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Pineapple Beer
Pineapple Beer
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Pineapple Beer has a sweet and mildly tangy flavor making it best suitable for summer. Pineapple Beer also known as ‘Tepache‘ Pineapple Beer is a fermented beer made from rind and peels of pineapples that originated in Mexico. In Mexico, Tepache is sold by street vendors.

Tepache (Pineapple beer) is fermented for several days, and even after that, the alcohol content in it is low approx 0.5% to 2%, which can be increased if beer is added to it and fermented for a longer time.

Earlier in pineapple beer (tepache) along with pineapple, barley, sugar, cinnamon sticks, and cloves were added but in the newer version barley was excluded. (*Barley is a cereal grain). Even the sugar used in tepache was no regular sugar it used to be ‘Piloncillo‘.

There are some varieties of tepache, which is known as tepache de tibicos, which are fermented using symbiotic cultures of tibicos [tibicos is a fermented drink made with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and years which is an optional drink to tea or milk-based products kombucha].



is a rich source of several Minerals, Vitamin C, and Magnesium, which immunes health and are essential for growth and development.

It contains copper and vitamin B6 which is essential for a healthy metabolism.

Is Pineapple Beer alcoholic or non-alcoholic is a frequently asked question.

It depends on how many days pineapple beer is kept for fermentation. 3 days of fermentation will not make a person drunk. In Mexico, Pineapple Beer is sold at the commercial level as a non-alcoholic beer.

If beer is combined with Pineapple Beer then it can be termed an alcoholic beverage.

Picking the right pineapple

The first step is to pick the right pineapple for making pineapple beer. The pineapple should neither be green nor totally ripe with an orangish-yellow color and red spots at the bottom, but should be a mix of green and yellow color and must smell sweet and tangy in flavor without even cutting, these qualities will add to the flavor of pineapple beer.

Easy way to clean Pineapple

Before making pineapple beer, pineapples must be cleaned properly. Looking at this spiky fruit people think there is a complex way to cut pineapple and end up buying pre-cubed pineapples which cost more bucks.


Prefer a chef’s knife with sharp edges. On a wooden cutting board place pineapple horizontally and cut off the crown.


Place the pineapple vertically and slice off the skin in vertical strips and remove as many brown eyes as possible, do not remove much flesh from the pineapple.


Cut the pineapple in quarters, and again cut vertically to remove the core of the pineapple and dice it.

Another way to cut the pineapple is-


Cut the crown of the pineapple


Insert a pineapple tool, twist it while pushing it down, pull it straight up, and cut in cubes. Most important and the toughest part in the process of making pineapple beer is done.

Ingredients to make Pineapple Beer

  • 3 units of half-riped pineapples Pineapples

refer to the instructions above and buy an ideal pineapple from the market. A fully ripe pineapple will contribute only to the sweet and there will be no refreshing tangy flavor. When yeast builds up on the sugar it reduces the sweetness making it alcoholic.

  • 1 kg of sugar –

the most necessary ingredient on which the yeast will feed, it is a natural process and as a by-product create carbon dioxide and small amounts of ethanol. Use brown sugar or regular sugar.

  • 9 liter of Water

Do not use hot water, hot water can kill the yeast and can eliminate the process of yeast formation. Freezing cold water is also not preferable.

Pineapple Beer

Pineapple BeerTanaya Parab
Pineapple Beer has a sweet and mild tang flavor making it best suitable for summer. Pineapple Beer also known as 'Tepache' is a fermented beer made from rind and peels of pineapples that originated in Mexico. In Mexico, Tepache is sold by street vendors.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 2 days
Course Drinks
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 9 litre (approx)
Calories 189 kcal


  • 1 Beer Bucket 9.25 or 9.5 liter
  • 1 Muslin Cloth
  • 1 Strainer


  • 3 no. Pineapples
  • 1 kg Sugar
  • 9 litre Water


  • Take 3 no. Pineapples, peel them and dice them
  • Keep the peels aside and do not throw them
  • Cut the peels too and mix them with the diced pineapples
  • Take a 9-liter bucket full of water
  • mix in diced pineapple, peels, and 1 kg of sugar
  • Cover the bucket with a muslin cloth
  • Leave it to ferment for 3 days or more as per your choice.
  • Strain it from the muslin cloth


Nutritional Value

Pineapple Beer

per serving, calories 189, kilojoules794, fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg, carbohydrates 49g, sugar 47g, protein 0g, sodium 11mg, and fiber 1g
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Directions to make Pineapple Beer


Preparations before making pineapple beer.

Wash pineapple and peel them according to the above instructions and do not throw away the peel because natural yeast is present in pineapple skin which will start munching on sugar.


Dice pineapple into small cubes and cut pineapple peels into small pieces.


Process of making pineapple beer.

Take a 9.25 or 9.5-liter beer bucket, and add diced pineapple cubes and small pieces of pineapple peel to the bucket. Add granulated sugar to the pineapple. Fill the bucket of pineapple cubes with water. Keep a gap of a few inches between the water and muslin cloth for the yeast to process


Cover the bucket with a muslin cloth. Leave the covered bucket aside for 48 to 72 hours and let it ferment. To make the beer strong and increase the alcohol content let it ferment for more hours. Stopping the fermentation too early means more sugar and less alcohol.


Once pineapple beer is fermented, strain it through the muslin cloth. After straining, cool it and sip it away or else strain and keep it aside for second fermentation.


Pour it into a plastic bottle or fermentation-grade bottle which can handle the pressure of carbon dioxide.


Store for 3 days to make it strong, a frothy layer of carbon dioxide will be formed over the top, just scrape it out and again cover with a muslin cloth. After 3 days the plastic bottle will be rigid and pumped up, filled with CO2.


Refrigerate the pumped-up bottle of pineapple beer so that carbon dioxide will dissolve in the liquid and dead yeat sediments will settle at the bottom.


Open the bottle lid carefully, the foam will come out as a bomb. Pour chilled pineapple beer into a glass.

Pineapple beer smells like a tropical paradise, a summertime drink that is super tasty and refreshing


There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to storing and fermenting pineapple beer.

  • Keep less contact with air, bacteria present in the environment that love to eat alcohol, so they can show up and turn alcohol into acetic acid which is not what you want.
  • Using glass bottles for second fermentation can lead the glass to explode and lead to injuries.

Why would you love this recipe?

Pineapple Beer has a slightly bitter flavor, as well as a citrus flavor of pineapple and a little bit of sweetness of sugar.

Substitute ingredients

Maple syrup and honey can be used in place of sugar but the fermentation and better yeast formation will take place and increase the alcohol content only if sugar is mixed in with pineapples.

How to store Pineapple Beer

Pineapple Beer if stored in the fridge, can stay good for a longer period of time.

Best Before Date of Pineapple Beer

Liquor does not expire to the point of causing sickness, it loses its flavor with time after being opened.

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