Top 5 Animes with Best Anime Girls who are Absolutely Adorable

Anime is the vast ocean of compartments where people find one and another thing special as per their choice. This anime coverage enlists the best anime girls who are adorable, powerful, and great in their character arcs.

This gives them mass popularity and all the love from admirers who watch anime day today. This also creates a debate on who runs the show as all the presented anime girls are equally fascinating in their own stage of performance.

Go Through the List of the Best Anime Girls from Exclusive Anime

1. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Wit Studio produced Attack on Titan is one of the hot topics at present in 2021. This is because of the humongous reputation of the anime series for its third season. It is directed by Tetsuro Araki. The character Mikasa Ackerman is one of the best anime girls you will ever witness.

Mikasa is considered to be one of the best anime girls for her abilities. Also, the amazing character arc she undergoes makes her strong enough. She had a tough past and Eren was the one who stood for her. She has a special bent towards Eren in Attack on Titan.

She is an efficient scout in terms of weapon use. Also, being an Ackerman, she has the best abilities for awakening powers too. Mikasa is also good in hand-to-hand fights and combat situations. Being a member of the special operation squad, she does her missions with smoothness.

Watch the episodes of Attack on Titan Season 3 presently streaming on their official website as well as on Animelab. Don’t miss the everlasting experience of one of the best anime at present.

2. Taiga Aisaka from Toradora

Toradora best anime girls

Toradora is the light and slice-of-life anime that orients the High school atmosphere. This romantic comedy is directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai. The character of Taiga Aisaka is quite cute and adorable. This personality of hers makes her count under the best anime girls for sure.

Taiga is popularly known as the Palmtop Tiger in the Toradora anime series. This has her building blocks as per the circumstances she has faced. One of the best anime girls yet her character is shown to be brittle. Produced by J.C. Staff, Toradora explores the light novel and showcases the subtle lines of romance.

Toradora anime is all about the fine line of simplicity. This anime series actually revolves around helping each other and forming a connection while doing so. You can watch this anime on Netflix. Also, Anime-Planet is streaming the same.

3. Shinobu from Monogatari

Monogatari best anime girls

Monogatari anime series is the one television show which has all corners of the wall. It is taken from the light novel produced by Shaft studio. Shinobu Oshino is one of the finest and the best anime girls’ characters you will ever come across. The anime series takes a dig at several bubbles like comedy, romance, vampire, and supernatural stuff.

Shinobu is the girl whose character grew stronger in terms of the writing as well as in the way of portrayal. This means that the series illustrations are so personified and fine that the evolution is clarified well on the screen. It provides contextual evidence for her character along with some degree of aesthetic.

The appearance of her character defines virtue and also strengthens her objective. This is also built through the use of colors, shapes, and style of the screenplay. Accordingly, one of the best anime girls is created out of so many facades. You can watch Monogatari on Just Watch and Anime-Planet.

4. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto

Naruto best anime girls

One of the finest among action anime is Naruto. It definitely calls for applauses again and again just for the sake of its quality. It is one of the longest-run anime and directed by Hayato Date. Produced by Studio Pierrot, Hinata Hyuuga is the ultimate character that fans go crazy about.

This ninja story calls for one of the best anime girls that will remind you of how a character can get into power from a bully. Hinata Hyuuga has her special arcs from season 1 to the last one that aired. You will find Naruto in the best action anime series that is not to be missed anyway.

Naruto anime series tells us how an entire long anime television series can be held on the grounds of a strong plot. Not only Hinata but the finest characters and well-written sketches are delivered by this anime. Naruto is now available on Netflix and it is a must just for the sake of Hinata of not anyone else.

5. Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul best anime girls

This anime series is also famously produced by Studio Pierrot and Touka is quite the star here. It is directed by Shuhei Morita. Tokyo Ghoul narrates the terror situation of Tokyo when captivated by ghouls. This situation becomes worse when humans are endangered by the fact that the ghouls are unidentifiable.

The best anime girls list is here and Touka isn’t one to take a place is nearly impossible. So here is Touka Kirishima, the feminine beauty one cannot miss noticing under the best anime girls. She has this rash personality that slowly unveils on her side of a ghoul. But in the case of being a cafe waitress, she is gentle and normal like any other human.

Tokyo Ghoul has this craze that it manages because of its horrific tale in suspense. You can experience this amazing dark anime on the official website.

FAQs on the Best Anime Girls

1. Are the anime with the best anime girls available on Netflix?

Not all the mentioned anime featuring the best anime girls are available on Netflix. The license remains with several other foundations but the ones available are mentioned in each case.

2. Is Mikasa in love with Eren?

Mikasa has a special corner for Eren and his family. She is forever grateful to Eren for what he had done to give Mikasa all that she possesses right now. Hence, this soft corner is quite justified.

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