Top 5 Best Harem Anime that Will Make you think differently!

Harem anime can be an avoiding factor to many but these best harem anime shows will make your mind. The following shows will let you have second thoughts. Shows like Quintessential Quintuplets can be counted under the better exceptions to be called out for you. The following television shows take the road not taken by the most and give the best quality animation.

If you have missed any of these below-mentioned anime series then this is your time. Take this moment and gain the legit best harem anime experience out of life.    

Best Harem Anime shows which are surprisingly incredible:

1. When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

The light novel adapted high school supernatural harem is here. This brings the slice of life genre to light. It has been directed by Masahiko Otsuka and as the name suggests, full of fun including romance.

If you think it to be another generic anime from its outline, then let it be out, you are wrong. The reason for it to be one of the best harem anime is the fact that sudden abstract twists arrive throughout the plot.

The characters of When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace anime are fairly standard. This plot extends to the Literature club members. The characters gain a sudden supernatural capability that is beyond measure. They go clueless in ways to use their supernatural powers and to execute them in order.

The narration is helped with comedy punches and this harem is one of the best harem anime ever. ‘When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace’ anime show can never be a disappointment for people who do not love anime. It was released in 2014 and you can watch it on Anime-Planet and Crunchyroll.

Still confused with the anime series? Here is what you need to watch

2. We Never Learn!

We Never Learn best harem anime
We Never Learn

We Never Learn! anime is a romantic comedy show that literally builds its plot over its title. This anime was released back in 2019 before just before the world got its degradation known. It is directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki and it is considered to be one of the best harem anime full of fun and drama.

We Never Learn anime is adapted from a great manga which is already considered to be classic in terms of the character sketches and their reactions. Here the constant struggle to keep up with the marks of difficult subjects is attested with entertainment and love drama.

The tutor Yuiga is the center of attraction to his students who he is helping around. This fun journey finally helps them grow in their respective education and in their personal lives too.

You can watch this best harem anime series on Netflix as well as on Crunchyroll. It was produced by Silver and Arvo Animation. It has a total of 13 episodes in the first season.

3. How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

This manga adaptation is directed by Kanta Kamei from the light novel series. How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend is the best harem anime show as all the otaku will be able to relate to its plot. It was released in 2015 as licensed by Aniplex of America. The protagonist will remind you of old anime characters which were admirable.

How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend anime show is like a turtle who wins the race. The first episode might seem to be very cold in terms of what huge the plot has to offer. Often people who had started watching it complain about this same issue.

Here, the journey of the protagonist, Tomoya, is highlighted. He assembles his old friends and colleagues to make his hearts’ goal be successful ultimately. It is his dream to make his love for anime and light novels be out to people around him through the medium of the game. People who will play it will know about his world of best anime. However, this certainly turns out the way round.

Don’t miss out on this best harem anime that is available on Anime-Planet, produced by A-1 Pictures studio.

4. Outbreak Company

This is yet another anime with the motivational uplifting character towards the otaku culture. Outbreak Company, the best harem anime is produced by Feel studio in the year 2013.

Outbreak Company is another otaku relative anime show which will let your heart skip a bit, literally. This show takes its viewers to an outbreak fantasy land where the protagonist is transported. He is then appointed for a mission by the government of Japan. All of this happens due to the inclination towards the otaku culture.

The tale takes a positive dig at the incredible work of different anime makers and adapters. The character gets this responsibility to spread the culture around with complete support from the Japan Government. The plot takes a toll with the various difficulties that get larger along with the growing work on the back.

You are definitely advised to watch the Outbreak Company which is available on Crunchyroll and the all-time savior, Anime-Planet.

Can’t decide whether to watch it or not? Here is the teaser at your help

5. The Fruit of Grisaia

the Fruit of Grisaia best harem anime
The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia makes you wonder why you had not touched the best harem anime to date. This animation is preferred by many critics. It is directed by Tensho.

This is a small anime show produced by 8bit studio. It has just 13 episodes and was initially presumed to be complete garbage. This after all went right when someone actually watched this best harem anime with a clean head. It turned out to be way better than other poorly written anime rather than one of the best anime dramas you will ever see. It has a bit of comedy over the male character surrounded by a group of girls exploring adventures just like Harem goes.

This anime has psychological turns and the use of gradients makes it visually perfect. It may be a bit too glaring at times but the popping-out colors are really refreshing to use. The characters are definitely the key contrast of The Fruit of Grisaia from other generic anime.

The humor and romance get hand in hand well and you can watch this on Anime-Planet. The anime creates good mystery within the plot and it is well crafted.

FAQs on the Best Harem Anime

1. Who made The Fruit of Grisaia anime show?

NBC Universal made this beautiful Harem which is quite a refresher in the harem genre. This blocks out the dull and baseless plot and makes you look at harem from a different point of view in just 13 episodes.

2. Are these Harem anime just about romance?

The listed top 5 best harem anime shows are literally to be counted on. These go beyond the stupid romance of a male character with four other female leads. The quality of these anime shows will make you think twice before considering harem to be boring again.