Met Gala: The 25 Best-Dressed Celebrities at the Met Gala 2023

Met Gala 2023 Best- Dressed Celebrities

Met Gala this year wasn’t anything else but legendary. With the tributary theme of Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, most of the A-list celebrities showed up for this Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute charity and killed with their regal presence.

With Karl’s famous designs, collaborations, and loved things, celebrities showed up with mix-and-match designs from the older times, nailing the theme and the judgment of best looks by fans.

May it be black and white, a rain of pearls, or lots of crystals, everyone wore something to give the legendary designer a beautiful tribute.

Celebrities paying homage to the legend found different ways, from wearing his old vintage collections designed by him, recycling the old styles, wearing something related to his accessories, or doing something totally different by dressing as Karl’s cat, Choupette in the most fashionable way.

The 25 Best-Dressed Celebrities at the Met Gala 2023

1) Michaela Coel:

Met Gala

The chewing Gum actress, Michaela Ewuraba Boakye-Collinson or popularly known as Michaela Coel showed her glamourous presence at the Met Gala. With her royal Schiaparelli dress, which was made of beautiful crystals and jewels wasn’t something normal but consisted of 130,000 crystals. The actress and filmmaker slayed at the MET with a beautiful tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.

2) A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

Rihanna in Meta Gala 2023

If you think how a royal couple would’ve slayed at the Met Gala with themes and all the power then you should look at the power couple this year. Yes, the couple got late for the Red carpet, but when they arrived, both of them served. Rihanna dressed in Valentino, with a couture ballgown all white and floral, giving tribute to Karl with Camellia to A$AP Rocky who showed up in Gucci, paying tribute to Karl with an inspirational Kilt.

3) Anne Hathaway

Met Gala

From Devil wears Prada to Anne wearing custom Atelier Versace, it’s a long but beautiful way. Anne Hathaway was the best dressed or you can say one of the best-dressed celebrities from the event. With the intermingling and cross-over of Versace and Chanel together, she looked nearly perfect, with her gown tweeded with Versace pins.

4) Penélope Cruz

Met Gala

This Spanish actor ate at the Met Gala, with her beautiful look honoring Karl, Penelope Cruz showed up in Karl’s vintage edition. Wearing his vintage Chanel Couture, the actress paid her tribute beautifully.

5) Michelle Yeoh

Met Gala

The everything everywhere all at once actress Michelle Yeoh Choo Kheng is a Malaysian Actress who was present at the Met Gala with her tributary to the legendary designer. Michelle Yeoh was dolled up in none other than Karl Lagerfeld’s own collection, in the classic monochrome chic way.

6) Naomi Campbell

Met Gala

The supermodel, Naomi Campbell served at the Met Gala this year with one of Karl’s own creations. Wearing an elegant choice from Chanel’s summer couture collection from 2010. A pink satin gown with beautiful details, shining like a diamond on the red carpet.

7) Nicole Kidman

Met Gala

The actress and her tribute to Karl were the best. She wore the gown she already had in 2004 wearing Karl’s own collection which she wore for the ad of Chanel’s no. 5 fragrance advert.

8) Dua Lipa

Met Gala

The singer looked perfectly splendid on the red carpet, with royalty dripping from her. The dress, the accessories, and even the make-up all were on point. Dua wore a Chanel 1992 tweed ball gown from the fall couture collection. The gown had beautiful details giving a corset vibe with it. Not only the dress but the Tiffany & Co. diamond necklace did its job greatly with the dress, giving that dreamy feeling from her.

9) Doja Cat

Met Gala

The singer and rapper served at the Met Gala and after all who could’ve dressed up as Kark Lagerfeld’s Cat, Choupette more than Doja cat? Doja dressed as the cat with purrfection, wearing Oscar De La Renta with a prosthesis. She didn’t just dress like the cat but also answered the interviews in the Cat style of meows, making headlines on the internet.

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10) Cardi B

Met Gala

The rapper showed her tributary commitment by changing her dress a no of times. From pink gown to newspaper dress, everything she wore was on the point. Cardi B’s most loved outfit for the event was the classic Lagerfeld theme, a collar top, and a black tie both paired up on the black gown from Chen Peng studio with black Chanel Camellias.

11) Bad Bunny

Met Gala

The popular singer-rapper shook the whole industry with his awesome look on the red carpet. Wearing Jacquemes, a white tweed suit with a cut opens back, legendary with a tributary extended rosette train. Making him one of the best-dressed males on the Met this year.

12) Kristen Stewart

Met Gala

The Chanel ambassador had to be present on this day as it was Karl who appointed her on this extraordinary journey. To pay tribute to Karl, Kristen chose something different, wearing the men’s collection from the Chanel cruise collection of the year 2016. High-waisted trousers, black tie, white shirt, and white cropped jacket, wearing the suit in the classiest way possible.

13) Anok Yai

Met Gala

Stunned by Prabal Gururng, Anok Yai was one of the best-dressed and up-to-the-theme celebrities. Donned with crystals and flowers, the look ate. The sheer gloves, mini skirt, and heavy sunglasses, color choices, and acceptability.

14) Camila Morrone

Met Gala

Daisy Jones and the six-star attended the Gala and perfectly matched Karl’s aesthetic. Wearing a Rodarge design, a beautiful and highly detailed one.

15) Pedro Pascal

Met Gala

The Last of Us star was seen matching with the red carpet this year. All red everywhere. Wearing a Valentino red coat, an oversized one with black shorts, and all of this with a tie. Giving major Karl vibes from the tributary outfit.

16) Kendall Jenner

Met Gala

The popular Jenner sister was dressed up in shiny sequins and said no to the pants on the red carpet. Wearing Marc Jacobs bodysuit with an additional long cape and pretty platform boots. Kendall really owed a tribute to Karl as when she was new in the industry, Karl helped her a lot.

17) Kylie Jenner

Met Gala

After Pedro Pascal it was Kylie who showed up in hot red color, turning heads as she walked wearing a Jean Paul Gautier custom dress. A thigh-high slit on the red gown, with a train which was later converted as a shiny blue cape on her shoulders.

18) Kim Kardashian

Met Gala

Dripping in real pearls, said Kim as she slayed on the red carpet. Paying tribute to her old friend Karl, Kim dressed up in Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry which included a lot of real Pearls. A pearl corset top and skirt with more crystals draped over her body.

19) Olivia Rodrigo

Met Gala

On her third Gala, Olivia brought old times back with her hairstyle as well as her dress. In the theme, the singer wore a black and white gown made of strings and florals all together by Thom Browne. She added to the look the micro bangs giving Audrey Hepburn with a smooth bun.

20) Elle Fanning

Met Gala

Wearing the most meaningful look, Elle gave a major throwback to her memories of working with Karl. The actress wore a Vivienne Westwood bridal lacy gown with a beautiful daisy crown by Stephen Jones. She told this vintage piece is something she borrowed. The look was completed with a black Chanel jacket on the beautiful white gown.

The tributary night was nothing less than a starry night, with celebrities all decked up in crystals and black and whites, a lot of celebrities were missed at this year’s Gala including the awaited Blake Lively, Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet, Hailey Beiber, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and many more.

The night has ended but the looks will be in the news and memes throughout the year, where fans will be lashing out and praising celebrities for the best and worst dressed on this tributary night.