Rick Owens Outfit Ideas for Bold Black Women

Looking for Rick Owens outfit ideas?

Drama and minimalism, both meld together seamlessly in Rick Owens’ creations. Known for his avant-garde approach to fashion, which features a lot of asymmetrical cuts, draped fabrics, and a predominantly monochromatic color palette, Rick Owens has a unique and exciting vision of fashion.

Launched in the 90s, his brand quickly gained attention for its unconventional designs and architectural silhouettes and he has further built a reputation by mixing elements of goth, grunge, and minimalism and creating something entirely, well, not different but perhaps more enchanting.

In a sharp way. In this house, we praise Rick Owens for his artistic vision every day and so, we bring to you a (hopefully) helpful guide on how to style outfits from inspirations provided by your truly (by which we mean Rick Owens).

Monochromatic Power

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

(Almost) nothing calls more attention to an outfit than it being confined to a limited palette of colors. It emphasizes the silhouette, the texture, and the overall style of the outfit. So, if you’re looking to be the center of attention (or just look good period), sticking to one or two colors will do the trick. And since we’re talking about Rick Owens, those colors better be black and maybe black. Create a sleek and powerful look by pairing a black leather jacket with matching leather pants and layer it with a draped asymmetrical top (or the DIY ones you see on Tiktok will do) in contrasting textures. Top it off with chunky black boots and minimalistic silver accessories.

Flowing Drapes

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

If you’re looking for a signature Rick Owens look, look no more. And by that we mean you need a maxi dress, stat. Rick Owens’ maxi dresses often feature unique draping, architectural elements, and a dark, edgy aesthetic. You’ll see a lot of uneven hems, one-shoulder designs, and a lot of unique elements like unconventional necklines, cut-outs, and the like. Channel this look with a draped maxi dress, with the likes of above said unique elements (just an uneven maxi will do), and pair with black ankle boots and a belt to cinch the waist.

Oversized Layers

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

If you know one thing about Rick Owens, let it be that he is renowned for his oversized aesthetic. It’s a key component of his avant-garde fashion, and oversized style looks absolutely amazing when layered and Rick Owens knows that too. It can create depth, texture and adds an overall voluminous effect to your outfit. You can start with an oversized black sweater or tunic and layer it over loose-fitting black trousers to achieve the same. Complete the ensemble with platform sneakers and chunky silver jewelry.

Structured Minimalism

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

Rick Owens loves some structured minimalism in his designs and so do we (and you should too). It combines architectural elements (clean lines, precise tailoring-the works) with a restrained color palette, giving you sleek and powerful clothes (monochromatic power, like above). For achieving the same, opt for a tailored blazer and pair it with wide-leg black trousers. Add a simple white or neutral-colored top underneath for contrast. Finish the outfit with black ankle boots and a structured handbag.

Edgy Streetwear

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

We love streetwear, we love streetwear, and everyone loves streetwear. And, like, what’s not to love? One of the most popular styles of clothing in 2023 and hopefully forever, streetwear is making big money and looks so stylish we can’t help but rave over it. And you can combine the same with Rick Owens’ particular brand of clothing and create a more edgy streetwear style that’ll look even better. You can do this by pairing a black oversized hoodie with black jogger pants. Layer it with a longline leather jacket and finish with black combat boots. Accessorize with a beanie and chunky silver jewelry.

Minimalist Chic

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

Yes, minimalism has made a grand comeback and yes, we endorse it (a lot). But it can get, at one point, just-too minimalist. The point of minimalism is to cut down and find beauty in it and in fashion you have not to make a point sometimes to look good (being honest here). We get that, so if you’ve jumped on the minimalism train and already taken a few turns in it, we suggest you look at what a more chic (but still minimal) style can offer. Create a minimalist yet chic look by pairing a black fitted long top with a unique skirt. Layer it with a longline black cardigan or a drapey black vest if you wish. Complete the outfit with black ankle boots and silver statement jewelry.

Leather and Lace

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

An uncanny but yet-to-fail combo? Leather and lace. Anyone who knows anything about fashion has it on their list of ‘can never go wrong’ combos. You can test this theory out (Rick Owens style) by bringing together both edgy and feminine elements in an outfit. Wear a black leather jacket over a lace top, and pair it with black leather leggings (or skinny jeans work too). You can further accessorize with black combat boots, a statement belt, and silver hoops.

Asymmetric Elegance

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

Asymmetrical cuts in Rick Owens’ designs are very in-character for him. From uneven hems to one-sided details, you’ve probably seen it all when it comes to Mr. Owens. Embrace this unique element by wearing a black draped blouse or tunic with an asymmetrical hemline. Pair it with black tailored trousers and black heeled ankle boots. Finish the look with minimalistic silver accessories.

Futuristic Edge

Rick Owens Outfit Ideas

Take it from Japanese streetwear and every 90s show (especially since trends are so hot now), futuristic style is so in. And anyways looking sharp (and otherworldly) is never a crime. You can get it by combining Rick Owens’ sharp cuts and unconventional styling. Wear a black structured blazer with oversized lapels, and pair it with black wide-leg pants, or a black midi skirt. Add black platform sandals or boots and finish the outfit with silver metallic accents.

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