What Does OML Mean on Text, TikTok? Meaning and Usages

Similar to OMG or Oh My God, OML has been recently gaining popularity on social media and is used when a person is taken aback or surprised. 

What does OML mean?

The acronym OML stands for Oh My Lord which is interchangeable with OMG. Both these terms are used in similar situations, i.e, mainly to show disbelief or excitement depending on the context

It is very trendy on certain social media platforms and mobile messaging apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, or WhatsApp. The target audience for the term ranges from teenagers to young adults and it is also commonly used in real-life conversations. 

OML Emoji
OML Emoji

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Alternate Meanings of OML: 

  • Outline Markup Language
  • Ontology Markup Language
  • Only Much Louder
  • Oh My Life
  • Oh My Love
  • One More Light
  • One Minute Left
  • Object Model Library 
  • One More Level
  • Open Modelling Language 
  • On My Life
  • Object Markup Language
  • Object Manipulation Language 

OML – Oh My Lord Usage


Unsurprisingly the term for the most part is used when a person is speechless or amazed. Even if the situation isn’t serious or staggering people tend to use the term anyway casually. However, religious people may not appreciate others using this word when it comes to usage. 

Pop Culture Media also makes quite efficient use of OML as it has been used in the lyrics of several songs which makes it more popular among teens. As compared to OMG, Oh My Lord isn’t as widely used but it is understood that both are acronyms that essentially express the same emotion.

Depending on the setting, OML can be used to indicate positive or negative reactions to a conversation. People use it as an enthusiastic response as well as a convey frustration or dissatisfaction based on how they’re feeling. Hence, the term is very diverse.

Below are some examples that can give you a clearer idea of how to use OML.

OML Examples in Texts and Conversations

Example 1

Person 1: Have you studied for the Math Test tomorrow?

Person 2: OML we have a test tomorrow??

In our first example, it can be seen that Person 1’s question greatly surprised Person 2 as they were not aware of the upcoming test. To express their bafflement, OML is used quite efficiently. 

The use of Oh My Lord, in this case, is slightly negative as Person 2 isn’t really happy about the news he has received. 

Example 2

Person 1: Did you hear the announcement? You just got the Best Athlete award!

Person 2: OML Are you serious?!

Similar to the above example, Person 2 is once more surprised by the news that they have received. To indicate their astonishment, the use of Oh My Lord is seen. In this case, however, the news received is positive and the reaction of surprise that Person 2 shows is that of happiness. 

This shows that OML can be used as both a positive and a negative reply. 

OML Meme

What does OML mean
What does OML mean
What does OML mean

Alternative Words: 

Here are some other words with similar meanings that can be used in place of OML while texting.

  • OMG – Oh My God
  • WTF – What the F*ck
  • WTH – What the Hell
  • TF – The F*ck

Bonus: Listen to this OML song, here it’s Oh My Love

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