Olivia Dunne: Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Parents

From Gymnastics Stardom to Social Media Influence: Unfolding the Remarkable Journey of Olivia Dunne.

Olivia Dunne

Are you looking to discover more about famous artistic gymnast and social media star Olivia Dunne? You don’t need to go any farther since we’ve included her biography, estimated net worth in 2023, income, age, height, family, and more in this post.

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Olivia Dunne Biography

Olivia Dunne was born on October 1, 2002, in Westwood, New Jersey. She is also known as Livvy and is a popular artistic gymnast and social media personality. At just 3 years old, she began training in gymnastics, and her passion for the sport led her to join the USA national gymnastics team in 2017. Currently, she competes for Louisiana State University in the NCAA.

Full NameOlivia Paige Dunne
Date of BirthOctober 1, 2002
AgeAbout 21 years old as of 2023
Height5’5” or 165 cm
Weight52 kg or 114 lbs.
BirthplaceWestwood, New Jersey
ProfessionArtistic Gymnast and Social Media Personality
HometownHillsdale, New Jersey
Educational QualificationsHigh school from Abeka Academy
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsFather – David Dunne, Mother – Katherine Dunne
Known forGymnast
Assistant CoachJennifer Zappa
Net Worth 2023$1.3 million

Early Life and Education

Olivia attended a nearby school for her elementary education while she was growing up in Hillsdale, New Jersey. She later finished her high school coursework at Abeka Academy. At ENA Gymnastics in Paramus, New Jersey, Olivia Dunne started her gymnastics career in 2005.

Olivia Dunne

When Dunne turned 14, her mother decided to homeschool her, which freed her up to concentrate on training hard under the direction of her coach, Craig Zappa, at ENA Gymnastics. Olivia enthusiastically participated in the high school gymnastics team at Pascack Valley High School with her older sister despite not attending a conventional public high school.

Salary and Net Worth 2023

The conclusion of Olivia Dunne’s diverse career as a gymnast, social media influencer, and brand partner will be reflected in her estimated net worth of $1.3 million in 2023. Her several revenue streams have contributed to her financial success and increasing riches, even if the specifics of her compensation are kept a secret.

Olivia Dunne

Olivia has achieved success as a gymnast by competing in a variety of competitions and events and winning prizes. Elite gymnasts frequently receive paid for their accomplishments in prominent contests and endorsement opportunities, even though exact prize money and endorsement agreements might not be publicly publicized.

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Her fans connect with her sincere and relevant material, which makes her the perfect candidate for brand collaborations looking to appeal to a wide audience. She is in high demand as an influencer because of her talent for creating interesting content and her sincere demeanor.

Olivia Dunne

Olivia’s participation on other social media networks, such Instagram, where she has over a million followers, further increases her prospects for corporate collaborations and financial gain. Companies are prepared to engage in collaborations with well-known social media influencers like Olivia because they understand the value of influencer marketing.

Olivia Dunne

The estimated wealth of Olivia Dunne is a monument to her ability, labor, and entrepreneurial zeal. She has developed a varied and rewarding source of income by excelling as a gymnast and utilizing her social media presence. Her net worth is probably going to increase as she continues to succeed in her gymnastics career and broaden her social media presence, securing her status as an extraordinary figure in both the sports and entertainment industries.

Career Details

As Olivia Dunne made her elite gymnastics debut at the 2014 American Classic, her incredible career as a gymnast began to take shape. She then went on to take part in more prominent tournaments, demonstrating her extraordinary talent and tenacity. Let’s look at some of the major awards and feats she accomplished during her gymnastics career:

2014American ClassicFloor Exercise20th
Uneven Bars33rd
Balance Beam39th
2015WOGA ClassicQualifying Score5th
American ClassicFloor Exercise8th
Uneven Bars14th
National ChampionshipsAll-Around25th
2016American ClassicAll-Around27th
U.S. ClassicAll-Around24th
National ChampionshipsAll-Around12th
Balance Beam8th
Floor Exercise6th
2017City of Jesolo TrophyAll-Around6th
U.S. ClassicAll-Around5th
National ChampionshipsAll-Around9th
2020NCAA ChampionshipsSemifinals9th (Uneven Bars)
2021NCAA SeasonMeet against CentenaryImpressive Performance
2022NCAA SeasonCollegiate Debut on Floor ExerciseScore: 9.800

The accomplishments Olivia Dunne has made in gymnastics are evidence of her talent and commitment to the discipline. She has continually displayed her abilities and love for gymnastics, from her early days through her accomplishments at the NCAA level. There is little question that Olivia Dunne will continuing making great advancements in the field of artistic gymnastics as she advances in her career.

Social Media Presence

Olivia Dunne has a huge following on social media and has established herself as a notable social media celebrity, thus her impact goes well beyond the gymnastics world. Her TikTok account alone has over 4 million subscribers, and she has more than 1 million ardent Instagram fans. She is now one of the most popular NCAA athletes because to her remarkable social media presence, which has also made her a sought-after influencer for business collaborations in addition to being a gifted gymnast.

Olivia Dunne

Olivia’s engaging material on TikTok includes anything from demonstrating her amazing gymnastics abilities to giving viewers a peek into other facets of her life. Her captivating videos have received millions of views, and her genuine and personable style has found a following with a wide range of interests all around the world.

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Olivia’s enormous popularity and the effect she has on her fans have caught the attention of brands. She is now a highly sought-after influencer for brand partnerships and collaborations as a consequence. With her extensive reach and the trust she has established with her devoted fan base, businesses view her as the ideal ambassador to advertise their goods and services.

Olivia Dunne

Her partnerships with companies have included marketing everything from cosmetics and lifestyle goods to activewear and workout equipment. Olivia’s advertising activities are successful and interesting because of her engaging personality and real connection with her audience. Her capacity to produce captivating content that melds smoothly with their corporate identity is valued by brands since it raises awareness of and sparks interest in their goods and services.

Olivia Dunne

In addition to enhancing her own brand, Olivia’s success as an influencer creates additional prospects for her career outside of gymnastics. She has the potential to have a huge impact on a variety of businesses thanks to her fast developing social media following and fan base, thus consolidating her position as a notable figure in both the gymnastics and influencer realms.

Relationship Status

Despite Olivia Dunne’s reputation for discretion, information about her private life has surfaced, showing that she is presently involved in a committed relationship with Theo Millas. Although Olivia has made the decision to keep most of her private life private, her relationship with Theo has drawn attention from her admirers and followers.

Olivia Dunne

Although Theo Millas is not specifically connected to the gymnastics community, he has been an encouraging figure in Olivia’s life. Although the couple’s relationship’s specifics have not been extensively publicized, it is clear that they have a strong bond and love for one another.

Theo Millas, who is not directly involved in the gymnastics world, has been a supportive presence in Olivia’s life. Although specific details about the couple’s relationship have not been widely disclosed, it is evident that they share a deep bond and affection for each other.

A few glimpses of the couple’s passion have been posted on social media despite their wish to keep their relationship private, giving admirers brief glances inside their relationship. Olivia’s fans frequently praise and encourage the pair, highlighting the joy they provide to each other’s lives.

Olivia Dunne

It is clear that Olivia’s connection with Theo gives her strength and happiness as she progresses in her profession as a gymnast and as a social media influencer. Her supporters continue to be enthused by her accomplishments on and off the gymnastics floor, despite the fact that she may prefer to keep some elements of her life private.

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The bond between Olivia and Theo will probably continue to strengthen over time as the two of them deal with the ups and downs of living together. The fact that Olivia has found love and companionship in her relationship with Theo Millas is uplifting, despite the attention Olivia’s work and social media presence have received. Fans of Olivia will definitely still wish for them happiness and success in all facets of life as they enjoy memorable moments and encourage one another’s goals.

Influence and Impact

Olivia Dunne’s transformation from a gifted gymnast to a social media influencer has been nothing short of amazing, cementing her status as a major figure both in the gymnastics community and in the greater entertainment industry. She has been able to connect with and inspire millions of followers across the world because to her mix of skill, charm, and fascinating presence on social media.

Olivia Dunne

Olivia’s influence as a trendsetter on TikTok reaches a varied audience of both young and elderly, going beyond the gymnastics community. Her admirers have shown her unwavering dedication and respect for her ability to create amusing and relatable material. Olivia understands how to keep her audience interested and delighted, whether she’s demonstrating her gymnastics moves, giving viewers a peek into her daily life, or working with companies.

Beyond her gymnastics prowess, Olivia has the capacity to motivate people. She encourages her fans to pursue their goals, put in effort, and be authentic. Her tale serves as a motivational reminder that anybody can succeed if they have the right drive, tenacity, and community.

Olivia Dunne

Olivia Dunne’s light will surely shine even brighter as she advances in her gymnastics career and broadens her social media presence. She makes an imprint on the hearts of people who look up to her with each routine, post, and connection with her followers. Olivia has established herself as a great role model and entertainment powerhouse thanks to her skill, charisma, and social media impact. She has also left a moving legacy that will be loved by future generations.


The development of Olivia Dunne from a teenage gymnastics enthusiast to a renowned athlete and social media influencer is evidence of her talent and commitment. With a $1.3 million fortune and a promising future, Olivia continues to serve as a role model for aspiring gymnasts and social media addicts alike. Her outstanding accomplishments and appealing TikTok persona unquestionably gave her a long reputation in the internet and gymnastics worlds.