alternatives to TikTok in terms of editing and entertainment.

  1. Dubsmash
  2. Triller
  3. Funimate
  4. Lomotif
  5. Firework
  6. Chingari
  7. Mitron
  8. Youtube Shorts
  9. Instagram Reels
  10. Facebook Lasso


tiktok alternatives

Dubsmash is the app that initiates the trend of short entertaining videos. It has numerous features to engage and entertain its users. It provides you with famous songs and dialogues of movies and TV shows for Lip sync.

Dumsmash is the first who introduced lip-sync to social media platforms. With the increasing popularity for lip-syncing many apps make their way in social media with quite similar but distinct features.

It has included a large range of new stickers and filters to make your videos more attractive. You can also explore new songs and trendy videos in its inbuilt library. It also helps you form a community where you can chat with your friends and look for their videos. 

Occasionally dubsmash announce challenges where you can showcase your creativity and editing skills to win exciting rewards.

It already has more than 100 million happy users. It’s a good alternative to TikTok to choose and to use for entertainment purposes.

  • Create trendy videos.
  • Lip sync on Songs and dialogues.
  • Edit videos with Filters and stickers.
  • Chat with friends.
  • Occasional challenges.

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tiktok alternatives

Another amazing alternative of Tik-Tok is the Triller. 

It is a video editing app that also serves as a social media platform to entertain its users. Its auto-editing algorithm makes it more appealing, even celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kevin Hart, and many others use it for personal videos.

It offers more than 100 filters to make your videos more catchy and attractive. You can also give a personal touch to your videos by adding texts, emojis, and drawings. Without music, video editing is incomplete for that it allows you to choose music among the trending tracks or from your own phone’s library. 

Unlike Tik-Tok’s duets, it provides a group video feature, where you can collaborate with your faraway friends to make your video more entertaining.

It is very simple to use and provides professional-looking videos in no time. Triller also allows us to share our videos with other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in just one click.

  • Create videos with Auto-editing algorithms.
  • Use 100+ attractive filters.
  • Add Personalised text, emojis, and drawings.
  • Choose trendy music.
  • Make group videos.
  • Share on other social media platforms.

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tiktok alternatives

Funimate is very much alike to Tiktok in terms of features but not much famous because it is relatively new in the market. 

Soon it will expand its user base and gain popularity. Here You can create videos with multi-layer editing by using animations, transitions, text effects, chic effects, stickers, etc. You can use trendy songs, famous dialogue, and funny clips for lip-sync from its built-in library. 

It allows you to edit your videos like a pro, participate in different events, and become sensational. You can collaborate with your friends and family by recording individually and then merge to make a wholesome interesting video.

Funimate is free but in-app purchases option is available for some exciting features.

  • Create videos with Multi-layer editing.
  • Lip syncing on songs and dialogues.
  • Add Animation and transitions.
  • User different effects and stickers.
  • Participate in different events.

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tiktok alternatives

Lomotif starts its way by attracting a fan base of iOS users and then a version is launched to cater to the android users’ demand. 

It is good enough to serve as an alternative to TikTok with similar and more features. Users can create wonderful edited videos and slideshows by using all available features. You can crop, trim, and duplicate your videos. Use Zoom in and zoom out effect along with many filters. 

You can search and add GIFs to make it more appealing. Sync songs track with your videos to give a wholesome look. It also creates your own community of friends with whom you can share your videos and pictures. 

You can even collaborate with them for creating more creative content. And on occasions like Birthdays and New Year, you can share creative and interesting content to attract more and more followers.

The best thing about Lomotif is it edit, create and share beautiful montage, collage slideshows, and videos on other social media platforms too within a few clicks.

  • Create videos and slideshows.
  • Make Montages and collages.
  • Edit videos by using different features.
  • Add The Latest songs.
  • Find and follow friends.

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tiktok alternatives

Firework is another great alternative to TikTok with similar features. Unlike Tik-Tok it focuses more on quality and unique style rather than the quantity of your followers. 

Here you can showcase your talent in any field by creating your unique videos by using its features like editing, trimming, lip-syncing, using filters, and stickers, etc. It is important for the users of firework to follow trends and make videos accordingly. If you win the weekly challenge then you can get a cash prize as a reward.

This short video app laid emphasis on your creativity and taste to outshine among the users by creating real influencing videos.

  • Create unique short videos.
  • Influencing Quality of content.
  • Edit with fabulous tools.
  • Appealing Weekly challenges.

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tiktok alternatives

Chingari is an Indian alternative to TikTok in the social media market. This app offers quite similar features to what TikTok does. 

This platform allows you to create your own creative content by using songs, video clips, stickers, and memes. It also provides the latest news and funny videos for entertainment and information purposes. 

You can even Chat and share your amazing content with your friends to gain popularity. It has numerous wishes and quotes to facilitate smoother conversation. Apart from English, it is available in many Indian regional languages too. More than 10 million people have already downloaded this newly emerging app.

It is a good substitute for TikTok for those who want to explore more short video creating platforms, especially in India.

  • Create unique content.
  • Watch amazing videos.
  • Chat with friends and family.
  • Share your content.

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tiktok alternatives

Another Indian alternative to TikTok is Mitron app. Being a controversial app, it has gained a lot of popularity and users in a short spam. 

This social media platform allows us to upload new photos and videos on your profile, chat with your family and friends, and share your videos and status among your followers and followings to get likes and comments. 

There is a large range of the latest songs and poems to display your everyday mood and feeling. And to refresher your mood it has numerous trendy videos of all genres like comedy, entertainment, and fashion. 

It allows you to create and upload good content to get more and more likes and comments. And also helps you to create your own community of your followers and followings.

  • Create unique videos.
  • Upload videos and pics.
  • Chat with your dear ones.
  • Share video status.

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Upcoming alternatives of TikTok.

YouTube Shorts.

tiktok alternatives

To make the short video creating and editing game strong, google is going to introduce a new rival of TikTok at the end of this year. Shorts is not going to be a stand-alone app but an add-on into a feed within the YouTube app. 

This allows you to create 15 seconds long videos by using different features of Shorts and by adding soundtracks available on YouTube to make it more appealing. The users are eagerly waiting for this app to be launched.

Instagram Reels.

tiktok alternatives

Similarly, Instagram Reels all set to raise the bar of short video culture. It is already launched in Brazil and then in France to test its features and to get feedback. 

It has been claimed that once it launches worldwide, it is going to be a great alternative for TikTok users. 

As it is offering quite similar features to create 15 seconds short videos with music, many filters, and stickers to make your Instagram stories more interesting and engaging.

Facebook Lasso 

tiktok alternatives

Facebook Lasso was also on the way to compete in the short video app market. 

But for now, the project is on hold. Maybe in the future, we will also have another Short video editing app-cum-platform with some unique and appealing features.

Above enlisted apps have their own unique features of video making and editing. But these all can serve as alternatives to TikTok if you are looking for one. Their amazing filters and effects add more appeal to your videos. 

Songs, dialogues, and funny clips make lip-sync more interesting. Most of them offer you a social media platform where you can upload your videos and gain popularity while some allow you to create and share wonderful videos on other social media platforms too. 

Trying new apps for a while is important to compare which one offers more features and functions and to know which helps you in creating better content.

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