Unique and Stylish Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Pleated Skirt Outfits, am I right? With that in mind, everybody thanks all the pleated skirt connoisseurs out there who breathed new life into this lovely garment (yes, we are looking at you, Dua Lipa and Willow Smith).

Be it maxi, mini, or somewhere in between, skirts and folds are meant to go together and we love them like that. It’s classy, preppy, and chic, all at once. And like, what more could you ask from a piece of clothing? While pleated skirts tend to make you think they can only be styled a particular way, you could not be more wrong. But we’ll get you out of that deep hole with a quick lesson on how to create unique pleated skirt looks and look gorgeous in them too.

1. Edgy Monochrome

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: Black pleated leather skirt outfit for a monochrome look.

If you can’t set your mind to memorize the color wheel and all the drivel that comes with it (yes, we’re looking at you- complimentary colors), or you’re just plain bad at telling which color goes with what, monochrome is probably the solution to all your problems.

It’s a surefire way to never mess up your outfits and to look great at all times. And you can infuse this brilliant technique when styling a pleated skirt as well, and make it all edgy too. And how you ask? One word: Black.

Pair a black pleated leather skirt with a black graphic t-shirt (or a full-sleeve top) and add a black leather jacket to get the proper aforementioned ‘edgy’ vibe. Finish off the look with black ankle boots and silver statement jewelry.

2. Boho Chic

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: Paisley printed pleated mini skirt by Etro for Boho Chic outfit. Browse for more here.

If you’re a free-spirited gal going for an Eat, Pray, Love vibe and thinking, ‘How could I possibly bring a pleated skirt into this affair?’, we got you. There’s more than just one way of styling pleated skirts, and also more than one type of pleated skirts and we know when you hear the term, you’ll be probably thinking of preppy Clueless type skirts, and yeah, no.

This is where pleated maxi skirts make an appearance. Get the look by pairing one with a floral or paisley print with a loose-fitting white or off-white blouse. Add a wide-brimmed hat, woven sandals, and layered necklaces to get the perfect boho-inspired look.

3. Sporty Glam

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: Yves Saint Laurent pleated sequinned mini skirt for Sporty Glam. Browse here.

Pleated skirts and sporty looks go hand in hand, we don’t make the rules. Now add some glam to the mixture and you’ll have the perfect fit on your hands. Choose a pleated skirt with metallic or sequin details and pair it with a cute crop top or a fitted graphic t-shirt. Top off the look with signature white sneakers and a baseball cap for a sporty and glamorous outfit.

4. Sophisticated Glamour

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: Silver pleated midi skirt for Sophisticated Glamour. Browse here.

On a night out? Yes, you can look glam with the perfect pleated skirt. Embrace the sophisticated party girl look with a pleated midi skirt with a metallic or satin finish (yes, you want it to scream ‘disco ball’ but like, in an understated way). Pair it with a sleek black blouse or a sequined top and add high heels, statement earrings, and a clutch for an elegant and glamorous look.

5. Print Mixing

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: Printed pleated maxi skirt and solid top for Print Mixing.

Prints are so in right now, from cute (or not so cute) quotes on baby tees (or oversized tees) to all the floral and graphic print craze taking root, this is the perfect time to stock up on all things print and pretty.

Look for the leopard-printed one-shoulder tops, the oversized graphic tees, and cute crop tops with graphic quotes that are overtaking TikTok, and choose wisely. You can make one such print-dominated outfit with a pleated skirt too. Mix things up by pairing a pleated skirt of any length with a contrasting patterned top.

For instance, you could pair a black pleated skirt with a leopard print or floral print blouse and call it a good-looking day. Or switch it up completely and pair a solid top with a printed pleated maxi skirt too. Top it off with neutral-colored heels and minimal accessories.

6. Street Style Vibes

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: Sweatshirt and pleated mini skirt combo for Street Style Vibes.

Bella Hadid has breathed new life into street style after the 90s hip-hop craze. We can’t get enough of her incredible street style (and her photoshoots, she’s an absolute joy to watch). It’s the year of streetwear and everything chic, and yes, pleated skirts are a must in your wardrobe this season for this exact reason.

To nail the street-style look, opt for a pleated skirt with a bold graffiti or abstract print and pair it with a cropped hoodie or a graphic sweatshirt. Add chunky sneakers, statement socks, and a backpack for an urban and trendy outfit.

7. Vintage Inspired Glam

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: A retro ad showcasing pleated skirts for Vintage Inspired glam.

If you watch old films and get completely pulled and make it your whole personality for the next week like us, we completely understand. It really can’t be helped and as for the silver lining, it can act as the perfect motivation (or excuse) to dive into vintage clothing.

And everybody loves a little bit of vintage now and then too. Get the look with a pleated midi skirt but make sure it’s high-waisted and pair it with a fitted, tucked-in blouse in a retro-inspired print, such as polka dots or houndstooth.

Add a wide belt to accentuate your waist and top off with peep-toe heels and retro-inspired accessories like cat-eye sunglasses and a vintage handbag.

8. Effortlessly Chic

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: Tucked-in top and black pleated maxi skirt combo for Effortlessly Chic.

Everybody covets the ultimate effortlessly chic look, but you’d be surprised at how often effortless ends up being careless, and chic just becomes nonexistent. So, you must be thinking, how do you avoid that?

Well, to not look like someone who just wore whatever and stepped out into the sun and called it style, you need to be in possession of the right basics. Stock up on all the necessary garments before you build upon an aesthetic-based wardrobe. And in turn, create the perfect effortless look by opting for a pleated maxi skirt with a flowy silhouette and pair it with a fitted bodysuit or a tucked-in tank top.

Layer a denim jacket or a lightweight cardigan for added style and complete the look with strappy sandals or heels, oversized sunglasses, and a statement belt.

9. Modern Minimalist

Pleated Skirt Outfits for Black Women

Image: Blazer and pleated maxi skirt combo for Modern Minimalism.

The minimalism wave is crashing back and not just in architecture and interior design, fortunately. There’s been a surge in everything ‘old money’ and ‘quiet luxury’ in the past few months and all of it more or less takes on the characteristics of, you guessed it, minimalism.

Very easy on the eyes, but not that easy to achieve, minimalism mainly banks on stellar tailoring and muted color palettes. So, bring out your best pleated maxi skirt and pair it with a sleek black turtleneck top or a blazer.

Add a pop of color with a statement belt or a bold accessory like a red clutch or vibrant heels. Keep the look clean and precise and opt for simple jewelry and neutral-tone shoes.