“Sound of Freedom” Became Latest Box Office Hit With $40 Million Earning In 1st Premier

Sound of Freedom surpassed all the expectations after its release on Tuesday and earned $40 million in box office. The Angle studio released his another blockbuster hit across multiple weeks.

Sound Of Freedom
Sound Of Freedom

What’s the movie’s premise

The recently released movie “Sound of Freedom” revolves around the unacceptable procedure of human trafficking. A special agent catches human predators online in the United States. He forms a local police force to save the vulnerable children from this misdeed. The unexpected plot and versatile direction leads the movie to make a splash at the box office.

The creative visionary behind “Sound of Freedom”

Scottish-Canadian story writer and novelist Robert Barr best known for his detective stories is the creative mind behind this epic movie. He created a compelling storyline and generated a unique idea of effective marketing and promotion strategies with his co-writer and director Alejandro Monteverde and made sure that the movie is accessible to audiences through a variety of platforms. The movie is distributed under the Vision Studio, which had distributed various blockbuster hits in previous months. The legendary combination made the “Sound of Freedom” more impressive and remarkable.

Cast of this Epic Motion Picture

The movie may have a great story but it’s the cast that really elevates it to another level. Javier Godino, Kurt Fuller, Eduardo Verastegui, Garry Basaraba, Mira Sorvino, Bill Camp and Tim Ballard, the former government agent who forms a local police force to rescue the vulnerable children from the human traffickers. From finish to start, the “Sound of Freedom” is a masterpiece in acting.

•Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard

Sound Of Freedom

Jim Caviezel is an American actor who is known for his significant roles such as playing Jesus in “The Passion of The Christ”, and private witt in the war film “The Thin Red Line”. He is performing as Tim Ballard, a former government agent in this film.

•Mira Sorvino

Sound Of Freedom

Mira Sorvino is an American actress who appeared in numerous films in Romy and Michele’s “High School Reunion”, “At first Sight”. She also won an Academy Award in the best supporting actress category. She is playing the character of Katharine Ballard in this film.

•Bill Camp

Sound Of Freedom

Bill Camp is an American actor who appeared in a varieaty of movies such as “Lincoln”, “12 years of Slave”, and he also received an Emmy Award for his outstanding performance in ” The Outsider”. He is playing the character of Vampiro in this movie.

The “Sound of Freedom” Beated “Insidious Red Door”

The anti-child trafficking thriller”Sound of Freedom” notches 4 million in first premier and “Insidious : Red Door” notches 3.5 million on second Monday premier. The impactful storyline of the “Sound Of Freedom”, well-performing cast, promotion and distribution techniques, and the broad vision of the creators create more lasting impressions on the audience.

Why the “Sound of Freedom” is morphing into a discussion of Buzz

Sound Of Freedom

The movie was released on 4 July 2023 in theaters. It sits at 25th place among the highest grossing films of 2023 in the United States. The movie surpassed the expectations of the audience and left a lasting impression on viewers’ minds. Additionally having a good word-of-mouth and positive reviews helped this movie to become a box office success.

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The “Sound of Freedom” created buzz by offering something new and exciting that people have not seen before. Popular actors, directors, writers showed the exploitation and abuse of child trafficking excellently. The visually stunning, emotionally impactful and thought provoking scenes of this movie created an understanding among the audience about child trafficking as a brutal crime. The main character of the movie fights to end this brutal crime and stimulate the thought and vision of the audience to take a measure to inhibit child trafficking.