About Us

About Us

‘Hablr’ is a modified form of the Spanish word Hablar, which means to speak/to talk.

We are a hardworking team, doing what we love. We believe in authentic information, that’s why Hablr exists.

At Hablr, you’ll find a deep ocean of authentic information about anime, manga, games, and more.

Our Office

#158A, Near Shivalik Aptt. , Kharar, Mohali -140301, Punjab – India

Quadir - Games,Anime and Manga Author at Hablr.com

G A Quadir

Quadir is to blame for all this.

A Mechanical engineer and a tech nerd. I love technology and everything about tech, anime, and games. You can contact me at quadir@hablr.com

Nadia - Anime and Manga Author at Hablr.com

Nadia Zabin

Feel the essence of anime through my words; perceive the beauty of manga through the images that I carve into your cells. This otaku wasn’t born yesterday. Always up for debates on “Reality Tv shows Vs. Anime”, Anime marathon, and memes.

Haimosree - Anime Manga Author at Hablr.com

Haimosree Chakrabarti

The technophile in the world of savvy confetti, leading to being an Otaku through the manga memoirs.” Likes: Chai and Chatter with thrill on the table. Dislikes: slow brains and fast finishers.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.