15 Pop Singers with Good Vocal Technique

 Pop music is the world’s beloved genre, with pop stars being the world’s most popular and celebrated artists. All this fame doesn’t come instantly. These singers are talented enough to be dominating global music charts with their earworms and be everyone’s idol.

    The features that make pop stars popular are their appeal and their image among the masses. One of the substantial factors for their fame is their voice. An appealing, extraordinary, terrific voice can make people from just being radio listeners to regular concert-goers and dedicated fans. 

       What makes a pop star a great vocalist? On a professional level, the way they emote with their voice, having strong vibrato, belting, yodeling, and hitting high notes.

       The greatest singing voices of all time are the vocalists who made an impact on their fans with their mesmerizing vocals and artistry. 

      Here’s a list of 15 pop singers who are recognized and celebrated for their great vocal technique:

  1. Whitney Houston: First on the list for a reason, the late singer is known for her incredible range and ability to hit high notes without straining her voice. Popularly referred to as ‘The Voice’, the singer amassed worldwide sales throughout her career. Houston, renowned for her song, ‘I Will Always Love You’, is considered one of the greatest vocalists of all time due to her ability to convey emotions throughout her songs with her impactful voice.

2. Mariah Carey: Famous for her five-octave vocal range, the songbird supreme has impressive vocal stamina and can hold high notes for a long time. The ‘Emotions’ singer is recognized for her melismatic singing, musicality, and distinct whistle register voice.

3. Celine Dion: Celine Dion’s main strength is her belting range. Her strong voice and sharp tone make it a powerful and emotional performance. The Canadian singer is notable for her versatility and captivating vocal moments. Her, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey are together referred to as the ‘Vocal Trinity’, for being the best vocalists of their generation, and a blueprint for the upcoming singers.

4. Jessie J: The creator of the hit song ‘Price Tag’,  Jessie J is praised by critics for her fluid, agile voice with amazing vibrato and strong resonance. Starting her career as a theater kid, she is distinguished for her ability to adapt to different musical genres, including classical, R&B, rock, and soul. Jessie’s intense voice projection and versatility make her one of the best singers of this generation.

5. Ariana Grande: Widely prominent for her high-pitched voice and long ponytail, the 7 Rings singer is considered a light lyric soprano. Majorly influenced by Mariah Carey, the singer can hit whistle register notes and can effortlessly do impressions on her contemporaries. Ariana’s four-octave vocal range and her proficiency in hitting high notes, doing vocal runs and note changes, and maintaining voice stability during live performances, earn her the position of the best vocalist of our times.

6. Beyonce: A mezzo-soprano, Beyonce has a successful career spanning more than 25 years, due to her dynamic vocals, unique tone color, and incredible stage presence. Beyonce has been admired by aspiring singers and her fans for having an agile, stable singing voice while dancing at the same time, during her live performances.

        7. Bruno Mars:  Mars has a distinctive tone and excellent versatility to transition between various genres like pop, soul, R&B, and funk. He is admired for his excellent vocal range, precise high notes, clear falsettos, and captivating performances.

8. The Weeknd: Popular for his moody songs and dark themes, the Weeknd has a signature velvety, haunting tone with a sense of rhythm and falsetto. The Weeknd’s haunting yet soothing tone, along with his magnetic live performances and diverse discography, solidifies his spot as one of the world’s best singers.

 9. Adele: Her raspy tone, dynamic vocal range, emotive voice with heart-rending, vulnerable delivery, and soul-stirring lyrics make her the “Queen of Hearts”.  Adele’s ability to tell stories with her powerhouse vocals makes her a true artist and a successful musician.

9. Miley Cyrus: The former Disney star has been reviving her musical career, since every comeback truly deserving the title ‘Pop Chamaeleon’. Miley has always tried reinventing her style, along with incorporating different musical genres for every album. Her raspy, smoky vocals and her ability to adapt to varied genres, is the reason her songs dominate the charts.

10. Christina Aguilera: An incredible singer and an amazing vocal coach, Christina Aguilera has won prestigious accolades for her resonating, expressive voice. She is known for her vocal riffs, belting techniques, and flexibility. Her four-octave vocal range, iconic growls, way of vocal runs, note changes, and agility cements her as the ‘Voice of a Generation’.

11.Kelly Clarkson: The ‘Stronger’ singer indeed has a very strong voice. A good belter and emoter, Kelly Clarkson is not just famous for her own songs, but also for covering other artists’ songs and nailing them. She has been praised for her vocal chops and ability to hit high notes and sing the most difficult songs to perfection.

13. John Legend: His warm vocal tone, emotional delivery, and excellent voice control, along with his piano playing, has created a good impression among the masses. The Grammy-winning singer has a baritone vocal range, and his belts and riffs have captivated many people.

14. Zayn: His soulful, distinctive voice always set him apart from the rest of his One Direction members. Zayn can hit high notes with ease, even during live performances. The singer became popular for his duet ‘Dusk till Dawn’ with Sia, with people getting to know his vocal potential.

15. Harry Styles: Considered a baritone, Harry has a three-octave vocal range and is one of the most relevant pop stars across the world. His musicality and adaptability to different music styles make him more popular than his former band(One Direction).

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