What Does IGHT Mean? Usage and Alternatives

You’ve probably noticed the word IGHT pop up more than often when you’re surfing on the internet or while texting people. However, it cannot be confused with an acronym as it is more slang or a short term for ‘Alright’.

IGHT is most commonly used as an acknowledgment in conversations while texting or messaging. It can also be used for other words such as Sure, Okay, Yes, etc to show confirmation as a reply. 

IGHT is not to be confused as an acronym or an abbreviation as it is more of internet slang. In recent years, it has grown in popularity on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat and is also used on mobile messaging apps. 

The term is rarely used in formal conversations but it is not unusual to see people use in it real-life conversations. However, its main prevalence is while texting or chatting.

Watch this song and find ‘aight’; the song that helped reach IGHT to a wider audience.

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Alternate Meanings:





Good Enough



Even though ‘Alright’ is considered to be the most commonly accepted meaning of IGHT, people interpret it as multiple other denotations as well. Depending on the setting, IGHT can be used for confirmation of a statement or it can be used as an acknowledgment. 

At times, people use the term for agreeing to another person’s opinion. It can be also frequently be observed being used as a way to start a sentence similar to how words such as ‘Oh’ or ‘Well’ are used.

Despite the popularity of the term, it’s never used in a professional discussion. Additionally, the slang is positive in nature and is mostly used by teenagers or young adults. 

Below are some examples that may give you a better idea of how to use IGHT.



Example 1

Person1: Have you started the assignment yet? If not want to do it together?

Person 2: IGHT, lemme go grab my pen real quick.

In the first example, Person 2 makes use of IGHT as a confirmation or another way to say yes to Person 1’s offer of studying together. It then gets followed by Person 2 saying that they will get their pen so that they can start their assignment. 

This adds further confirmation to the sentence. Keep in mind that the tone of this conversation is also very casual.

Example 2

Person 1: Can you drop me off at work, I missed the first bus today and I don’t want to be late, thanks.

Person 2: Sure, it’s IGHT.

In this case, Person 2 is using IGHTt as a literal meaning of alright. It is mainly being used to signify that Person 2 is okay with the favor that they’ve been asked of and is willing to do it.

Both the examples show that the term is usually used in a very casual conversation and is positive sounding.

Alternative Words:

Here are some other words that can be used instead of IGHT in a conversation:

K – Ok

SMH – Shaking My Head

AIGHT – Alright

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