7 Best Ustream Alternatives in 2021

Ustream Alternatives
Ustream Alternatives

Once Ustream was a hype. Now, it is a history. It provided the best streaming experience. Initially, the founders aimed to help military members converse with their families in their free hours. Then it became a popular live-streaming platform.

Ustream changed its name to showcase its new ownership to IBM Cloud Video. After which Ustream users are still looking for Ustream alternatives under the same experience.

Back then, Ustream was free. Since it has changed to IBM Cloud Streaming, IBM started charging. Although it allows a free trial to test the experience, what old users of Ustream lost can’t be replaced.

But no worries, we have come up with the best 7 alternatives to help you broadcast the live-streaming videos, record and share.

Here’s The List Of 7 Ustream Alternatives

Although Ustream is dead today, there are Ustream alternatives. These alternative platforms are regularly updating their features. If you try all the listed streaming platforms, you will change in engagement in your live videos and recorded videos.

Here’s the list –

1. Youtube

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform till date. It always focuses on giving everyone a voice and showing them the world.

The live-streaming feature has been there since 2011. YouTube’s users can anytime start to stream games, t.v shows, music, news, tutorials or anything they want to share with the world.

The YouTube Live-stream allows you to go live instant or schedule on the date and time you wish. Additionally, you can monetize the live show, add to highlights, customize the audio/video and more.

Key Features –

  • Start streaming games, music, shows, events, etc
  • Can do instant live-streaming
  • Schedule an upcoming live video
  • Add the live video to highlights for new visitors
  • Allows monetization

2. Livestream

Wondering why Livestream?

Well, it’s interesting to engage with your clients, customers and audiences from anywhere around the world.

Let it be if you’re in your office or in a classroom or in the studio, you can connect with people anytime, across all social media platforms.

LiveStream allows you to watch and broadcast real-time videos. Further share everywhere like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and more.

With LiveStream you can aim at growing more audience and more engagement. Plus, you can go live from any device, connected cameras, tablets, android phones, etc.

Key features –

  • Go live from any device
  • Share across the social media
  • Connect from anywhere around the world
  • Watch or broadcast real-time videos

3. Periscope

Periscope, an Ustream alternative, lets you broadcast live videos through an Android Phone. Users’ can communicate with the audience through hearts and comments. Later, you can choose to add the live video to the highlight for upcoming followers.

Every time you wish to go live, your followers are notified. In case they missed the show, they can watch anytime from the highlights. Moreover, Periscope lets you share the live video on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Key features –

  • Broadcast live video
  • Engage through hearts and comments
  • Share via Twitter
  • Search for live broadcasts using location
  • Watch live videos from around the world
  • Broadcast to only known followers

4. Facebook Live

Facebook Live was initially created for influencers and celebrities to connect with their fans. Later, almost Facebook users started streaming.

In no time it became popular. Just like posting pictures and stories, Facebook Live too became a regular thing. It keeps the audience engaged, entertained plus allows them to interact through comments.

You can see the list of viewers attending the live. You can even choose the followers who can watch the live. In case new visitors liked the live-streaming, they can subscribe.

The subscription button helps the user get notified on new streaming videos. It keeps them connected to their favorite accounts. And keeps you connected with your fans, followers, employees etc.

Key features –

  • Choose who can watch the live session.
  • View the number of visitors attended the live.
  • Let the visitors subscribe to your live-streams.
  • Connect with more followers, reach more audience.

5. Twitch

Twitch is the home to gamers. It gathers millions of creator every month. With Twitch, gamers connect with other gamers and content creators, media, publishers connect with their audiences.

Twitch has an app for iOS and Android users. You can watch live-streaming and on-demand videos through the app.

To broadcast live games, users can connect PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, Xbox 360.

Twitch is one of the most used Ustream Alternative. Especially gamers who love streaming.

Key Features –

  • #1 community for gamers
  • Best live-streaming experience
  • Watch on-demand videos
  • App available for iOS and Android users
  • Connect to other gamers, chat and engage
  • Broadcast live videos

6. Hulu

Hulu, unlike other listed platforms, allow steaming only TV and Movies Live. You can watch thousands of movies and TV shows using their monthly plans.

You can stream shows on Television and big screens using any streaming device. It is available as an app for iOS and Android users.

The best thing is, you can opt for a free 30 days trial before paid subscriptions. But like other platforms, you cannot go live and connect with your audiences.

Key Features –

  • Stream your favorite shows
  • Watch popular, high rates movies
  • Start with 30 days free trial
  • Use an Android or iOS app
  • Enjoy your weekends with Hulu

7. Vimeo

Start leveling up with Vimeo video platform.

Vimeo is a professional live-streaming platform just for you. It believes in high quality live video, broadcasting and creating an outstanding audience for you.

You can broadcast and share your videos anywhere around the world. Any viewer, from anywhere can listen to you.

Vimeo is not a free platform. It definitely provides a free trial. I would really suggest you to check out their free trial. If you don’t find it best among all other video platforms, cancel the trial. It’s that simple.

Additionally, you can hire a pro-editor to edit your videos. This feature allows a creator to showcase high quality, professional videos.

Key feature –

  • Give your videos a world-class look
  • Hire an editor
  • High quality live-streaming platform
  • Start with free trial
  • Broadcast anywhere
  • Add marketing tools to grow engagement
  • Customize the channel to attract more audiences

So, these were the 7 Ustream Alternatives listed for you. Visit all the platforms and see which one’s perfect to use. If you find the one that’s perfect for your videos, leave a feedback in the comment section.

Also, here are the additional answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happened to Ustream?

Ustream was a video livestreaming platform. Ustream users enjoyed it for free for quite sometime. Later, IBM Cloud Video acquired the platform and started charging.

The Ustream app is still available on the playstore, but no web platform. So, the old users still look for a platform alike to Ustream.

2. What are the three best live-streaming platforms?

The three best livestreaming platforms are YouTube, Facebook Live, And Instagram. You don’t need to pay or go for free trials. They are absolutely free.

Furthermore, YouTube and Facebook Live lets you broadcast, add the livestream to the highlight and choose the audience who you want should watch the live.

3. Ustream Vs Twitch?

Ustream vs Twitch

Ustream was popular back then.

If you look at it today, Ustream has left behind. More to what Ustream offered, Twitch is offering.

Ustream is limited to community, law & government and society.

It aimed at providing a platform to military members. Then others too started streaming.

Twitch vs Ustream

Whereas, Twitch is lot better than Ustream.

It has created a community for everyone, for every creator. From games to computers & electronics & technology to arts and entertainment, it delivers almost categories.

Moreover, Twitch is available in 152+ countries. However, Ustream is available only in Japan, Tanzania, and Afghanistan.

Hope you found this helpful. Let us know if you have any other question.

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