10 Best Funny Motivational Videos for Employees in 2022

Looking for funny motivational videos for employees? Alright, our favorite quote first:

“People often say that motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Employees are an essential part of the organization. Without great employees, it’s impossible to establish a successful firm. Therefore, keeping them motivated is essential in order to make them efficient and happy at the workplace at the same time.

Who said it has to gravitate a lot? A funky and motivating speech can comfort a person as well as have their attention to the utmost. If you are someone who wants to motivate your employees in a smart and funny way, here’s a list of funny motivational videos for employees that can help elevate you and your team.

List of 10 Best Funny Motivational Videos for Employees

1. Funniest Leadership Speech ever! – SpecificDusty

  • Speaker: Dusty Thompson

With quick wits and humorous lines, Dusty Thompson did a good job of entertaining the crowd as well as motivating them through his story. The story also follows up on good leadership points with sprinkles of humor to reach the audience on a better scale than you can imagine. Follow up on this video to have a chill-out time while motivating yourself in the process.

2. Funny Motivational Speaker – Jon Petz

  • Speaker: Jon Petz

Do you want to leave a lasting impression? Jon Petz will demonstrate how to do it. An engaging and energetic experience that combines relevant knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment in a perfect trio. A one-of-a-kind and indisputably informative, inspiring, and entertaining a Keynote Speaker Experience from Jon Petz, who is also a writer and a musician.

3. Humor in the Workplace Drives Motivation, Attitude – Michael Kerr

Motivation is boosted by workplace humor. Workplace humor won’t solve all of your issues, but it can help you stay motivated and adopt a more optimistic mindset, this video clearly explains that.

Employees are more motivated in organizations where there is more comedy, and bringing more humor to work makes it simpler to maintain a more optimistic attitude, which contributes to happier workplaces.

4. A Funny Motivational Speaker explains how to inspire employees to reach their full potential! – Billy Riggs

Billy Riggs teaches managers how to harness the power of belief to transform themselves from ordinary bosses to real leaders and motivators of their teams. This quote from the video – “How to Achieve the Impossible!” speech is for the business executives to reach new heights through a unique and entertaining approach that helps the hardworking employees to crunch in easily and effectively.

5. Funny Canadian Motivational Business Speakers, Humor at Work – Michael Kerr

  • Speaker: Michael Kerr

Fifth on the list of funny motivational videos for employees is Michael Kerr’s masterpiece. Michael Kerr, a funny Canadian motivational speaker, speaks at the National Speakers Convention and is one of Canada’s most sought-after presenters, mixing wit with practical advice on topics such as creating an inspirational work environment, motivating employees, workplace interaction, client service, innovation, and workplace comedy.

6. Funny Motivational Business Speaker – Kelly Swanson, Motivational Speaker

Laugh hysterically at Kelly Swanson as her stories will make you fall in love with her. Get inspired and encouraged to take a fresh look at your life and employees through this video. Having a humorous approach lightens up the tension between a boss and an employee, and also helps in blending the workers right into their jobs.

7. Humor at Work: Employee Motivation at Work, Michael Kerr – Inspiring Workplaces

  • Speaker: Michael Kerr

Seventh in the list of best funny motivational videos for employees, Michael Kerr, in this video, has an approach to motivating employers in a way that is entertaining yet motivating if you think deeply. The subtle jokes also make the work environment more friendly and enjoyable to work with as well as improve the relationship between the workers.

8. Humorous Motivational Speaker – Tami Evans

Tami Evans is a skilled speaker that specializes in short and helpful information with a bunch of jokes! She is a real and humorous motivator! She has given talks at National Conferences, In-Service Days, and other big group gatherings! Her sessions are popular with customers ranging from Fortune 500 executives to entrepreneurs because they are fast-paced, engaging, and full of learning and laughter.

9. Employee Motivation Comedy Sketch – Dan Coulter

Dan Coulter delivers a simple way to motivate the young and new employees – a sense of humor. It works like a charm as it eases the tension between the sets of workers and helps the new ones to be more confident in their ideas and approach.

10. FUNNY Stress Management Techniques – Karyn Buxman

Karyn Buxman, a TEDx speaker, uses her humorous stress management skills to both entertain and educate audiences. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and should be your first option for your next conference, event, or business gathering if you are looking out to inspire your employees through some quick wits.

Hope these People funny motivational videos for employees help you motivate your employees and pump them up.

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