Why Do Cats Like Sinks?

I’m quite certain that at least once in your life someone must have popped this question – “Are you a cat person or a dog person”. If the answer is a cat person or a cat mom then this article is purr-fect for you and your cat friends!

These feline creatures are no doubt one of the moodiest yet calming and soft furry balls of sunshine that you can never get enough of. They also have this mysterious personality that often makes one curious about what’s going on in their mind.

But why do cats like sinks? Here is the answer to one of those many questions dangling in your head about cats.

The most likely reason for cats to be obsessed with sinks is their cool surface and its shape which seems like the better alternative in comparison to their actual cat beds that I’m sure you’d spent a good amount of money on. This makes me doubt if sinks were made for humans or cats? The irony of life is that sometimes the most expensive things aren’t the most enjoyable.

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4 Reasons: Why Do Cats Like Sinks?

A cat’s one true love -water

Cats are lazy and the most chill animals to have at home. This combined with their fascination with water is what reveals that the sink is the ideal place for them to laze around in. Don’t you just loathe getting off the bed and walking to the kitchen for just a glass of water? 

4 Reasons: Why Do Cats Like Sinks?

Well, you might have more in common with your pet than you realized. It’s also believed that cats prefer drinking moving water rather than still water i.e. water from their bowel. Terrestrial mammals prioritize fresh water above everything, and sink faucets usually contain fresh water which can be another reason for the sink obsession.

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Antisocial feline creatures

Yes, cats like to get head massages and belly rubs too! But that does not mean they are social creatures and get along with everyone. If a cat lets you touch them then consider yourself blessed. This brings me to another possibility as to why cats love spending time in the sink.

A bathroom is a quiet place that is their getaway from the real loud or crowded world. After a super hectic day of being cute and playing hide-and-seek with mice or running behind laser dot, they deserve some sleep in the sink and chill.

Cats and their ordeal with stress

If you thought stress was just something mankind experiences well, let me stop you right there. Every animal in this world experiences stress of some kind while dealing with situations other than the ones where it’s fight-or-flight and cats are not exceptions. Research has proved that cat stress levels drop when they have a hiding spot and sinks do make a relatively decent hiding spot.

Comfort and security

why do cats like sinks

Another perspective is the fact that sinks are usually elevated which gives them a sense of safety and serenity especially if you have other kinds of pets like dogs at home. This is often a pleasant experience for them and just what they need for a good nap or to have a place just to sit idle before a nice long stretch and getting back to their tiresome day.

Cats are solitary hunters who consider an elevated surface an added advantage because not all predators are high climbers like them and when it comes to hunting down prey elevated areas help give a holistic view of the area and in this case the sink.

Few possible concerns

However, it is also important that you pay attention to how your cat is behaving in the sink as well. Sleeping in the sink is quite a normal cat thing to do but if your cat is desperately trying to drink water from your sink faucet then there might be a few concerns like the possibility of diabetes and kidneys that should be checked by the vet.

Always by your side

Remember how I said cats are not social creatures?  I’m sticking to what I said but their love for you, the cat mom is unconditional. Another possible reason for the sink obsession is that they want to keep an eye on you and guard you whenever possible and that includes the bathroom.

Cats are hot

Cats have a higher body temperature than us making the cool sink surface a worthy option for them to unwind on after basking away to glory on a warm sunny day because unlike us they cannot cool themselves down by sweating from all over the body, they sweat only via their paws which is not helpful in overall cooling. If you’re wondering why cats lick their paws then one of the reasons is to create a cooling effect due to the evaporation of saliva.

Hopefully, this article answered ‘ Why Do Cats Like Sinks?’ and helped you understand one of the many strange yet fascinating behaviors your cat possesses.

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