What does LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA Stand For? Meaning and Full-Form

If you’re looking for the full definition of LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA with each term explained, you’re in the right place!

The LGBT community which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender – is one of the most diverse groups of people in the world that incorporate people’s sexual orientation and their gender choice. However, that phrase itself is a needle in a haystack. 

Ever since the uprising of terms such as LGBT that represent the diverse sexual orientations and genders of people, every year there are newer and longer terms that come into existence so that even the very niche people who may or may not be a part of the LGBT community can feel involved. 


It is probably the longest abbreviation that includes almost all the other diversified categories of the community. 

LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Questioning, Curious, Asexual, Pansexual, Gender Nonconforming, Gender- Fluid, Non-Binary and Androgynous.


Out of these 7 terms are related to sexual orientation and 6 are pertaining to gender identities

Below I will list out the various sexual orientations and identities that are covered under LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA and give a brief explanation about what they are:

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Source: Plan International

Sexual Orientations Under LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA

Sexual Orientation is the term that is used to define who a person wishes to form romantic relationships with. An individual if they wish can be sexually attracted to anyone regardless of their gender. There are some categories that define sexual orientation.

  1. Lesbian – A homosexual woman who is not sexually attracted to men, i.e. is not straight and instead is attracted to the same sex or other women. Lesbians are only attracted to other women and no other gender. 
  2. Gay – A homosexual man who is not sexually attracted to other women, i.e. is not straight and is only attracted to the same sex or other men. Gays are only attracted to men and not any other gender.
  3. Bisexual – Person(s) who is romantically or sexually attracted to both men and women or more than one gender. Bisexuals do not mind their gender and can be straight or gay. 
  4. Questioning – Individuals who are unsure of who they wish to form romantic connections with and are still exploring are called Questioning. These people are in the stage where they still aren’t sure about their sexual orientation or their identities.
  5. Curious – These people are not specifically Bisexual or Questioning but instead are curious about forming relationships with other men and women. 
  6. Asexual – People who have no sexual desire. These individuals are not sexually attracted to any specific gender, however, they can form relationships or be interested in other people.
  7. Pansexual – People who are attracted to all sexual orientations, i.e. they do not care about gender and are romantically open to anyone regardless of gender.

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Gender Identities Under LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA

Gender Identity is what one perceives to be their sex. It can be the same as birth or it can differ according to the sex the person later wants to later identify themselves as. 

  1. Transgender – People who choose to change their gender identity later after birth. They willingly want to live the other gender’s lifestyle or have personality traits like the sex opposite to what they were born.
  2. Intersex – Individuals who are born with sex characteristics that may belong to both men and women. Persons who share genitals, chromosomes, or gonads with both genders are Intersex.
  3. Gender Nonconforming – A person who doesn’t wish to identify with the gender that society has since decided by birth or characteristics.
  4. Gender-Fluid – An individual who doesn’t consider themself as a specific gender and is fluid between both men and women. 
  5. Non-Binary – People who identify as neither men nor women and consider themselves to be an entirely separate gender.
  6. Androgynous – People who conform to both masculine and feminine characteristics.

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