Tower of God Anime is ridiculously full of Dark Drama: Season 2 Updates!

You are right across the recent series that will explore a new range of ideas out of your mind while you watch the Tower of God anime. It has a gripping plot within 13 episodes that will never slow down in running through your mind. Get a perfect idea of what it is all about and watch the most recent anime of 2020, the Tower of God anime.

Tower of God Anime Episodes for Season 2

The Tower of God anime episodes started releasing on 2nd April 2020 and had 13 Tower of God episodes in just one season. The source of this anime is web manga which is originally Korean, written by Erika Yoshida

Made by Telecom Animation Film, Tower of God episodes are short yet effective as it has been reviewed so by the viewers just since its release. You do not need to rely if you want to watch it all by yourself on Netflix or CrunchyrollAnime-Planet.

Tower of God anime
Bam the Irregular

Tower of God Anime has the most Suspicious Plot Ever!

Tower of God anime belongs to the category of drama which is solely created for the dark fantasy genre as we see in anime like Kaiji or Ghost Hunt. It is directed by Takashi Sano with Hirokazu Hanai and gets along in recent times. You all must check this super wondrous plot of the Tower of God anime right now. (1)

The journey of this anime specifically enlightens around the Tower of God which is the ultimate to climb to get your hearts’ desire. The protagonist of the Tower of god anime is Twenty-Fifth Bam, a boy who is very different from most beings in the world as he has been familiar with torn and ragged clothes alongside shallow and dark caves of survival. 

Bam finally meets a beautiful, young girl named Rachel who opens his eyes and lets him explore the world like many others. Tower of God anime indulges a bit of drama and romance along with a thriving thought of Bam to be with Rachel by all that it takes for the rest of his life. 

The Tower of God anime allows the “Regulars” to climb up on it to get anything that one desires like wealth, fortune, etc. But despite this being a major criterion, Bam breaks all of it when Rachel decides to climb the Tower of God. He determines that he shall never fall apart with Rachel and hence follows her to the Tower of God as an “Irregular”. 

The Tower of God anime breaks boundaries and forces the limits of entertainment over a short period, having just one season.

What All Have to Say about Tower of God Anime!

The Tower of God anime has not met much exposure as of now. It was released in the previous year, 2020. This anime encourages a bigger Korean vibe on the screen. It is often noted by the audience that the music of Tower of God anime is surprisingly irregular on a positive note and also pins itself to one’s memory.

The anime of drama, action, and fantasy is growing among the mass to gain popularity besides being available on a platform like Netflix, pushing it higher. IMDb rates the Tower of God anime with 7.9 at this short period. 

FAQs on Tower of God Anime

1. Does Tower of God has a Season 2?

The Tower of God had released just back in 2020 and it had 13 episodes in just one Season right now. Fans are eagerly wondering about the news of Tower of GodSeason2 but we all are waiting for the official statement to come out. It is hoped that by the end of 2021, we shall be able to know a better clarification.

2. Is Tower of God available on Netflix?

Netflix has recently taken in the famous anime right now, the Tower of God, but it is only available for all countries at present. With time, the availability will reach wider boundaries and that may happen soon.

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