6 Years of Wait – Frank Ocean’s Coachella Set Leaves Fans Stunned

All the true Frank Ocean fans know that he’s known well for his mysterious personality and hasn’t been publicly seen for a long time. The Grammy winner hasn’t released any music after 2021 and fans are lowkey dying for it.

6 Years of Wait - Frank Ocean's Coachella Set Leaves Fans Stunned

As it had been 6 years since he last performed, fans anticipating for his performance were quite hyped about the same but it all turned into vain.

The ‘lost’ and ‘ blonde’ singer tested fans’ patience by reaching and performing an hour late and was forced to end it early because of the curfew, leaving fans disappointed.
Not only this but the stage on which he was performing had a weird set up which left fans angry as they were unable to see him. The live streaming for Frank Ocean’s performance was banned, leaving people furious.

What caused problems in Frank Ocean’s performance?

Many sources say that Frank Ocean abruptly changed last-minute plans which were related to set and performances and which resulted in a late and abrupt show. It was said that the ice skaters were to perform and skate on the set but at the last moment, Frank canceled it while some sources also say that it was due to an ankle injury that the production had to be changed.

Fans are waiting for Frank Ocean’s new album as his last release was in 2016 and since it’s been a long, many fans left irritated and frustrated after the awaited performance turned into an absolute disappointment.

Frank Ocean opens up about his brother’s catastrophe

Frank Ocean amidst the performance opened up about his brother’s tragic death and said, “My brother and I, we came to this festival a lot, and I feel like I was dragged out here half the time,” he further continued by saying that “I know he would’ve been so
excited to be here with all of us today, and I want to say thank you for the support and the ears and the love over all this time,” Later on he hinted about new music.

Many fans felt sympathy for him and went teary-eyed while some of them were furious about his brother’s tragedy as it has been 3 years since this happened.

Ocean’s Fans – supportive or irritated?

The internet is divided into two groups where some are praising Frank Ocean for opening, supporting, and understanding his grief while others are calling the
performance a waste of money and time and are showing no empathy for his tragic loss.

What do you think? Was the comeback performance worth it or is the tragedy just a smooth cover-up for the failed performance?