Why Do People Put Cucumbers On Their Eyes

Have you ever wondered why do people put cucumbers on their eyes? Like you might have seen in a salon or movies where people having a relaxing and pampering time.

Where they have put on a face mask with cucumber on their eyes. Sipping on the wine while wearing a robe! Okay, maybe too much information!

However, did it ever cross your mind why people put cucumber not a tomato or any other veggie? Then let me enlighten you will with the fact why people do so!

Well, there are many reasons why people do so. Mostly because it the most hydrating vegetable ever. It’s filled with water and all the goodness of antioxidants and minerals. It naturally has healing properties and also cools the skin.

Why Do People Put Cucumbers On Their Eyes?

Why Do People Put Cucumbers On Their Eyes

The cooling effect

Due to cumber’s hyperdensity of water in it. It works as a natural and organic substitute for an ice pack. It has the cooling effect that can help the nerves in the eyes to cool down which can increase the blood circulation around the eyes.

Moreover, slices of cucumber on the eyes can also relax the strain on the eyes with its cooling effect. Next time when you binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix you know what to do.

Hydrating the eyes.

The area around the eyes is more sensitive compared to the rest of the face. Thus, the sensitive areas are more prone to become dry and rough.

Even though the dryness doesn’t lead to serious consequences but it can definitely become an irritation over time. Dryness around can lead to itchy skin, redness, and mild rashes.

If it went on in the long term it can also result in wrinkles around the eyes.

So, avoid such complications sometimes people time to put cucumber slices on their eyes. The excessive water content helps to hydrate the skin naturally and its antioxidants help to fight any kind of skin aging agents of the skin.

It hydrates the skin tissues and improves its water retention power.

The powerhouse of vitamin K

Fun science fact! Cucumbers are filled with Vitamin K which is essential for various skin conditions. As I mentioned earlier the skin around the eyes is pretty sensitive.

More often people complain about dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles around their eyes, that’s where vitamin k plays an important role.

Vitamin K is filled with minerals and antioxidants that reduce the darkening of the skin and fades the fine lines around the eyes. Whereas its hydrating properties smoothen and calm the skin.

These properties work wonders with other properties to get rid of dark circles and under-eye lines. Tired of working all night on assignments? Put some cumber on your eyes.

Presence Lignans reduces inflammation

Do your eyes get itchy after crying or just being out of your eyes? If yes then it’s the infectious properties or fine dust particles.

Or other times the tear ducts produce an excessive amount of saltwater which can exhaust the muscles around the eyes. These factors can cause a minor inflammation of the eyes. Other than using an eye drop which again is filled with a lot of chemicals.

People sometimes use cucumber to reduce the inflammation of the eyes. As it has Lignans which are the complex compounds of phytoestrogens.

It helps in soothing the skin around the eyes and cools the nerves and tissue around it. IT cleanse the skin at the same time moisturize it which reduces minor inflammation.

Nothing is worse than getting a sunburn. 

Sunburn can lead to many consequences like irritation of skin, Inflammation, swelling, and redness. Long-term sunburn can give skin a premature wrinkle.

Thus, in minor sunburn, it is highly recommended to use cucumber juice on a cotton pad or direct slices of cumber on the eyes. It will reduce the after-effects of sunburn and reduces irritation.

Moreover, it prevents sunburn to intensify over time if left untreated.

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How to use it?

There are many ways you can use cucumber to treat your problems. It helps with many skin conditions like sunburn, dark circles, and wrinkles.

Yet its cooling effect helps the eyes to relax and get hydrated. Also, the effectiveness also depends on how it is applied to the eyes. Here are the top 3 methods about how to use it.

Why Do People Put Cucumbers On Their Eyes

Slice it up!

Step 1: Take a fresh cucumber and put it in the refrigerator for 30 mins. This step is for maximum cooling effect but can be skipped if wanted.

Step 2: After 30 mins take it out and chop in to thick or thin slices according to you want.

Step3: Adjust the slices of cucumber on each eye and relax for 30 minutes or more.

The Grated mask

Step 1: Take a fresh cucumber and refrigerate it for good 30 mins

Step 2: Take the cucumber out and grate the cucumber into a bowl

Step 3: Add a teaspoon of honey or aloe vera to the bowl of grated cucumber (This step is for that extra hydration but can be skipped.)
Step 4:  Spread the cucumber mix on both eyes and leave it for 30 mins or more.

Juice for your eyes.

Step 1: Take a fresh cucumber and grate to small strings.

Step 2: Take a clean cloth and put the grated cucumber on it

Step 3: fold the cloth and press the cloth till the cucumber juice is excreted.

Step 4: take a cotton pad and dip it the cucumber juice.

Step 5: Let the cotton pad absurd the juice. Once done apply it directly to the skin.

Step 6: After apply the juice to the area around the eyes let it sit for the rest of the time.

So next time you see people put cucumber on their eyes you know why. Also, now you know what to do with those dark circles you got from studying online in the pandemic.

So, grab a cucumber, slice it up and take a relaxing break. Like they say be cool as a Cucumber!

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