10 Celebrity Clothing Brands That Define Fashion

Fashion is made and broken by trends and who makes these trends? Celebrities and pop culture, most of the time. Brands have celebrities with the most influence as their faces for a reason.

But as it turns out many of our favorite stars have their brands that are insanely successful and manage to draw in all the fashionistas.

Let’s go over some of the most popular celebrity clothing brands out there that you may or may not know are owned by your favorite stars.

From Celebrities to Entrepreneurs: Embrace Style with 10 Celebrity Clothing Brands

1. Savage x Fenty by Rihanna

Celebrity Clothing Brands

Let’s be honest, Rihanna has always been more than just a ‘pop star’. She’s one of the most stylish stars out there and she knows it. She’s said, and we quote, ‘She can beat me, but she can’t beat my outfit’, and we agree. From her naked dress to her Met Gala looks, her fashion is iconic and makes headlines almost all the time.

So who else other than Rihanna will take the top spot regarding celebrity fashion houses? Savage x Fenty is a lingerie and innerwear brand born after Rihanna’s incredibly successful venture into the makeup and beauty industry with Fenty. Savage x Fenty has made its mark with its inclusivity and sensual designs that have captured consumers’ attention. The devil works harder but I think we can all agree Rihanna works harder!

Shop Savage x Fenty here.

2. Skims by Kim Kardashian

Next on the list of popular celebrity clothing brands is Skims by Kim Kardashian.

From Paris Hilton’s friend to fashion mogul, Kim Kardashian is a study in perseverance and, well, style good enough to stay in the headlines. The Kardashian clan has always made waves when it comes to fashion and its influence on ongoing and upcoming trends.

Kim went into fashion entrepreneurship by founding her shapewear and clothing brand in 2019. Since then Skims has enjoyed booming profit with its inclusive ranges and minimalist color schemes. Kim Kardashian’s brand is now valued at a whopping 3.2 billion thanks to almost all of its products trending on Tiktok at all times.

Shop Skims here.

3. Ivy Park by Beyonce

We’ve all seen and drooled over Beyonce’s concert outfits and her personal style. They’re bright, charismatic, and a work of art most of the time. Her concert fits are always eagerly awaited by fashion enthusiasts as its set to elevate the brand or designer who has worked on it and they always look stunning.

Beyonce has since released her athleisure brand which is accessible and uniquely her, named Ivy Park after her daughter Blue Ivy. The brand has famously collaborated with Adidas and managed to overtake even Yeezy x Adidas in sales as well.

Shop Ivy Park here.

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4. SJP Collection by Sara Jessica Parker

After her iconic portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw, a very fashionable character with a love for shoes. Sara Jessica Parker went on to make her line of footwear called the SJP collection. It was an instant hit with consumers and has since amassed a loyal fanbase as well. The brand’s products are pretty, elegant pieces that can be worn with evening wear and fancy outfits.

Shop SJP Collection here.

5. Guest in Residence by Gigi Hadid

One of the biggest fashion models in the world, Gigi Hadid has no problem making and breaking the trends, as we say. The star has managed to accumulate a loyal fanbase of her own and her personal style is almost always picked on and analyzed as she heads a lot of fashion brands’ campaigns as well. In 2022 Gigi released her brand Guest in Residence to much fanfare.

The brand focuses on 100% cashmere clothing and the Gigi has revealed that the major inspiration for her brand has been the heirlooms that had been passed on to her by her parents. She wants her products to be passed on and cherished like a heirloom and the brand has the quality and standards to last a lot of seasons so it checks out.

Shop Guest in Residence here.

6. The Row by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

After their brief acting stint in their younger years (very iconic and will forever stay so), twins Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen have undergone a major rebrand and become fashion gurus. They founded their luxury fashion brand in 2006, named The Row, and the brand has since been very successful in its ventures.

Named after the famed Savile Row in London, which birthed designers like Alexander McQueen, the brand took its birth from an experimental idea the twins had- to make the perfect white T-shirt. The brand primarily focuses on minimal, powerful attire with blazers, pants, and the like.

Shop The Row here.

7. S by Serena Williams

Next on the list of popular celebrity clothing brands is S by Serena Williams.

Considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Serena Williams is an icon in her own right. A much lesser-known fact about her might be that she attended college and studied fashion while at it. But are we really surprised? Her outfits in the court rarely ever miss and make headlines without failure every single time.

Serena has always stood apart from her fellow athletes when it came to her outfits and her bright, experimental fashion sense has captured the attention of everyone around. So, it makes total sense that the star goes on to make her own apparel brand, S by Serena which primarily caters to women and aims to deliver to women of all sizes.

Shop S by Serena Williams here.

8. Inamorata by Emily Ratajkowski

Considered to be one of the new-gen supermodels, Emily Ratajkowski has long since established herself as a fashion influencer. She is also known for her take on nudity and empowering women through it and has published a book on the topic too, which went on to become a New York Times Best Seller.

Following the thought process, Emily has released her own trendy line of swimwear collection named Inamorata which has enjoyed instant success since its inception. Featuring bold prints and unique styles Inamorata is the essential you need in your summer wardrobe and Tiktok fashion girls and all over it and for good reason.

Shop Inamorata’s trendy suits here.

9. Drew House by Justin Bieber

We all know him and we all love him but do you know Justin Bieber also owns a clothing brand that’s been widely successful in its own right? Probably not, since Bieber is keeping the brand’s origins somewhat of a mystery.

Drew House, named after Justin’s middle name, offers unisex clothing and mainly targets Gen-Z as its primary consumers and we can see that in its design. Featuring a smiley face with ‘Drew’ in place of the smile, Drew House sells Unisex clothing with Carhartt-inspired designs and a lot of trendy stuff youngsters are eating up.

Shop at Drew House here.

10. Victoria Beckham by Victoria Beckham

We all loved Victoria Beckham as Posh Spice, for her love of refined things and appearance, Spice Girls and every fashion girl knows she is the original fashion girl, did it before anyone else and looked great doing it too.

She has since retired from the girl group and started her namesake luxury fashion line which has since been shown at Paris Fashion Week where critics called her collections reminiscent of the legendary Pheobe Philo. While the brand has undergone major loss due to the pandemic, Beckham has too much creativity and talent in the area to completely give up and has promised to stay in the industry.

Shop Victoria Beckham here.

Which are your favorite celebrity clothing brands?

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