Why is it Considered Rude to Wear a Hat Indoors?

You are absolutely rocking it in your outfit and decide to tip it off with a hat to head out for that amazing party. As you enter, a stranger decides to be your killjoy and moral polices you on why it is rude to wear a hat indoors and why your style statement needs to rest in your car boot?

Well, that has been the story of most hat lovers who simply can’t keep their heads uncovered and love to don it on every odd occasion. But as food for thought, have you ever pondered upon why is it rude to wear a hat indoors and what is the reason behind it. Let’s find out to know more but first, wear your intellectual hat before scrolling any further!

Why is it Considered Rude to Wear a Hat Indoors?

If you’re a male who is reading this, it’s bad news for you! This is a rule that primarily applies to males and it has been an ancient social tradition in the United States and in the Western world to remove their hat when indoors or in front of women.

The main reason why hats were invented was to protect people from harsh weather conditions and it was better than if hats were used for their intended purpose. Moreover, it was considered a sign of good manners and respect when people removed their hats on visiting others’ houses. Men also removed their hats before entering people’s houses so that any form of dust or weather element did not come in contact with another person.

As for the ladies, you’ll can breathe a massive sigh of relief for you’ll are allowed to wear a hat on almost any occasion. A woman wearing a hat is considered a fashion statement and would only be considered rude if it was large enough to obstruct someone’s view.

Origin of The Tradition

rude to wear a hat indoors

While there is no specific time period as to when this tradition began, it is said to have come into practice in the early 19th century when wearing hats was at its absolute peak. A certain Walton Nelson who was a history teacher began imparting the belief that it is rude to wear a hat indoors and it all depended on the people than the public setting.

For example, if you were in a bus or a metro station, it would be absolutely okay for you to wear a hat, but when it comes to wearing a hat in someone’s house or anyone’s room, it is considered inappropriate to do so.

When and Where is it Considered Rude to Wear a Hat Indoors?

There are certain places where it is considered inappropriate to wear a hat indoors and we’ll be listing out three such places where it is a mandate for you to tip your hat off!

The first place where you shouldn’t be flaunting your hat is when you visit someone’s house. It is considered highly inappropriate to wear a hat inside someone’s house and if you need to wear it, leave it outdoors or avoid wearing one altogether.

The next place where wearing your fancy headgear will raise eyebrows would be in public places, especially the religious ones. Places such as schools and restaurants aren’t the right ones to wear a hat and doing so is against social traditions.

The third place where you should avoid wearing hats is when the national anthem is being sung. Most countries have barred wearing hats when the anthem is being sung and one is advised to keep aside their hat or hold it till the anthem is over.

Is the Tradition Still in Practice?

According to etiquette expert Louise Armstrong, the tradition of wearing hats itself had declined as closed-door vehicles were being invented which provided users with sufficient protection from the harsh weather. With an increase in the production of such vehicles, this tradition began to die out and only the elite were in favour of wearing them and that too as a fashion accessory.

However, a few communities prefer to don the odd chapeau just to distinguish themselves from the rest. One such community is the Cowboys who absolutely love their hats and cannot stop themselves from flexing their macho attitude coupled with a classic cattleman. All in all, times have changed and the 21st century doesn’t demand you to follow obsolete traditions anymore!


Gone are those Victorian-era days where it would be considered rude to wear a hat indoors. With changing times, people have become more informed and have begun to do away with useless traditions like these and have made it easy for hat lovers to gasp an extra breath!

And if you’re a hat lover, don’t bother about the people around you. Just go out there and flaunt your homburg with suave and class!