Tubi – The Free Streaming Service: Watch Thousands of Movies and TV Shows Absolutely Free

tubi the free streaming service
tubi the free streaming service

Among the great ecstasies of skimming, the web is coming up with sites where you can stream movies and TV shows for absolutely nothing. There is a plethora of material available, from prime cinema to recent episodes of today’s most sought-after shows.

When we think of streaming services, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Hulu, and Netflix, are few names that immediately strikes us. They provide hundreds of titles, comprising neoteric releases and original movies and TV series.

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The only thing these services have in common is that you have to pay the amount—and Netflix is among several that have been raising prices. Succeeding a fee hike earlier this year, this streaming service now starts at $9 a month, with its most popular plan at $13 and its ultra-HD tier costing $16.

The major victim of the streaming war so far has been your billfold. They all require a monthly rate. But Hold-on! The mushrooming of streaming services has also generated a great number of free options. They’re the blissful remedy for subscription fatigue.

The popular maxim “you get what you pay for” does relate here to some extent. The selections usually aren’t big, and most make you watch a few ads along the way. But they’re also streets ahead than you might expect and continuing to improve.

The most popular among them being Tubi better known as Tubi TV.

What exactly is TUBI?

Tubi is a video streaming service, the best substitute for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime videos, and others, with an extensive library of 20,000+ television shows and movies you can stream from your phone, streaming device, or smart TV for absolutely free. The only glitch is that you’ll have to watch a few ads while you stream its content.

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While it might be enigmatic to comprehend in a world intimidated by fear of piracy that a streaming video service could be legal and free, but you don’t need to worry about that part while selecting Tubi as it is perfectly legal.

The unrevealed part in Tubi’s business pattern is advertising. The company is making an effort to use the call of “free” in order to gather huge audience to its service. It later charges advertisers to associate with those customers.

The ads often run before and during a movie or television show. They’re not so awful, though — at 15 seconds to 30 seconds, it’s not tough to get through them. Nevertheless, they’re unskippable, and hence if you try to race through them, you won’t be able to.

Features of Tubi: It’s Exciting

Tubi announced record growth for 2019; with an increase in headcount by 78%, it has now 25 million monthly active users. Here are the features that make tubi grow rapidly.

– Absolutely free: Unlike Netflix or other streaming sites, Tubi does not charge you for the content it offers.

– Vast List of Genres: It becomes difficult to find a superb movie or TV show to watch if all of the videos are listed at the same place, or if there is only a search function but no segment for genres. Cherish! Tubi assembles all of its content into different genres.

There are over 35 genres at Tubi to aid you to narrow down your hunt for movies and TV shows, depending upon your moods. The most unique out of all of them is one called Not on Netflix, which obviously displays your scores of movies that you can watch for free through Tubi that are not included on Netflix.

The other genres comprise foreign movies, comedies, action movies, dramas, horror movies, movies about sports, documentaries, and movies for kids.

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– Parental controls:  On occasion, when you want to manage who watches what and how they watch it, a set of parental controls are available when you create your account on Rubi.

– Included Search bar:  There’s a way to When you wish to avoid the chaos of titles, and all you’re really looking for is one there is a simple way for you, Tubi TV places a search bar at the top of the screen for you to solve that needle.

– Tubi knows your choice:
From the very instant you start watching, a queue list will appear on the home screen. Afterward, you have to make sure that you have an account in order to save your queue for later. In addition to this, you can also handle your TV watching history from the same place you manage your queue— your account settings.

Tubi’s Player Options : There is a cover of the movie or TV show below every video you watch at Tubi, which includes a full description, the total runtime, the genres it falls in, the director, the starring actors, and other associated information.

You will also see a Share button immediately below the video that enables you to share what you’re watching at Tubi through Twitter or Facebook, as well as a list of other titles you might wish to watch depending upon the video you were streaming.

There’s also a full-screen button, video quality adjuster, scrubber bar for fast-forwarding and rewinding, 30-second buttons to quickly jump back or forward through the video, closed-captioning options, and a Chromecast button.

You won’t see subtitles on every movie or TV show you run into at Tubi. This is because only some of Tubi’s content partners provide closed captions along with their videos.

How can you access Tubi ?

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You are lucky enough, Tubi is far and wide in terms of platforms and devices. You can access it via the website tubitv.com on your computer or elsewhere, while native apps are available on smartphones and tablets, not to mention set-top boxes and game consoles

Tubi comes with an app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. This can be utilized for phones and tablets, which can also cast content from the app to a television.

Tubi does not call for login to watch some videos on the service, but anything that is rated R or otherwise has a mature designation will demand a free account. 

Tubi provides several options for viewing the service onto your TV, including apps on Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. IT is also available on the Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4, Comcast Xfinity, Tivo.

Final Call: Yes, it’s Really Good

The real talk has been about the money, or the lack thereof. With Netflix’s monthly subscription rising, Tubi can be the best option when you are ready to bear some ads and save your bills.

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