20 Best Luxury Tote Bags in 2023

WIth some normalcy returning to this world, people have had a sudden urge to upgrade their collections. Be it loungewear or formalwear, handbags are such an item that nobody hesitates to buy. Be it any season, any time of the day, anywhere in the world, a bag is an essential item which every day needs. And bags are an item that takes years before being outdated. So this when it comes to luxury brands, people buy Diors and Louis Vuittons in a heartbeat.

While the 90s baguette bags might be trending right now, nothing is more comfortable than a good old tote bag. The market has seen over a hundred types of purses over several years, but one kind of bag has gained an appreciation for its distinctive feature, of utility. Whether it’s your make-up kit, or your laptop, or your office organizer, a tote bag is one such purse that can handle all kinds of items. It can even double up its utility and serve as the quintessential carry-on bag during traveling.

List of the best Luxury Tote Bags

1. Kate Spade New York, $193.48

Add a little style to your wardrobe with this Braelynn tote shoulder bag by Kate Spade. A classic silhouette of the standard tote bag, this bag by Kate Spade is practical, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to carry. Smooth leather and its subtle color with an eye-popping strawberry string make it a fine choice for daily wear as well as party wear.

The inner with Spade jacquard beige fabric that ensures the safety of your phones, wallets, and iPads, along with the gold zippered pocket, make the final product a very chic one.

2. Coach, $174.40

It is not difficult to see a Coach tote bag is selling like hot cakes – the sophisticated yet posh design makes it clear. And this Coach Signature PVC Zip tote bag is a perfect example of casual meets dressy. Whether you are going grocery shopping or at a party, this is the bag that you would want to take with you.

Some things never go out of style, and this particular model of the Coach tote certainly does not go out of style. The classic signature embossed on crossgrain leather makes this stand out from the others available in the market.

3. Michael Kors, $113.58 

Countless celebrities and Instagram influencers have been found to use this bag and set trends. Michael Kors with its signature MK design dangling over its handle. Though this is not a very large bag that can hold a laptop, it is of a decent size that can carry all your daily essential items. A combination of PVC and leather, this iconic design has regained its popularity.

Two slip pockets are provided to keep all your wallets, keys, and phones which are secure and at the same time easily accessible. This Michael Kors bag will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe for sure.

4. Calvin Klein, $141.25

Calvin Klein has already made a name in the line of clothing and perfumes, and now is setting a base to make a mark in the handbag industry. As the name suggests, this is a novelty bag which adds grace and elegance to anything. Available in as many as eight distinctive colours, this Calvin Klein bag comes to the rescue for people who want an ultra-modern look for their daily wear. The triple compartment organisation makes it practical for daily use.

Animal welfare and sustainable development are kept in mind while designing this particularly style of bag. High quality eco leather is the main material used to craft this exquisite product.

5. Radley London, $112.80 

If you are not familiar with Radley London, now is the time to introduce yourself to this stylish, high-end designer brand. True to its name, Radley London has designed a silk street tote that has become the talk of the fashion town. Designed with a spacious interior and a dashing exterior, this is one bag you take to the beach and, at the same time, take as a carry-on for your 20-hour long flight.

Ornamented with rivet studs and hanging Scottie dog key fob, this designer bag is finished with a Radley logo fabric lining and interior zipped pocket.

6. Patricia Nash, $160.39 

This luxurious handcrafted Patricia Nash tote bag is guaranteed to make some heads turn. Detailed carving on the leather, it fuses a habitual tote bag with conventional patterns, as a result giving an unconventional handbag. This is a favourite of customers as it allows systemic organisation of all essential items ranging from large to small. 100% Italian leather and signature antique brass hardware are the characteristics that make this designer brand bag distinctive from the rest of the lot.
Its dual straps and magnetic closure ensure the safety of your belongings at all times. And the classic leather colour blends perfectly with the winter and autumn season.

7. Louis Vuitton, $2,390.00

Any list of luxury tote bags is incomplete without the Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag. Known for its unmistakable chequered pattern, this is a bag that is loved and admired by all. Made in Spain with cowhide leather, the interiors of this Louis Vuitton classic are full of archive details. A removable zipper wristlet comes along with this purse which can be used as a separate wallet or clutch.

Despite being of large size, this bag is hardly bulky. Rather it is a sleek and convenient bag which goes with almost every thing.

8. Fossil, $107.32 

In all of the luxury brands, Fossil is the most affordable one. This textile bag ,available in a variety of colours and patterns, is perfect for the fall and winter staple. While it may not be ideal for night out, the level of sophistication and elegance that this simple yet impactful bag holds makes it the ultimate choice for office meetings and formal conferences. Fitting a 15″ inch laptop makes it even more functional and user-friendly for office-goers.

Made with sustainability and animal welfare in mind, vegans can be care-free and opt for this fashionable bag as it is made of eco leather.

9. Frye, $358.00

Continuing the legacy started from 1863, Frye has contemporised its Melissa shopper with its age-old techniques. Made from exquisite Italian pull-up leather, this Frye bag has its signature embellished and adorned on it. The four extra pockets make your small belongings within easy reach. A quality that makes this product exceptionally superior is that it ages well like fine wine.

Whether you are looking to sneak out for a cosy weekend or want something handy for your hectic day, this is a bag that screams comforts yet finesse simultaneously.

10. ECCO, $307.82

While most bags come in the grey and brown palette, ECCO has conceived the idea of a very pure and sensational colour of subtle pink. Handmade from ECCO SILK TOUCH TUMBLED TOPGRAIN leather, this bag has a fan base of its own. And the increasing popularity of this particular piece needs no introduction. Be it a weekday, or a busy weekend, or a party night out people love to take this trendy bag everywhere.

You can use it as a crossbody, with its signature rope-shaped handles, or as a tote. Its water repellent feature makes it a feasible option, in terms of luxury bags, on days of rainy weather.

11. Dolce & Gabbana, $1,219.00 

Avid vogue readers and fashion devotees know that be it clothing or accessories or handbags, Dolce & Gabbana looks never go out of style. And this time, Dolce & Gabbana have opted for a sleek, simple and distinguished look with this eye-catching tote bag. The red colour, mixed with golden zippers, is sure to brighten any you enter and make the people notice this slender silhouette bag.

This particular model is a firm favourite of fashion lovers. With minimal embellishments and extra space to keep your essential belongings, this piece elevates your look and brings the Italian touch to you and your admirers.

12. Gucci, $2,100.00 

Gucci has never been afraid to try something new, and this is exactly what it does with the Gucci Rajah Large Tote Bag. It has a very Royal look to it which makes its holders look the same. A Rajah logo is embellished in the centre of the red and blue gold-chained to add to the royalty of this luxury brand.
Be it casual or formal, this bag complements everything, and the highlight of it is that it provides its users with enough space to dump all their daily essentials.

13. Prada, $1,995.00 

If you are looking for a bag that makes a statement, this Prada Tote Bag made in Italy can serve your purpose. Instead of a zipper, this bag includes a magnet which makes it even more attractive and chic. With a timeless look of slender and shiny black, this old-school design has been updated to fit the lifestyle of a 21st-century woman.

A bag that turns heads while crossing the street, you should definitely consider this glamourous addition to your wardrobe.

14. Michael Kors, $228.00 

A luxury tote bag that suits all occasions, seasons and outfits, Michael Kors has designed this handbag for all fashionistas. The old combination of black and gold is prominent and a salient feature of this bag. A gold zipper is also given to keep your items safe and sound. Inside pockets are an add-on to keeping your valuable items in an organised and secure manner.

Items like your phones, iPads and laptops can be easily fit in this shiny and shimmering bag. Be it your traditional wear or a modern look, this easy-to-carry bag goes with everything.

15. Kate Spade New York, $146.85

People looking out for a bag for the office can check this out. This Schuyler Medium Leather Tote Shoulder Bag by Kate Spade is one such design that can stand the test of time and can look fashionable no matter the current trends. The classic black colour complements all outfits and occasions, as Kate Spade never fails to give something unique and bold to its customers.

The inner lining of Spade jacquard lining with two-sided slip pockets and finished with high-quality leather on the outside, this bag elevates the one who’s carrying it.

16. Louis Vuitton, $3,890.00

Louis Vuitton tote bags are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. For Cruise 2021, Louis Vuitton has thought out of the box and combined its standard design with a quirky pattern of game monogram in a tote bag. Blending the monogram of flowers and playing cards, Louis Vuitton has decided to retro to pay homage to the gaming.

Exclusively made with cowhide-leather trim and have microfiber lining on the inside, the tote is versatile with having a removable zip pouch.

17. Gucci, $2,999.99

Gucci is often noted for its unique trendsetting designs. But one thing is for sure, Gucci makes pieces that are remembered forever. If you are looking for a party bag that creates an impact, this Gucci bag is for you. The chains add a classy touch to this designer bag, and the iconic label embossed in the glossy pebble leather gives it an edgy flair.

Apart from providing all the things that a tote bag gives, Gucci provides a dust bag to keep your prized possession spic and span. A leather tassel is also provided to enhance the beauty of this remarkable bag.

18. Coach, $224.99 

Coach is known to experiment with traditional and contemporary styles and concoct a brand new line of designs. This women’s pebble Taylor tote it’s a glimpse of that. Made of polished pebble leather with high-quality fabric lining and zip-top closure, This is a bag that can be used anytime, anywhere.

As always, This product innovates with its straps by making them detachable. You can make your bag regal or funky and instantly change the outlook of your bag with the change of the straps.

19. Frye, $328.00

Frye bags are famously known in the fashion world for their leather. And with a ladylike silhouette, this tote bag acquires the capability of changing the whole outlook of your outfit. Fine Italian craftsmanship enhances the already elegant design. The authentic leather colour is perfect for everyday use and is roomy, rather than being bulky.

A fine quality of this Frye tote bag is that it provides a centre divide to help you keep your things organised and neat.

20. Prada, $1,695.00

Prada became synonymous with Meryl Streep when she carried that bag with utter grace and elegance in the hit film The Devil Wears Prada. Though she was not holding a tote bag, we wish she were because Prada offers tote bags that don’t follow trends but rather create them. The Prada Women’s Black Tessuto Nylon/Saffiano Leather Shopping Tote Bag is all that you need this year.

Handmade craftsmanship of Saffiona leather, with adjustable straps and two handles common, this is a very practical and useful bag apart from being classy and fashionable.