One Punch Man Latest Manga Updates- Ch 146 and Ch 147

One Punch Man has been the talk of the town since the anime’s first season was released in 2015. The webcomic itself received a lot of popularity and soon became one of the best-selling webcomics and manga.

The author, ONE, is known to take several breaks while writing new chapters. The longest break so far was the one after he released the 109th chapter in January 2017 and released the next chapter all the way later in April 2019, a two-year gap, phoo. Recently even Murata apologized to the fans stating that he will be updating the manga chapters too and that he’s sorry for the delay.

One Punch Man Spoilers-

Speaking of new chapters, Chapter 146 of the manga revealed Garou’s new form, and boy it is scary! Chapter 146 sees Garou taking on a new form and appearing during the battle when many of our favorite S-Class heroes are already at their limit, with Bomb facing him.

Bomb’s fight with Garou in his monster form is continued in chapter 147 of the manga; he gets badly injured and is defeated as Bang (Silver Fang) enters the scene. Everyone’s going crazy with speculations of how their fight would end and it is one of the most trending topics in the OPM community.

One Punch Man Garou New Form

We are also thrilled to see the direction that the whole battle takes, as Tatsumaki and Genos are also at their limit with the others, including Darkshine, facing Fuhrer Ugly with his acid attacks serving severe damage to everyone; to top it off he’s even immune to AS and Nichirin’s slashing damage and melts their swords.

Amidst all this, there are few fans still rooting to ship Tatsumaki and Genos while others shut it down by claiming that she merely respects him, what do you think?

The webcomic shows that the fight between Silver Fang and Garou goes on for quite some time but Silver Fang is ultimately defeated as Garou is both mentally and physically more stable than him. Fans are speculating to see our hero Saitama go up against Garou in the upcoming chapters and honestly I can’t wait to see what happens next either!

The Reddit fan community seems concerned about Darkshine and his ability to face FU as he is shown to be phased by the acid attack on him; they claim to feel extremely tensed about the fight. Murata decided to hold out the main fight for a little longer to create stronger suspense, and it’s definitely working as even the webcomic readers that read the new chapter are tensed about the fight despite knowing the outcome for the same.

Apart from the manga updates so far there hasn’t been any announcement regarding a third season for the one punch man anime. Since many fans found the second season done by Studio Madhouse unsatisfactory, they switched to the manga and webcomic. However, if there is an announcement regarding the same we will keep you updated so be sure to subscribe to us to receive the updates!