Effortlessly Chic: Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas for Black Women

It’s 2023 and it’s officially the year of the cargo. It’s everywhere and you can’t deny it. Designers have caught on to it, influencers have caught on to it and honestly, everyone in the street probably owns three pairs of cargo pants at the very least. And you’ll probably have more than enough guides on how to style it by now, but what about cargo skirts?

It’s a versatile and fashion-forward garment that’s trending right along with cargo pants and adds a utilitarian chic to any outfit. Cargo skirts provide you with endless possibilities, whether you’re dressing up for a daytime look or a night out. We’ll give you all the deets on how to look chic and nail the trend with this guide.

Casual Chic

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

We’re guessing you own a white T-shirt and if you don’t, what are you doing? It is the most basic necessity of any wardrobe and you needed it like, yesterday. From the fitted off-duty model look to the lazy oversized look, white t-shirts can do it all. And it goes smashingly well with a cargo skirt as well. You can pair it with a mini cargo skirt or a long one and it usually goes well with both. Accessorise with a cross-body bag and heeled boots for the ultimate effortless look.

Street Style

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

Get your graphic tees out and the more oversized they are, the better. You can go for a graphic hoodie as well for this one. Pair it with an olive green or black long cargo skirt and you have the perfect street wear-inspired outfit on your hands. Pair with chunky sneakers and top it all off with a leather jacket, sunglasses, and a cute beanie.

Sophisticated Edge

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

If you want to give a formal vibe to the cargo skirt combo, look no further. Monochromatic looks provide a sophisticated edge to any outfit, so go with a black cargo skirt paired with a black top (shirt or full-sleeved top) and add a black leather jacket or a tailored blazer to the combo. Gold statement jewelry will elevate your outfit considerably, and if needed, add a structured bag.

Boho Vibes

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

We love a little boho chic in every outfit and to get that with a cargo skirt you need florals. Go for a looser, flowy cargo skirt and add a floral top, layer with a denim vest (or a kimono, if you have it), and add your handy wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to the mix for a cutesy outfit.

Sporty Glam

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

TikTok loves sporty outfits and so do we. It’s perfectly comfortable and looks great for every day-time occasion. When mixing a cargo skirt for a sporty glam look, go for a mini skirt and pair it with a trusty crop top and platform sneakers or the iconic slides with socks combo. Layering is a must (because it takes your outfit from a 7 to a solid 10), add a bomber jacket and baseball cap to elevate your outfit and maybe a backpack if you can drag it around everywhere.

Effortless Weekend Look

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

Cozy oversized sweaters make you want to burrow inside and never go out, but they also look great when paired with cargo skirts so drag yourselves outside for this one. For the ultimate relaxed outfit, get your trusty sweater and pair it with a long cargo skirt, accessorize with a crossbody bag and a slouchy beanie for that just-got-out-of-bed look. A pair of ankle boots will add the necessary zest to your outfit as well.

Summer Breeze

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

It’s summer so get ready for sunburns and sunblocks but also for styling cargo skirts for the perfect summer outfit. A maxi cargo skirt might be the perfect relief for your sunburnt legs paired with a lightweight off-shoulder blouse or tube top(so it does look summery enough). Accessorise with a straw tote bag, sunglasses (a must), and embellished sandals for a chic summer look.

Edgy Glamour

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

Round back to monochromatic palettes, an edgy glamour look demands black-on-black garments. A black tank top paired with a black cargo skirt and knee-high boots will look flawless for this one. A moto jacket will act as the perfect addition to your outfit along with statement jewelry and a studded clutch for a glamorous yet edgy ensemble.

Workwear Inspired

Cargo Skirt Outfit Ideas

It’s summer so your abundant blouses should be coming out by now. And guess what? Cargo skirts and blouses make for a great workwear-inspired outfit combo. All you have to do is combine a black midi cargo skirt with a button-up blouse and pumps. Further, accessorize with a belt and a structured tote bag for an elevated look