What does LGBTTQQIAAP stand for? Usage and Meaning

People can be whatever gender or orientation they wish to conform to and without any such restriction. The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community is all about embracing the several sexual orientations and gender identities that are present in today’s world. 

As the world gets more diverse and inclusive, the LGBT community has also grown each and every year. So much so that the term itself has evolved to have several added letters which represent other parts of the gender spectrum. 

The several terms used to define this vast group can be confusing to people, however, with research and understanding it is quite easy to figure them out. One such word is the LGBTTQQIAAP which is an extension of the original denomination of LGBT.

These words are mainly introduced so that all the sections of the society that lie under the vast spectrum of LGBT can be properly represented. 

What Does LGBTTQQIAAP Stand For? 

LGBTTQQIAAP is an abbreviation that directly stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally, and Pansexual. 

Out of these, 7 are related to categories in sexual orientation while 3 are pertaining to gender identities. The denomination Ally is not necessarily in the LGBTQ spectrum, they’re simply cisgender heterosexual people who support the imperative fights for the equality and freedom of the LGBT community. 

Below I will list out the various sexual orientations and identities that are covered under LGBTTQQIAAP and give a brief explanation about what they are:

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Sexual Orientation: 

The term sexual orientation is used to describe a person’s interest in a particular gender to pursue a romantic or a sexual connection. Here are the categories of sexual orientation that have been mentioned in the term LGBTTQQIAAP.

  1. Lesbian – A homosexual woman who is not sexually attracted to men. Lesbians are only attracted to other women and no other gender. 
  2. Gay – A homosexual man who is not sexually attracted to other women. Gays are only attracted to men and not any other gender.
  3. Bisexual – People who are romantically attracted to both men and women or more than one gender.
  4. Questioning – People who are unsure of who they wish to form romantic connections with and are still exploring their tastes when it comes to gender attraction are in Questioning.
  5. Queer – People who do not consider themselves to be cisgender or heterosexuals and are attracted to a certain gender. Queers can be straight, gay or bisexual.
  6. Asexual – People who have no sexual desire. These individuals are not sexually attracted to any specific gender, however, they can form relationships or be interested in other people.
  7. Pansexual – People who are attracted to all sexual orientations regardless of their gender identities.

Gender Identities 

Gender Identity is the term used to define what an individual perceives to be their gender. People’s identities can correspond to the sex they were born or willingly change later on in life according to what they wish to identify themselves as. 

  1. Transgender – People who choose to change their gender identity later after birth. They willingly want to live the other gender’s lifestyle or have personality traits like the sex opposite to what they were born.
  2. Intersex – Individuals who are born with sex characteristics that may belong to both men and women. Persons who share genitals, chromosomes or gonads to both genders are known as Intersex.
  3. Transsexual – A niche category of gender, transsexuals are basically people who relate to different sexual identities than the one they were born in. However, transsexuals usually undergo surgeries or medical assistance to make their bodies similar to their desired gender.


  • L – Lesbian
  • G – Gay
  • B – Bisexual
  • T – Transgender
  • Transsexual
  • Q – Questioning
  • Q – Queer
  • I – Intersex
  • A – Asexual
  • A – Ally
  • P – Pansexual

I hope this article help you understand what does LGBTTQQIAAP stand for.

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