Meet Noor Alfallah : Everything We know about Fascinating Al Pacino’s 29 Year Old Girlfriend

Noor Alfallah

Noor Alfallah is the alluring girlfriend of the Godfather star, Al Pacino. The couple has been dating since 2022 and is making headlines with the arrival of their first child together. If you wanna know more about Noor please delve into our article where we recounted, the dynamic life of Noor, her relation with Pacino, her past bonds and more.

“The effervescent and dynamic life” Of Noor Alfallah

Noor hails from Kuwait and her career is in the entertainment industry as a producer. She and her family grew up in Beverly Hills, Calif. Along with that, she’s gone to school and has worked mainly in California

Noor Alfallah

-Her Film degrees from USC and UCLA

Noors’ career is in the entertainment industry. She is a popular TV producer who graduated from the University of Southern California’s Cinematic School of Arts before continuing her studies at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where she obtained a master’s degree in film/TV producing.

-Noor’s Attainments as a Producer

In 2018, she produced a TV short called Brosa Nostra. After graduating, she produced the short film La Petite Mort. She is executive-produced by Billy Knight, which stars Pacino, Charlie Heaton, Diana Silvers and Patrick Schwarzenegger and staff member of Lynda Obst Productions. Her upcoming projects include Little Death and Billy Knight.

Noor’s Adoration for Art Museums

If you take a glance of her Instagram posts you’d seen that she posts numerous pictures of art museums. It depects her fondness for indeginous and iconic art.

Noor Alfallah

Noor And Her Three Siblings

Alfallah is the first born and has three younger siblings, sisters Sophia and Remi, and a brother Nasser. She is close with her family and often shares photos of her parents and siblings.

Noor Alfallah

Noor has collaborated with her sister

Noor is extremely close with her two sisters Ramie and Sophia. Noor and Remi have reportedly worked together in Broda Nostra. They have also settled in a term to work with Imagine entertainment in September 2021.

Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah welcomed their first child

Al Pacino, the celebrated Oscar Winning actor, is set to become a father at the age of 82 with his 29 year old girlfriend Noor Alfallah. The actor is already a dad to three adult children, whom he shares with ex Beverly D’ Angelo. Although, the Godfather star first confirmed the pregnancy news on 30, 2023 and then, in June, 2023 she gave birth to her first child.

Parents-to-be Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah’s initiation of relationship

Al Pacino and Noor have been linked up since April, 2022. The couple were spotted having dinner with their photos sparked dating rumors. She mostly dates rich men before Al Pacino she was dating singer veteran Mick Jagger.

Noor Alfallah

Before Pacino and Noor were spotted attending dinner at an Italian eatery in April 2022, she was romantically linked to the rock ‘n’ roll icon Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. Mike and Noor Dated for three years and when they were dating the latter was 74, and the former was 23. After the termination of this relationship she reported to dating billionaire Nicolas Berggruen. In 2019 Alfallah sparked dating rumors with Clint Eastwood.

Noor Alfallah

Al Pacino’s Financial Settlement –

Al Pacino recently welcomed his first child with Noor Alfallah, but nowSources revealed that Al Pacino has no plans of marrying his 29-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah and wants a ‘financial settlement’ with her. He revealed that he feels Trapped in this relationship and is seeking out ex Beverly D’ Angelo for help.

A New Beginning

New parents, Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah were spotted out with their newborn in West Hollywood on June 13, after welcoming their first baby together and ending all the rumors of financial settlement. Pacino claimed that he has excited to welcome this new one in his family.

Noor Alfallah


Noor Alfallah is a good person with an old soul. She has a generosity of spirit. She is living her life to the fullest and furnishing love and devotion to Al Pacino. She is a brilliant and accomplished person with a dynamic personality.

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