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Top 10 Most Expensive Water in the World!



most expensive water

We all know that water is considered to be one of the necessities of life and almost everything is dependent on this life-saving resource. While you and I may think that this natural resource is for free, there are times where you might have to shell out a thousand dollars for some of the most expensive water in the world.

The very thought may send us into a state of shock but there are a few brands that have managed to convert the ordinary Adam’s ale into something so luxurious that it costs thousands of dollars just to have a sip of it!

So, here’s presenting to you the list of the 10 most expensive water in the world which will make your saliva feel like the most priceless possession of your body!

Top 10 Most Expensive Water in the World

10. Tasmanian Rain- $5 per 750 ml

This bottled water from Australia stands true to its name. The Tasmanian Rain consists of the purest rainwater on the planet where the pollution levels are below 1%. The water tastes so pure and sweet that even rainwater would seem muddled and impure in front of it.

While packing it into the sleek and stylish bottles, it is ensured that the water doesn’t touch the ground and is further infused with bubbles which allows the water to have a soft and fluffy taste. After drinking this, you may want to thank Zeus for such a wonderful invention!

9. 10 Thousand BC- $14 per 750 ml

Don’t worry, the water is not as old as it sounds! This exotic bottled water comes from the Hat Mountain Glacier in Canada and is one of the pioneers of creating mountain glacier water bottles. The water is cultivated miles away from human establishments and it is extremely difficult to enter the Glacier despite having permissions.

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What makes it a sell-out is the fact that it comes from one of the purest regions of Canada where there is almost zero environmental degradation. To add to that, it is packed in one of the most sophisticated and stylish bottles ever designed. For one of the purest water in the world, 10 Thousand BC is surely a vintage and a classic name apt for it!

8. Berg- $34 per 750 ml

Here comes another Canadian brand featuring on this list of the most expensive water in the world. Berg is obtained by degrading multiple iceberg pieces from Greenland and is further processed into pure water by the Quidi Vidi Brewery in Newfoundland.

As the water comes from an iceberg source, it has almost negligible mineral content which helps it in retaining its pure taste. As a bonus for paying so much, you get specially designed glasses along with the original bottle to enjoy life’s most basic necessity in style!

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7. Bling H20- $40 per 750 ml

Featuring at number seven in our list of most expensive water in the world is this fresh spring water sourced from the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The company uses a 9-step purification process to filter out unnecessary particles from the water and has been awarded by many American agencies for its pure and refreshing taste.

The water is packed in a highly sophisticated and luxurious bottle which resembles a high-end champagne bottle. However, this water is like gold dust as it is not found in supermarkets and is only served in five-star hotels and luxurious resorts. After all, nothing good has ever come for free!

6. Uisge Source- $60 per 100 ml

Looking to add a zest of luxury and sparkle to your drink? How about trying Uisge Source the next time you do so? This Aqua Pura has been manufactured specifically for pairing it with whiskeys and is sold in tiny 100 ml bottles which makes it worthy of all its luxury.

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The water has 3 variants namely- Highland, Speyside, and Islay all of which come from the historic wells and springs of the Scottish Highlands. Considering the fact that they come from the land of whiskeys, there is no surprise as to how could the Scotts ever miss producing a compatriot for their staple drink?

5. NEVAS- $190 per 750 ml

How often would you raise a toast by opening a bottle of water? Almost never! But you would think of doing so after tasting this champagned water by NEVAS. Available only in Germany and some parts of Spain, this sparkling water is obtained from hundred year old wells with zero calcium content in them.

Their water contains a low TDS level which ensures that the water has a pure taste to it. As for the packaging, this sparkling water is packed in a champagne bottle and is marketed in Germany as a celebration product which has become a hit among consumers. A rather unique yet expensive way to celebrate occasions though!

4. Kona Nigari Water- $402 per 750 ml

Coming in at number four in this featurette on the most expensive water in the world is a Hawaiian recipe that can be a potential cure to your most common health woes. This dilute is said to be consisting of natural and deep ocean electrolytes which are best for quenching one’s thirst and provides a sense of satisfaction and nourishment to the drinker.

The list of benefits doesn’t stop at that. The water can help you in losing weight, nourish your skin, and leave you with tons of energy. Its popularity and credibility is such that it is recommended by the world’s leading dermatologists and fitness trainers to improve the quality of one’s life. Like I said earlier, this ain’t any ordinary water but a recipe to improve your health albeit expensive in nature!

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3. Fillico Jewelry Water- $616 per liter

Fresh bottled water adorned with jewels. Sounds like an exciting combination, isn’t it? Fillico has made this a reality by launching its designed-focused jewelry water. This rare water is sourced from an unidentified region in Kobe, Japan and is tasted by expert chefs and tea ceremony masters to ensure it meets its luxurious standards.

The opulence doesn’t stop here. The water is packed into bottles made of customised Swarovski diamonds and is completed with a crown-shaped cap made of pure gold. It is available only at the official store and may take months to reach your doorstep. So, the next time you wish to flaunt something expensively swanky at your party, Filico has you all covered!

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani- $60,000 per 750 ml

If I ask you to pay $60,000 for a bottle of water, I’m sure you would spit the water out of your mouth! But here comes Acqua di Cristallo with its tantalizingly refreshing water, sourced exclusively from Fiji and the French Alps leaving your pallet soft and wanting for more.

This Adam’s ale has been bottled in a 24 karat gold bottle which in itself costs a fortune. Its popularity is such that even bottled water sommeliers have termed it as ‘exquisite and perfect.’ Fresh spring water packed in a bottle of gold, now that’s a way to kickstart your day if you’re rich.

1. Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition- $100,000 per bottle

Getting a gold medal in this list of most expensive water in the world is the Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition. Sourced from Beverly Hills, California (not the houses of celebrities), this water contains a plethora of minerals ranging from potassium to iodine which augments its taste and nutrients manifold.

The bottle was designed by Mario Padilla and is made of a royal blend of 14-karat gold, 250 black diamonds, and 600 G/VS white diamonds with its bottle cap being crafted out of white gold. Only nine bottles were ever made and if you ever lay your hands on one, thank your accountant for making a smart purchase!

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