Why Europe is Called Europe? What Does it Mean?

Some people believe that Europe got its name from a beautiful princess in Greek mythology called Europa. The God Zeus fell in love with her. According to legend, he turned himself into a white bull, and carried her away.

There are others who say that the name was invented by the people of the ancient Middle East. It came from the Middle Eastern word ‘Ereb’ which means the ‘land of the setting sun’.

It was called this because Europe lies to the west of the Middle East and to people of the Middle East, the sun appeared to set there.

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Why is Europe called a continent?

We know that Europe and Asia together form one large landmass called Eurasia. Still, Europe is considered because it has well-marked borders that set it apart from Asia.

In the North, South, and West, it is bordered by the sea. In the East, the Ural Mountains form an effective border. In addition, Europe’s culture and history are quite distinct in Asia.

According to Wikipedia, there are 51 countries in Europe. Out of which 27 countries are the members of the European Union

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