What Does HMU Mean? Usage and Examples

In times where instant mobile messaging has become almost everyone’s number one way of communication, the use of short forms has been on the rise. The convenience that acronyms bring to the table is what motivates people to use them more and more.

One such acronym being HMU or Hit Me Up. While the abbreviation itself is straightforward enough, it leaves some users online confused as to what it actually means.

Hit Me Up is an open invitation from one individual to another to contact them in the near future. It is most commonly used by people who wish for another person to be in touch but in some cases, it can also be used a indicate a person’s request.

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HMU is most commonly used on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp where instant messaging is quite convenient. It is usually used in informal and friendly conversations which makes it a relevantly common word.

Alternative Meanings:

Health Monitoring Unit

Hanoi Medical University

Hainan Medical University

Harbin Medical University

Harvard Management Update

Hazard Management Unit

Helicopter Maintenance Unit

Hook Me Up 


Hit Me Up is frequently used in situations where an individual offers an open request to another person to keep in contact or be in touch with them. However, this is usually meant for the foreseeable future and not at the moment itself.

The phrase is very common in friendly or casual conversations and is very likely to be avoided during formal conversations. However, HMU can be used with both acquaintances as well as people in close relation. The term is usually positive in tone as it is an ‘invite’.

Idioms such as Call Me or Ping Me or ‘Let Me Know When You’re Free’ are very similar in meaning and are mostly interchangeable. People also tend to include Hit Me Up in their daily conversations in real life due to its convenience of usage.

Lastly, it is also used in cases where a person wants a specific favor or is asking for help. To make it easier to understand the usage, below are some examples that might help:


Example 1

Person 1: I really enjoyed our day out at the mall today, thanks again.

Person 2: Yea, me too. HMU next week if you’re free again.

In this scenario, Person 1 is appreciating Person 2’s presence with them at the mall. Person 2 wishes to keep in touch and hopefully go out again so they respond with a Hit Me Up so as to convey that they’re willing to go out again with that person in the near future.

Example 2

Person 1: Hey! Did you call?

Person 2: Oh yea, I was going to ask if you can HMU with some cash for tomorrow?

This example uses Hit Me Up as a way to ask for a favor. Person 2 wants money and utilizes HMU as a casual yet friendly way to ask Person 1 for it. 

Hence, HMU can be used in multiple such instances.

Alternative Words:

Here are some words that can be used instead of Hit Me Up:

LMK – Let Me Know

ISTG – I Swear To God

BTW – By The Way

FR – For Real

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