Suicide Squad ISEKAI |Latest Trailer Announcement 2024|(An Epic and Violent Fantasy)

DC Comics mainstays Harley Quinn and the Joker are leaving Gotham City for a more exotic locale in the just-announced anime series Suicide Squad: ISEKAI.

The new show, Sucide Squad ISEKAI was revealed at Anime Expo 2023. Suicide Squad ISEKAI is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Japan and WIT (Attack on Titan) in which fans will witness Harley Quinn and the Joker commencing an action packed adventure. The release of the trailer on Monday has aroused the interest of fans worldwide.

Suicide Squad

Key highlights

Wit Studio is perhaps best known for its work on season 1-3 of Attack on Titan , with further production credits including Ranking of Kings and Spy X Family.

2)-Sucide Squad : ISEKAI will be directed by Eri Osada, written by Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara, with character designs for the series by Akira Amano and Naoto Hosada.

3)-Kenichiro Suehiro will compose the series music.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI : What will the new Harley Quinn anime be about

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad rampages onto the stage of ISEKAI ! A new original animation from Japan ! The most maddening world collides in an epic and violent fantasy with the strongest line-up of creators.

Suicide Squad

The trailer opens up with the spiteful antics of Harley and the joker, creatively and beautifully brought to life through amazing animation. In this upcoming anime series Harley Quinn and Joker find themselves in a fantastical world. The trailer features Harley Quinn and her sometimes partner-in-crime the Joker causing their traditional brand of mayhem in a neon-lit Gotham City before being transported to a much different place — a sunny fantasy realm populated by massive dragons, heroic knights, hulking orcs, and belligerent pig men.

ISEKAI : what it stands for

In anime ISEKAI (Japanese term) means “other world” or “another world”, planet or universe and covers a genre of fiction that involves a character being put into an unfamiliar world and having to learn how to survive.

The idea of the multiverse is a theoretical concept in physics and philosophy that suggests the existence of multiple parallel universes beyond our own. The idea is that there could be an infinite number of alternate realities, each with its own unique set of physical laws and conditions. Some scientists and philosophers believe that the multiverse theory could help explain some of the mysteries of our own universe. The concept of multiverse has also been explored in popular culture, such as in sci-fi stories and movies.

more to know about upcoming sucide squad anime

As per the trailer Harley Quinn, Joker and Amanda Waller are going to be a major part of the upcoming sucide squad anime. We might also get to see other sucide squad characters like Bronze tiger, King Shark and deadshot in the anime.

The creators lf sucide squad ISEKAI Anime series have announced that the series will showcase the most dangerous and notorious villans transported to a fantasy world. Like any other isekai animes there will be monsters, kingdoms and many other fantasies.

sucide Squad ISEKAI release Date

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding Anime’s possible release date. Fans will have to wait for a while for more information. Hence, fans can expect the release date of this anime in 2024.


• NAME – Suicide Squad

• TYPE – Anime Series

• GENRE – Isekai

• Production By – Warner Bros. & Japan

• Animations – WIT studio

• Director – Eri Osada

• Official Announcement – At Anime Expo 2023

• Trailer – Released on YouTube

• Based on – Characters from DC

Multiverse of Suicide Squad

There have been a few different Suicide Squad animated series over the years. One of the most recent is “Sucide Squad: Hell to pay” which was released in 2018. The series features an ensemble cast of supervillains who are recruited by the government to carry out dangerous missions in exchange for reduced sentences. The team is led by Amanda Waller, and includes characters such as Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang, which can also be seen in upcoming animated series.

Suicide Squad episode list

The episode list is yet to be announced by Warner Bros., Japan and WIT studios. In addition, aside from Harley Quinn, Joker and Amanda Waller, the details of other characters featured in Sucide Squad ISEKAI are yet to be announced.

According to the official website of the Sucide Squad ISEKAI, this anime is going to be the most epic and violent fantasy. Fans who are eagerly waiting for the release of Sucide Squad quad ISEKAI, will have to wait patiently as the anime is currently under production by WIT studios.

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