Top 5 Psychological Anime which Prove to be Startling!

Psychological anime is also well known for its dark nature at certain specific moments. These tend to let you think by traveling deep down your memory lane. You are ought to see through the perspectives of certain characters and determine fate. Here are some popular dark anime that you can catch on later.

It is remarkable to enlist some of the best psychological anime for you to watch over. These will gain you a change of mind about looking at things. Here you go!

Top 5 Psychological Anime for You to Not Miss Out!

1. Death Note

Death Note has been an exclusively celebrated psychological anime that also counts itself in the best of many categories. This show never goes off the table no matter whichever kind of anime you discuss.

Death Note anime has this unique nature of subjugating the plot on a specific object, a notebook. This notebook kills people, the name of whoever gets written in it. Light, being the main character, gets in touch with this notebook from his school ground. He takes up a profound responsibility and considers himself to be a cleaner of the city.

All the updates and concerning news of the Death Note psychological anime show are here. Get your head on track and watch one of the best out there in the market.

2. Monster

Monster has been one of the most thought-provoking and greatest psychological anime of this age. Monster has been quite famous but there is lesser discussion around this psychological anime as compared to the rest. It has been directed by Mayasuki Kojima.

Monster has a great capacity in storytelling and the level of quality is really high. The fact around which the most engagement relies upon is the involvement of some unrealistic ideas. It gives the anime a special turn and in this case, it drives you crazy. For example, a notebook that kills, a time machine gone wrong, etc are some of the core ideas that differ from reality in some of the popular anime.

The Monster anime deals with extreme ideas like the reality ground or the ultimate subconsciousness. Hence, this sets it apart from most mainstream animation series of its age. Watch it now on Netflix.

3. Parasyte: The Maxim

This psychological anime has a very prominent and nice plot. It has 24 episodes in all with a very fascinating main character. The scenes comprise some terrific brutal sequences to freak you out as a psychological anime. Parasyte: the Maxim is directed by Kenichi Shimizu

The protagonist here can modify his hand to anything and the plot goes alongside his struggle. The other alienated Parasytes go against to fight each other. They demand to eat brains, attack to cut hands, and whatnot. This has a lot of violence for you to freeze. Some visual aspects of this psychological anime may turn up to be difficult for you all to watch, being creepy enough to not handle. Also, some of your bold and warm hearts can pull the sequences off.

The manga states some intense war sequences between the Parasytes and humans but surprisingly the anime series lacks it somehow. It is more of how the Parasytes do their living in this psychological anime. Parasyte is streaming on Netflix.

4. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance Psychological Anime
Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance has its base in questioning the audience on the morality of the characters. Whether the psychological anime characters are doing it right or if not, why they are doing it so? This anime particularly victimizes the terrorist attack in Japan. It is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe.

The psychological anime lets you see the attack through the eyes of the two boys who do it. They bomb a sky-high building in the city which has its own meaningful work. Surprisingly the fire does not call for fatality as the fire alarms get the job done for good. The two boys see the thing happen and you are the one who is seeing through their perspective of doing it.

This anime literally take you in their psychological aberrations and lets you analyze why such an act has been committed. Terror in Resonance has been a really interesting anime show with its never-seen-before concept. Watch this anime on Netflix, now.

5. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue Psychological Anime
Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is another psychological anime where you shall come across the idol culture of Japan. It is not much known to the culture of the west. This anime focuses on the glamour and glitz of a star who comes from nowhere and after the time is gone, fades away into oblivion. Perfect Blue is directed by

The simultaneous comparison of pop idol girls is portrayed. It is between their on-stage glamorous life against their not so delicate personal life. The psychological hardships, as well as the struggle they face to achieve their dream, are definitely an underline to catch on. Perfect Blue escalates the dream into a nightmare.

 In the virtue of pursuing her dreams, she gets away from being a pop singer to a professional actress. She manages to get a job in a murder mystery work too. Soon after her good days, one of her pop idol fans gets murdered. This evidently secures a thought that one of her pop fans goes through a psychological disturbance regarding her leaving the culture. This psychological anime gets to your nerve. It is available on Prime Video and Netflix.

FAQs on Psychological Anime

1. Is Psycho-Pass a psychological anime?

Yes, Psycho-Pass is a psychological anime that also gets into one of the most realistic anime in the count. In order to know more about this anime, click here.

2. Will there be a sequel for Terror in Resonance?

Yes, the AMC has already declared Season 2 of Terror in Resonance. Also, the first season kind of ended on a hint that there would be a second season. Now, Terror: Infamy is the title announced for it.