What is a byte?

We have talked about 1 and 0being binary digits. These two terms are combined into a simple short term- Bit.

Sounds nice and easy, doesn’t it?

Now that you know what a bit is, don’t you want to know what a byte is? If you take a group of 8 bits, you have a byte.

The reason we have to group bits is that if you are being fed a continuous stream of bits, you have no idea where one piece of information ends and the next one starts.

But if you receive groups of defined length, e.g. A byte contains 8 bits, it’s easy to interpret them.

Any character you type on your keyboard is interpreted by your computer as a byte, an 8 digit binary number. For example, the letter ‘A’ is as the binary number 00000001

These 8 digits, or onebyte, are known to your computer as the letter ‘A’!


Bytes are used to measure the amount of information a device can store.We know that one byte consists of 8 bits, a bit being the smallest unit of information a computer can process.

A kilobyte or KB is equal to roughly 1000 bytes, a Megabyte or MB is equal to roughly 1,000,000 bytes or a GB1000 KB. A gigabyte is approximately one billion bytes, and a terabyte or TB is approximately a thousand billion bytes or a thousand gigabytes!

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