Bugdom: A legacy of 22 Years.

Released in 1999, ‘Bugdom’ is a video game made by Pangea Software for Mac OS 9. Its story is quite simple. It follows the titular Rollie McFly who must defeat the evil King Thorax while freeing all the imprisoned ladybugs along the way.

The game is set in an outdoor bug environment and it is inhabited by various insects and the kingdom is called ‘Bugdom’. Initially, the kingdom was ruled over peacefully by rollie pollies and ladybugs. However, they were soon overthrown by a tyrannical King Thorax, who is the leader of an evil clan of fire ants. After capturing the kingdom, Thorax continues to live like a king with an iron fist. Meanwhile, all the original inhabitants remain incarcerated in spider-web cages.

Bugdom: A Legacy of 22 Years.
A glimpse of The Gameplay

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Upon its release, ‘Bugdom’ created huge ripples. It received positive reviews generally and was very well received by its players. According to IGN, the game is, “one of the best-crafted platform games available for Mac”. GameRankings awarded the game with a 70% score, and MacMagazine rated the game 6/6.

The game’s graphics were considered to be top-notch back in the day, and it was considered ahead of its time because of its graphics and also because of the fact that players had seen nothing like it before.

Apart from that, the game was also an audio feast. According to AppleLinks, its musical score was “fantastic”, and Mac Gamer’s Ledge called it, ” a feast for the eyes and ears” Its soundtrack is something that will awe you and will stay in your head long after the game is over.

However, it also received some criticism as there were times when the game got a little too repetitive. The levels did not offer much variety which made the game boring after a few levels.

Its legacy continues to live to this day. Many Gen y and Gen Z people associate their childhood with the beloved game. Today, ‘Bugdom’ has become a symbol of not only a 2000s childhood but also a symbol of the beginnings of the gaming industry itself.

Versions of The Bugdom Game:

The game has a PC version which was developed by Hoplite and published by ‘On Deck Interactive’. Apart from that, the game has a sequel called ‘Bugdom 2’ which was released in 2002 which features another character in the form of a grasshopper called Skip.

Bugdom: A Legacy of 22 Years.
‘Bugdom 2’

Bugdom Gameplay Available Platforms:

The game was available for Microsoft Windows, Classic Macintosh OS 9, and Playstation 1. Today, it is still available for PC download from Pangea’s original website, panageasoft.net

A ‘Let’s Play’ Series of The Game Still Available

How to Play ‘Bugdom’ Online?

‘Bugdom’ is not available for online play anymore. The only way to acquire it is to download it directly from Pangea Software’s website for PC. However, ‘Bugdom 2’ is available for iPhones, iPods, and PCs.

Where to Download Bugdom?

The only trustworthy website where you can download the game is pangeasoft.net which is Pangea Software’s official website for PC. ‘Bugdom 2’ is available for download on Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

Popular FAQs on Bugdom

  1. What are some similar games like ‘Bugdom’?

    There are some games that are similar to ‘Bugdom’ like:
    1. ‘Nanosaur’
    2. ‘Otto Matic’
    3. ‘Power Pete’
    4. Spawn

  2. Is ‘Bugdom’ available on ‘Steam’?

    Unfortunately, ‘Bugdom’ is not available for download on Steam but it can be downloaded from Pangea Software’s official website. There are some other websites as well which are claiming to offer a game for download but it is better to download it from the official website.

  3. How many levels are there in ‘Bugdom’?

    The game has 10 levels in total, namely:
    1. ‘Training’
    2. ‘The Lawn’
    3. ‘The Forest’
    4. ‘The Hive Attack’
    5. ‘The Bee Hive’
    6. ‘The Queen Bee’
    7. ‘Night Attack’
    8. ‘The Ant Hill’
    10. ‘The Ant King’

  4. Is there any news on ‘Bugdom’?

    As of now, there is no news on the game. However, there are some nostalgic fans out there who have created and signed petitions for its re-release in High-Definition!

  5. What are some ‘Bugdom’ cheats?

    There are a few cheats codes that you can try which will have different effects in the game, for example:
    1. Getting All Level Items: ‘Enter’ and F5
    2. Skipping The Level: F1
    3. Refilling Health: F3
    4. Refilling Green Meter: F4
    5. Revealing Hitboxes: F9
    6. To view the ending: F2.