Watch One Piece English Dub on Crunchyroll, With 970+ Foremost And Awesome Episodes Coming This Week


One piece

The world will soon be able to enjoy One Piece anime. All thanks to new catlog expansion across multiple regions. New subtitled episodes are on the way to French, German, Italian, United Kingdom, Spanish-speaking Europe. Over 400 subtitled episodes of the beloved series will be available for the fans in each region. Let’s enjoy this epic, adventurous & unforgettable voyage with Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. Here’s the synopsis –

One piece English dub release schedule

crunchyroll announced that the One Piece English dub is officially coming to crunchyroll starting July 5.

•Revealed at Anime Expo 2023, Crunchyroll and Toei Animation are bringing 970+ episodes of the iconic One Piece anime series (English dub) to the streaming platform, taking fans to the incredible voyage from the very first episode through season 14 voyage 7, with additional English dub drops planned in the future.

•ONE PIECE (EP – 1 TO 964)

-Date – July 5

-Territories – United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

•ONE PIECE : SEASON 14 VOYAGE 7 (Ep – 965 to 976)

-Date – July 5

-Territories – United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

One piece cast original voice actors

The English dub of one piece is produced by funimation and has been airing since 2004. The voice actors doa great job bringing the characters to life in English, and it’s a good way to watch the series if you prefer to listen to it in your native language. The original cast includes,

•Monkey D. Luffy voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard Carroll (Erza in FAIRY TALE).

•Nami voiced by Luci Christian ( Hilling in Ranking of Kings)

•Vinsmoke Sanji voiced by Eric Vale ( Yuki in Fruits Basket)

•Tony Tony Chopper voiced by Brina Palencia (Touka in Tokyo Ghoul)

•Roronoa Zoro voiced by Christopher R. Sabat ( Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z)

•Nico Robin voiced by Stephanie Young ( Sylvia in Spy x Family)

•Usopp voiced by Sonny Strait ( Koro sensei in Assassination Classroom)

•Franky voiced by Patrick Seitz (Endeavour in My Hero Academia)

•Trafalgar D. Water Law voiced by Matthew Mercer ( Levi in Attack on Titans)

•Donquixote Doflamingo voiced by Robert Mccollum ( Gridman in SSSS.GRIDMAN)

•Sabo voiced by Johnny Young Bosch ( Vash in Trigun Stampede)


One Piece is a manga series about a young pirate named Monkey D. Luffy who sets out on a journey to find the One piece, a legendary treasure hidden somewhere in the world. Along the way, he builds a crew of other pirates and fights against other crews and the World Government. It’s a fun and exciting adventure series with lots of actions and interesting characters.

•The series is set in a world where pirates are a common sight, and there are many different kinds of pirates with their own unique abilities and goals.

• The series is known for its creative world-building, interesting characters, and exciting action scenes.

•It has been running since 1997 and still ongoing, with over 1000 chapters of manga and over 900 episodes of the time.

One piece

Will One Piece Episode 1068 Release ?

International viewers can stream the episode on Crunchyroll approximately 90 minutes after its airing in Japan. While Funimation also streams new episodes of the series for its viewers on a weekly basis, their delay in releasing episodes is longer than Crunchyroll. Spoiler – fans are eager to see how the story progresses following Law and Kid’s victory over Big Mom in the previous episode. Regrettably fans remain uncertain about upcoming episodes, there are no available spoilers in this article.

Release Date –

July 9, 2023

Timelines –

• Pacific Time : 7 pm

• Eastern Time : 10 pm

• British Time : 3am

• India Time : 7:30 am

• Philippine Time : 10 am

•Australia Central Time : 11:30 am

One Piece Upcoming episodes release schedule

-One Piece Season 20

Episode – 1056 (A CounterCharge ! Law and Kids Return) : April 2, 2023

•Episode – 1057 (For Luffy Sanji’s and Zoro’s Oath) : April 9, 2023

•Episode – 1058 (The Onslaught of Kazenbo – Orochi’s Evil Clutches Close in) : April 16 2023

•Episode – 1059 (Zoro’s Hardship – A Monster! King the Wildfire) : April 23, 2023

•Episode – 1060 (Secrets of Enma! The Cursed Sword Entrusted to Zoro) : April 30, 2023

•Episode – 1061 (Attack of the Devil! Sanji vs. Queen) : May 7, 2023

•Episode 1062 (Great Fierce Battle! Zoro vs. King : May 21, 2023

•Episode 1063 (Luffy Accelerates! The Turning Point of a New Era!) : May 28, 2023

•Episode – 1064 (Drunken Dragon Bagua! The Lawless Dragon Closing in on Luffy) : June 4, 2023

•Episode – 1065 (The Destruction of the Alliance) : June 11, 2023

•Episode – 1066 (The Top Billing is Coming! Deadly Attack of Shockwave and Magnetism) : June 25, 2023

•Episode – 1067 (Towards a New Era! Conclusion! The Beats Resolution) : July 2, 2023

•Episode – 1068 (Moon Princess Echoes! Wano Countries Final Phase) : July 9, 2023

•Episode – 1069 (TBD) : TBC

•Episode – 1070 (TBD) : TBC

Where to watch the latest episodes –

The only place where you can watch one piece regularly Is Crunchyroll. It is a great place to watch your favourite shonen anime.

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