Unable to Edit Word Document? 4 Ways to Fix

Unable to Edit Word Document
Unable to Edit Word Document

How much does it get onto your nerves when for some reason, you are unable to edit word document? A piece of work that would have taken just 15 minutes to get over with now takes 2 hours to complete!

Being unable to edit a word document is irritating and it makes you juggle with your work. So, here I will tell you 5 major methods on how to edit a word document and their easy solutions!

4 Ways: Unable to Edit Word Document Online, What to do?

1. Edit a Password Protected Document Without Having the Password

There are situations where in you get a word document to edit, but you are unable to edit it because of simple reasons! Maybe your colleague forgot to give your the password? Maybe there is a server error so you cannot contact your colleagues for the permission but the work needs to be done urgently?

There can be so many cases when such a situation may occur. So to avoid the hassle, here is a simple solution which can be done by you to escalate your work and be tension free.

So, you may see on the side panel of the document which says that editing the document is restricted.

unable to edit a word document - restricted edit
  1. You will need to save the word document in the local storage of your system computer.
  2. Once that is done, go to the file and right-click on the document file.
  3. Select the open-with option.
  4. Now, choose any option which you are comfortable with other than MS Word by selecting More apps option.
Restricted edit

By following the steps demonstrated above you will be able to edit the document as per your choice easily. Once you are done editing your document, you can save the file in the same manner.

You can now copy the whole text from the medium and open MS Word in your systems and paste it there. Now save the document at your preferred location and you are good to go!

2. Google Docs – to Create and Edit Documents

This feature by Google is extremely easy to use and also, to access. You will simply have to type in Google Docs on your chosen web browser.

You will then be led to the Google Docs website. From here, login to your Google account or Gmail account and get started with the editing or creating process of the docs.

Google Docs also has various templates available which will make it easy for you to choose and get started with your work. With an extremely simple user interface, you will not face any problem.

unable to edit word document

Once you are done with editing of the document, you can now save the file and even share the file easily with the same platform.

2. OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice provides you with an online platform to create and edit your documents. This is a secure method and will keep your files safe.

Follow these steps to get started with OnlyOffice.

  1. Open the website on your web browser or click here.
  2. Sign Up on the website to create your account.
  3. Confirm your registration on the mail Id you input.
  4. Join the website by creating your Id and password for OnlyOffice.

Once you are done with all of these steps, you are good to get started with using the website for OnlyOffice for creating and editing your word documents.

This can be done by uploading the document and selecting it from your local storage to open the file. Now, open the file and continue editing.

Upload file on onlyoffice

Edit and save the document once you are done.

Access the website for OnlyOffice from here.

4. WPS Office

WPS Office is another online office tool which can be used to edit and create documents for any use, even for office and commercial uses.

This app can has high compatibility with all platforms, from Windows to MacOS, it can be used on any medium.

You can Sign in or Create an account on WPS Office to get started with your work. This medium, can also be used for various other purposes like creating PDFs, writing documents, creating spreadsheets, or even presenting your work for official purposes.

When you are unable to edit a word document, this is another easy and accessible solution to get started with.

Open WPS Office website and get started. Click here.

So here are ways you can find easy solutions to when you are unable to edit a word document. To get out of the situation where it irritates you when It does not go how you want it.

You can use the first way when there is password protected file which you need to edit and other ways where you can find easy platforms. These are online platforms where in it is easy to create and edit word documents. All of the above options can be found and used in a trouble-free manner.

You can also click here to find out more solutions to boost your knowledge.

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